My Shirdi Trips Experience – Sai Devotee Priyanka

Sai sister Priyanka ji from India wishes to share her two Shirdi trip experience on this blessed blog. Below are her mails.

First Shirdi Trip Experience

Sai sister Priyanka ji says: Jai Sai Ram Hetalji,

Sai Baba Ki Sada Hi Jai Ho! This was my second trip to Shirdi and Shirdi has already started feeling home to me. Shirdi is Heaven on Earth. Sai Baba is very kind and generous. He is very kind and merciful to me and all the devotees. This I felt in Shirdi. He is really sweet and adorable. On our way to Shirdi, the weather became very nice due to the rains and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very pleasant journey. We reached Kopergaon and it was so pleasant there. As soon as we got off the train, I started behaving like a small kid waiting eagerly to meet its loved one. I started walking briskly on the station towards Auto not even caring about my family (my parents and my sister) just to reach and meet Baba as soon as possible. Baba made sure that Shirdi looked and felt like Heaven to me. The Divine place, blissful feelings, nice weather, spiritual environment, magical Darshan of Baba made my Shirdi Sai Baba’s Darshan amazing.

I was truly delighted in my heart and soul, there was sparkle in my eyes and happiness in my entire whole being to see Baba and as Baba takes care of everything, it was such a heavenly feeling to meet Baba in Shirdi, in Dwarakamai, in Samadhi Mandir, everywhere. My Dearest Saimaa. I Love You.

We had divine darshan of all the divine places and some more places which I had missed the first time. This time we stayed in a hotel very near to Shree Chavadi which helped us a lot. We went around the Temple premises and the places in Shirdi and got to learn more about Shirdi this time. I learnt a lot from the people and devotees there. There were placed various beautiful pandals and Idols of Lord Ganesha since it was among 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrations. The whole ambiance was so pious and religious in Shirdi.

I attended Baba’s Shej Aarti in Dwarakamai both the nights that we stayed in Shirdi and it was beautiful. Everybody was singing the Aarti. I felt so nice. It was nice divine atmosphere which made me really happy and instilled positive feeling in me. That was the point which made me realise that I am familiar to Shirdi now. I felt a nice feeling of warmth and belongingness that I can not express in words. I felt a sense of belongingness with all the people and devotees there. I was constantly remembering and imagining myself as if I was in those times when Babaji used to sit in Dwarakamai. It made me full of joy. I go to Sai Baba Temple at my place daily and it feels like its mine. Sitting in Dwarakamai in Shirdi I felt the same feeling that OK. I belong to Shirdi now and its mine. Thank You Baba for making me feel like that that Shirdi is mine, You are mine and I belong to You and You only.

My sister and I were like two small kids running here and there wanting to catch the glimpse of every place so that we do not miss out on anything and Baba took good care of us all the time. He made sure that even my smallest wish was taken care of. How Sweet My Baba is!

We attended Baba’s Kakad Aarti in Dwarakamai and then we went to have Darshan of Baba once again in Samadhi Mandir before leaving for Kopergaon. Baba’s Murti in the Samadhi Mandir is so captivating that I feel attracted to it every time and even after having the most blissful Darshan, my heart is longing for more and more. My soul is always eager to have more and more Darshan of Baba, even if it’s a matter of one glimpse. I am sure this would be the case with every Sai Devotee. Such is Baba’s Love for His Devotees.

While I was on my way back from Shirdi. I suddenly had an infection in my right eye which grew worse in the night and by the time I woke in the morning I had a terribly swollen eye. I was very upset. As we reached back home, I went to the doctor and he told that infection had led to probably conjunctivitis. My left eye also got infected. I kept on taking Baba’s udi along with the medication. And By Baba’s Grace within a week my eyes got alright but I was advised to stay away from computer for few more days. And thankfully, today by Baba’s Kripa, my both eyes are perfectly healthy and normal. I am feeling absolutely fine and happy to write my experience.

