A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 30

Herewith few more brief experiences of devotees of Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Baba’s Messages Were Received At Appropriate Time

Sai sister Binita says: Om Sai Ram Hetalji,

Since so many days I was thinking to share my experiences with Baba to all of you but never did so but now I cannot resist myself by doing this. I am sharing the latest miracle happened to me on this Saturday/Sunday date: 9th & 10 Oct 10. I came back from madhyanya aarati on Saturday and reached home at 3Pm doing some household work on the way but I was feeling shivering. As soon as I reached home I start to vomit along with lot of blood which get me scared. (As I have very bad health and always having bad throat these days I am doing 9 Vrat and drink udi with water twice a day daily.) I started to ask Baba what happened. I am not doing my vrat in proper way or you are taking my test, if you are taking my test please dont take any test I may not pass. Although I have surrendered myself fully to you but i am a human being with lots of defects. Even now my situation is getting worse that I cant read Shri Sai Satcharitra and get answer of my question. Then I slept. I wake up and to know whats the time i reached to my cell which I always kept by my pillow. I saw that there is some message and the message was written this way ‘SAI BABA’S BLESSINGS R WITH U.
Anyway I got sai baba blessing through link daily but only 2 messages and that also in morning which I already got on that day. So My question was answered By baba.

Next day 10/10

I was feeling very weak so cud not go to Madhyanya aarti and thought I will attend evening aarti but again at around 3PM i start to vomiting like the previous day with severe pain at abdomen. Again I said Baba either give me strength to bear this pain or take me away to you. I know its because of all my sins and bad deeds but to bearing this is really deadly. Then I slept again after having udi with water. LOL again 3rd message on same day from Sai Baba’s blessings saying:

I didn’t went to off on Mon 11/10 and also didn’t had any vomiting so there was no question to baba from me so there was no any 3rd message on that day.

All my Sai brother and sister all these miracles confirmed us that really baba is fulfilling his gyara vachan.

Jai Sai always bless all of us.

I Am Alive Because Of Sai Baba

Aryaa from Qatar says: Om Sai Ram, My Name is Arya Siddharth Ingale and i am based in middle east for almost 13 years now, My life is gift from Sai Baba, who is very kind on me showering his blessings all the time. I want to share my experience with all the readers on how baba saved my life and met me in another form.

I was working in Oman (Muscat) in 2008 and was diagnosed with high blood sugar of 485 in february. Although diabetes runs in our family and it was quite natural to inherit from family but for me who was 32 years old only then was a shock. I was totally shaken and could foresee my end soon. However i had mustered courage and prayed to saibaba day & night, i had taken up reading Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan for one week and started the treatment. The time with me with all the support and then i could see my sugar level going down in matter of 20 days.

Since that time till now, i am not on any drug, but my sugar levels have gone normal, and i am living a normal healthy life. If i am alive today, its because of sai baba and his blessings.

During the same time i had a mesmerizing experience which i cannot forget in my whole life: I was driving at great speed of 120 km/h, and i could see someone honking at me following me, sensing that i stopped my car and saw a old omani fisherman coming out of his very old 4 wheel mini van, soon he came near my car and rolled down beneath my car and pulled out a big plastic polythene from the silencer assembly. I was surprised and thanked him and shook hands with him while thanking him. All this happened so fast that i was not able to think at all, soon took his vehicle and disappeared in the traffic. I was trying to recollect the old man’s face as it seemed to very familiar to me, then after 2 days i was watching a TV programme on sai baba which showed sai baba’s original photos, then i realised that none other sai baba who had come for my rescue again. OM SAI RAM. May baba bless this whole world and remove the pain & suffering of each individual. OM SAI RAM.

My Wish Got Fuflilled

Sai daughter from New Zealand says: Om sai ram, I really want to share one my great experience with you all. This happened couple of days ago.

Couple of days ago, I visited one of my friends house. She is a great devotee of Jesus, however she was a born Buddhist. She narrated her experience with Jesus to us. When she was 14 years old, she lost her mum and her dad was overseas as well. Her mum side parents also neglected her due to the fact that her horoscope was not good (All the people associated with her must become very poor soon according to her horoscope). So she didn’t have anybody to support or even look after. Her dad should be in overseas to earn money to support her and he couldn’t take her immediately. So she was in desperate situation. One of her friend introduced her to Jesus and one day she was praying/crying in front of Jesus, suddenly one hand reach her (but she couldn’t see the person) and promised her that she will be looked after. After that, she said whatever she touches turns into gold. She is a very good friend of mine and very trustable person. So I was so thrilled to hear that story. When I came home, I was praying baba and asking “Could you please bless me like that too”. I was praying baba all night and went to sleep. Middle of the night, I felt one hand touches my head very gently (twice), so I woke up. It was my husband’s hand (but touch is very gentle). Then I called my husband, but he was very deep sleep. Next day, I asked my husband why did you touch my head and he said he didn’t or couldn’t recall that event.

I was really amazed with this experience. Please what all of sai devotees think about this.

Om sai ram.

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  1. Dear Sai Baba,Grt experince.I m also expecting the same from you.Baba its upto you how u will survive me here in this job.baba plz secure my job and my married life…thats all i can request from u.

    Jai bolo sai maharaj ki jai.jai bolo sai maharaj ki jai.jai bolo sai maharaj ki jai.jai bolo sai maharaj ki jai.jai bolo sai maharaj ki jai…………………………..

  2. My Complete World My Sai………. Bas aap apni kripa banaye rakhna aur meri muraad jaldi puri kardo…………. Aapka Mool mantra hamesha yaad rakhti hun Shraddha aur Saburi…………. I think this has helped me to cross the time………….U knw what your daughter wants from U……..

    JAI JAI SAI ……Teri Mahina ati sukhdayi

  3. Jai Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram Deva U alwys fulfil ur children's wishes nd do wht s best 4 thm deva u had showed lots of miracles in our life 2 deva I also prayed 2 U tht blessed my family nd take care of them Deva I have also alot of such experinces wth u 2 share here Deva now this tym I m praying 2 U as I m coming to my Sai's Shirdi within 2 days Deva just give me ur love nd ur blessings which I need in my life nothing preciuos I can have in my life than having ur love nd blessings. Deva plzzzzzzzzzz blessed me wth ur love nd plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz U know whts in my heart deva I m still following ur word " Faith & Patience " this is my Guru Mantra nd I'll follow it throughout my life deva just be wth me Deva keep ur loving nd caring hands over ur daughter I just need ur love nd blessings Deva love u alot………. ur daughter

  4. sai baba please save my job, i am in critical situation now!!please save my job and move me to different team without lose my job. i am praying to you day and night please show mercy on me. sairama please save my job, myself and my family members are depressed by this! sairama kindly save me!!sairama kindly save me! you are my breeth.if i committed any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly please forgive those mistakes, kindly save me. i need your urgent help sairama!!!!!

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