Thank You Baba. Thank You Baba for Calling me to Shirdi and blessing me with Blissful Darshan of Yours. Thank You Baba for making my Shirdi trip memorable. Thank You Baba for curing both my eyes completely. Thank You Baba I could write my both experiences with Your Grace and Permission. Thank You Baba. You Have Helped me in innumerable situations and circumstances. You Have Supported me in all my endeavours. I am alive because of You. I am happy because of Baba. Thank You Baba so much. Your Love and Grace is so vast that my gratitude and thanks will always fall short in front of Your Grace upon me and Your other devotees.

Thank You Baba. Thank You for everything. Please Be with me and my family like this always. Baba You Are The Best That Has Happened to me in my life. Please Stay with me forever till eternity till my last breath. Thank You Baba. My heartfelt thanks to You.

Babaji. Please Call me to Shirdi again. Dil Bhara Nahi Hai Abhi. Please Bulalo Jaldi Se Mujhe Shirdi Phirse.

Aapki Munni

Om Sai Ram

Second Shirdi Trip Experience

Jaisairam to all the Sai Devotees,

This was my 3rd pilgrimage to Shirdi and I realise every time I learn some new things about the heavenly place Shirdi. Baba called me on my Birthday on 24th December 2010, I had various small plans of mine of celebrating my Birthday with Baba in His Town. First of all I am very grateful to Baba that He called me on my birthday. I feel very lucky for getting this opportunity. I remember How Baba invited and called me to Shirdi on my birthday in the form of my mother saying lets book our tickets for Shirdi and we were checking the tickets in December when suddenly it struck me By Baba’s Grace that if we could be in Shirdi on my birthday, how beautiful it is going to be and lo. Baba listened to my prayers. We got the tickets available during my birthday time and we immediately booked the tickets By Baba’s Grace. I now believe every little thing is also planned by Baba so its pure Baba’s blessing that He called me to Shirdi on my birthday. Thank You Baba.

We started on 22nd December and reached Shirdi on 23rd evening (Thursday), we spent the whole of 24th and 25th December in Shirdi and With Baba’s Permission started for our home on 26th morning after having Chavan Baba Darshan. We reached home on 27th morning. This time I was happy all the more because By Baba’s Grace I got one complete whole day to spend in Shirdi and one more day in comparison to our previous trips.

We had a safe and warm trip. Being winters we carried a lot of woollens but the weather in Shirdi was nice. It was sunny in the day and the nights were also not that cold. While going to Shirdi in the train, there came a fakir Baba and I offered Him dakshina and He blessed me saying “TUMHAARI YATRA SAFAL HO” YOU WILL HAVE A SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY. I was absolutely delighted and overjoyed to hear this.

As mentioned earlier in the Prayers Reached Shirdi on 24th and 25th December, 2010 Section, this time I had numerous beautiful experiences with Baba. Even the smallest things and events which happened in Shirdi are so special to me. This time we also saw some new places which we did not see earlier. We saw the Udi Room which is behind Dwarakamai. The well which is there in Lendi Baug was opened this time and hence we could enter the area and touch the well and see inside the well nicely. I also saw Satka and Padukas which are kept on the left side as we proceed towards the Samadhi of Baba in Samadhi Mandir. We also saw the Dwarawati Niwas this time which is quite a nice place to stay.

And most of all as we reached Shirdi on Thursday evening for which I feel very excited, we could also see the Chavadi Procession for the first time. It was indeed very beautiful and magnificent. The dance performed by the local children, the instruments played made the whole ambiance so DIVINE and simply OUT OF THIS WORLD. We witnessed the Chavadi Procession from quite near hence we were able to watch everything quite nicely.

There was one more thing I got to know in Shirdi. In Abdul Baba’s Cottage which is in front of Baba’s Chavadi, there was a small newspaper cutting framed along with Baba’s Image on the moon. It said that Baba’s image was seen over the moon clearly by the people in Hyderabad some months ago. I was absolutely wonder struck to see it since it was a very clear image of Baba over the moon. A beautiful Leela of Baba.

We could have long time Baba’s Blissful and Blessed Darshan in Samadhi Mandir inspite of the heavy rush in Shirdi due to the festive season. We also touched for the first time the 3 steps that are in front of Samadhi Mandir. We also got “Itra” Scent from one uncle and smeared it on the Lotus Feet of Baba in Samadhi Mandir. The prayers and coconut were offered very nicely to Babaji in Samadhi Mandir and then Dwarakamai with Baba’s Grace. I felt that my sister is the true messenger of Baba. She insisted me several times for the Darshan of Baba in Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi and also she only insisted me to ask someone to keep the prayers inside Dwarakamai. Baba was Letting me know His “Aadesh” Command through my sister and I felt happy about it.

This time we (my sister and me) got the opportunity to spend lots of time in Dwarakamai. And we talked to the local people there. They were very nice and friendly people. We felt very nice talking to them. They told us many enlightening things. We also got the beautiful opportunity to clean, mop and sweep the floor of Dwarakamai this time twice on 23rd and 24th December evening after Shej Aarti is done. We felt nice and grateful to Baba for this lucky opportunity. It was a very fulfilling experience for me as I was remembering those times when Baba was there in blood and flesh and I was imagining myself in those times while cleaning the floor.

I am generally very scared of dogs. And Baba Loves dogs so much. I usually get scared when I feed the dogs with biscuits. I prayed to Baba to please let go of my fear of dogs forever and Baba fulfilled this desire of mine in Shirdi. I gently patted them and fed the dog with biscuits and milk with no fear in Shirdi. I am no more scared of dogs now. Thanks to Baba.

One thing which I noticed was that cats and dogs freely roam about in the Samadhi Mandir of Baba and the queue and no one stops them. This makes my heart filled with Love for Baba. He is so Sweet. He is so Merciful. He lets them roam freely because he loves all the creatures alike. ISN’T HE THE SWEETEST ON THIS EARTH, RATHER IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.

I express my heartfelt thanks to Sai Devotee Neeraja ji. I read about her Shirdi trip experience just a few days before my Shirdi trip and I got to know about Baba’s Abhishekam and Sri Sai Satyanarayan Puja. By Baba’s Grace we got the opportunity to perform both the Poojas on my birthday itself. Thanks to Baba a ton.

I also got the Biography on Sri Swami Samarth by N. S. Karandikar along with a photo of Swami Samarth. We did local shopping and enjoyed it thoroughly. We went around Shirdi streets, took lots of pictures. This was my more beautiful trip this time though there is always a heavenly divine feeling being in Shirdi all the time.

This time we had quite many times Baba’s Beautiful Darshan in Samadhi Mandir. At one time, I got almost 5 minutes in front of Baba’s Samadhi and I felt so happy about it since due to the festive season in Shirdi there was huge rush and they were not allowing people to stay in front of Samadhi for more that 5-6 seconds and I felt grateful to Baba for letting me spend so much time with Him. Thanks a lot Baba.

I had various things on my list to be done in Shirdi and By Baba’s Grace my each desire got fulfilled in Shirdi. This has happened in my every trip to Shirdi. Every time I have some new things on my list and Baba takes good care of me to fulfill my each and every desire every time. This is Sai’s Greatness and Love for me. Once I lost one of my chits and I was very upset but later when I thought that Baba has something good for me in this, then suddenly I put my hand in jacket and I found my chit and I jumped with joy. Earlier I could not find, but Baba made me search and find it easily. And I could fulfill those desires of mine to my heart’s satisfaction.

We also got Baba’s Bhog 1 whole Guava from the food offered to Baba by Panditji in Dwarakamai and we all ate it with great relish. Ohhh. I was soo soo happy. I cannot tell. It was as if Baba Himself Gave us this fruit to eat. Isn’t it a lucky opportunity for all of us.

These beautiful experiences are imprinted on my heart. I feel it every time I read my experience.

I am looking forward to more wonderful experiences with Baba and also more beautiful pilgrimage to Shirdi with Baba’s Permission, Blessings and Grace.

I would like to say that the whole Administration and the guards are doing a commendable job managing such huge rush of people taking care of the devotees and maintaining the security in a very effective and efficient manner. There was so much enthusiasm everywhere among the people. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

This Birthday was my best ever birthday spent in Shirdi with Baba. Earlier I used to celebrate my birthday with family, friends and relatives. But this time celebrating my birthday with Baba is the most precious and most beautiful, best birthday gift ever Babaji has bestowed me with. My desire of being in Shirdi on my birthday got fulfilled beautifully By Baba.

We also went to Khandoba Mandir and ate in Sai Prasadalaya on my birthday. We also attended Shej Aarti inside Baba Samadhi Mandir from very close to Baba’s Samadhi and Murthi. This is the longest time I have spent in Baba’s Samadhi Mandir watching Baba all the time from so close. Thank You Sainath. I Love You from the core of my heart.

Also we had Darshan of Lord Shani in Shani Shinganapur on 25th December. We watch a serial on Lord Shani which is telecasted every Saturday 8.00 – 9.00 pm on NDTV Imagine. It shows true stories of Shani Shinganapur and Lord Shani. This has increased my faith in Lord Shani a lot. Lord Shani is very Merciful to his devotees and provides justice in every case.

Then after we came back to Shirdi and had many times Darshan on 25th December. I revered Baba as Jesus Christ and prayed to Him sincerely. We celebrated Christmas with Baba happily.

I am sorry Chavan Baba for I did not mention about Him in my previous two experiences of Shirdi Trip. This time I shall with Baba’s Grace write all what I have experienced with Chavan Baba.

I got to know about Chavan Baba from the website where people had discussed about Khandoba Temple Puja Vidhi and Chavan Baba. Also prior devotees’ experiences on Hetalji’s Blog have also helped me a lot in knowing about Sai Baba and His Life and I read about Chavan Baba also in the devotees experience section on this blog in below mentioned experience:

My First Visit Experience and Shirdi Baba’s Miracle – Sai Devotee Ramsaiprakash

In my first trip to Shirdi, we went to Sai Dham. There is a beautiful temple of Baba and on the other side Chavan Baba resides. We went inside to have Darshan of Chavan Baba and he was talking to few people. We went inside and saw many big and rare pictures of Sai Baba there. Also there is a Murthi of Lord Ganesha. Lord Sai Baba. Lord Shivji. There is also a murthi of Sai Baba in sitting posture in Dwarakamai which I love very much. Then Chavan Baba looked at us and started telling other people few things about us. All of the things have occurred in the past and are true about our nature and behaviour. I was so amazed. Then we took His Blessings and He Blessed Us with so much of love and affection and also gave us Udi packets to us. He also called me and my sister as Munni. From then on, I started calling myself as SAI KI MUNNI. There is also a tree outside in which image of Baba appears if one looks at closely. After watching for quite while, once I felt that I could see Baba’s image there. Chavan Baba Blessed us and we were truly happy with His Darshan and then we took His permission and went to Kopergaon railway station. I prayed to Baba in Shirdi that please bless me keeping Your Hand on my head in reality and in Sai Dham, Chavan Baba actually Kept His Hand on my head and Blessed me and I was immensely happy on receiving Baba’s Blessings.

In our second trip to Shirdi, we went to Sai Dham for Chavan Baba’s Darshan. I had taken some food items and a gift for Chavan Baba this time. But we could not find him and so I left all the things that I had taken with me to offer Him in His Place Only. There was a dog who came running as he saw us as if he was waiting for us. It made me happy that he loved us so much in the form of Baba. I was upset on not being able to meet Chavan Baba but we had to leave since our train arrival time was approaching. I am sorry Chavan Baba for all my mistakes I have committed. Please forgive me.

In my recent and 3rd trip to Shirdi, we again went to Sai Dham and this time I had very many beautiful experiences with Chavan Baba. We were made to sit in the small room where there are many pictures of Baba along with Lord Ganeshji, Lord Sai Babaji, Lord Shivji. There is also a photo of Sai Baba and we were asked to look at it closely for sometime and we would see Sai Baba’s movements in sometime. Since I was sitting in front, I could see Sai Baba’s photo completely and after concentrating on Baba’s photo in silence for a while, I saw Sai Baba’s Lips moving. I got thrilled and I saw again and I realised actually Sai Baba’s Lips were moving. This was a major experience of my life. I just cant’ forget this and thinking of it thrills me even now.

And then after a while Chavan Baba came out after His breakfast and we all ran for His Darshan. I touched His feet and offered him a gift and some dakshina and some food items from which He returned me some amount from dakshina and the gift of Sai Baba Murthi and asked me to place the Sai Baba Murthi in my room. He told me exactly the position of my room which is towards the right of our kitchen. I was amazed to hear this. He just saw my face and told all about me. He also gave me some advice on mending my nature of being in a hurry always. He told me some absolutely true things about myself which I was amazed to hear totally. He also told some things to my family to be done by us. He Blessed me and my family with Lots of Love and Blessings. Then we came inside the room and there Chavan Baba asked us to look into that Sai Baba’s photo again. HE SAID THAT LOOK BABA’S FINGER HAS TURNED RED AND SAI BABA IS HAPPY WITH YOU. AND YES. IT WAS EXACTLY RED. I was wonderstruck and was very happy. I felt very happy this time since we could spend quite a lot of time with Chavan Baba this time.

I prayed to Baba in Shirdi please sit and talk with me. I want to touch Your Lotus Feet in real Please. And this time I spent time with Chavan Baba, Had Real Darshan of Sai Babaji, sat and talked with Him, touched His Lotus Feet with my hands feeling Them in real, got Baba’s Aashirwad and Blessings, Baba gave me Upadesh and Udi and gave me the Permission to go and I requested Him to call me again very soon to Shirdi. Please Call me to Shirdi again very soon Baba. I want to meet You again.

I felt that Sai Baba and Chavan Baba have so many similarities. Chavan Baba told my family to perform Saisatyanarayan Vat Puja at home on a Friday and I realised that the same Puja was performed in Shirdi By Baba’s Grace, Permission and Blessings on a Friday only i.e. on 24th December 2010 which was a Friday.

One more thing which thrills me even now was a great experience with Chavan Baba. We told Chavan Baba that we have to catch our train. He said Yes, the train will come “LATE HO JAAYEGI” I.E. THE TRAIN WILL BE LATE. My parents and sister heard this while I could not. When they told me at the station that Chavan Baba Has Said that train will be late, I was wonderstruck. The train indeed came very late and after boarding the train the train just started and then stopped for quite some time. This reminded me of how Sai Baba used to read people’s mind and tell their past and predict future events for them. For a while I actually felt I was actually living in those times in Shirdi and Baba is meeting and telling this to us. It has been a wonderful experience I had with Chavan Baba.

We also got to know that on 16th June every year a Grand Celebration takes place in Sai Dham and Sai Baba comes to Sai Dham and therefore that’s a must visit By Baba’s Grace.

One more incident I would like to narrate is that when the train starts from Kopergaon and on the way to Manmad, then in this Kopergaon-Manmad there comes a huge mountain and it is quite near to the track. I don’t now why but I am very fascinated by that mountain. I have seen it twice in my previous two trips. This time I forgot about it and later thought I missed it. But soon it came and I was so happy. I took pictures of it. I just love looking at it. It thrills me a lot. I get really excited with its look.

This shows Baba cares for even the smallest and minutest desires of their devotees.

I had beautiful Saiji Darshan everytime. I had a super-amazing trip to Shirdi. This has been my most Blissful trip to Shirdi. I have had such beautiful experiences that I will remember it all my life. Everything was just so beautiful and extra-ordinary this time. There was some magical element involved in all the events which made my trip so Blessed and Special. Thank You for calling me to Shirdi Baba. Please Keep Calling me Again and Again. Love You Baba. Thank You so much.

Jai Sai Ram

May Baba bless us all.

Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

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  1. I loved reading your wonderful trips and numerous devine experiences. You are very lucky to be blessed with all these beautiful moments. We live in USA, after longing for a trip to Shirdi for many year, finally will be visiting May. I would loved to visit Sai Dham and get a Darshan of sri Chavan Baba. How to get there, is this in Shirdi ? near Shirdi ? Please let me know Priyanka.
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Jai Sai Ram Santi ji
    Thanks for your message.
    Sai Dham is 17 kms away from Shirdi on Manmad Road. Then you will have to go inside on a road from the Manmad Road.
    You can hire an auto from Shirdi and they will easily take you there. The Auto people are very well aware of "Sai Dham".

    May Baba Bless you and your family With His Wonderful Darshan and a Blissful Trip to Shirdi.

    Om Sai Ram

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