A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 28

In this post, i am again sharing few more brief experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Saibaba Had Saved My Life

Sai sister Sailakshmi ji from India says: I am from Andhrapradesh. I was in love with person who was my childhood friend. He met me after 10 years of our schooling. One day he proposed me, i accepted him into my life because he was very known person and childhood friend also and will not do any cheating. Days are passing; he went to banglore on job purpose. When he went there there was a change in his behaviour. I suspected that a new girl entered in his life. So i decided to check his mails (i know his password). To know there is any chatting with new girl friend. I opened his mail but there was no girl friend. But there was a chatting with his close friend about a matter which cannot be disclosed on this public and this religious forum. I asked him about that matter, there was a fighting between us. Finally i rejected him now we are not in contact.





Got a Job With Sai’s Blessings – Sai Devotee Sailakshmi

Sai sister Sailakshmi ji from India says: I Sailakshmi, completed my Graduation in 2003 and was at home for over a year. At this point of time all my other friends were getting good jobs, were doing their higher studies and some of them got married. I used to feel very disappointed that I was unable to get a job. During this time, I used to walk to Baba Mandir which is almost a Km away from my house and attend Kakad Aarti everyday without fail.

In 2004, I wanted to read Shri Sai Satcharitra completely on the day of Guru Purnima. On this day when I began to read, after a few hours, I started feeling very drowsy and was unable to continue reading and was badly distracted. So, I decided to rest for some time and then continue to read the Satcharitra. At this point of time I was alone at home and I went to rest. After about half an hour, when I was sleeping on my stomach, I felt someone pat hard on my back and was waking me up. I was surprised as to who was waking me up when I was alone at home. When I looked back, I saw Baba walking in our house. I saw Baba and went back to sleep and only when I woke up I realized what had happened and I completed reading the whole Satcharitra in 1 day. Within 20 – 25 days of this incident, I got a job.

I worked in that company for 1.5 years during this time I faced lots of challenges at my work. Almost after a year I had almost completely lost interest in going to work because of all the problems I was facing.

At this point of time, I got a chance to visit Shirdi, After returning, I went to a relative’s house to give them Shirdi Prasad and also had bought a small Murthi of Baba for them. After giving them the Prasad, my cousin asked if I was interested in a change of Job and told me that there was an opeing in one of the leading MNC’s where he was referring. I just said I would like to try though I was sure I would not get a job in such big companies.

On the day I had to attend the interview was a Thursday and that morning I got a dream in which, I am in Samadhi Mandir and Baba comes in human form from the statue and hugs me and blessed me. I went to the interview with a feeling that I was not capable of getting a job in such a big company. The interview was very simple and went very smooth. But, after that I did not get any response from the company. We had Baba Bhajan in our house and during that time, I was very upset as I was facing lot of problems in the current Job. Immediate next day, I got a call from the company where i had attended the interview and I was asked to submit my documents for verification, after a week, I got this job at The leading MNC with a salary 3 times more than what I was getting I have been in this company for close to 5 years and at every situation Baba is with me.

Beautiful Baby Girl is blessed by Sai Maharaj – Sai Devotee Srikanth

Sai brother Srikanth ji from USA says: I am a software engineer and I work in USA. A Couple of years ago my wife had terminated her first pregnancy during 6 months as baby was diagnosed with some kind of rare disease that occurs in one out of one hundred thousand pregnancies. We had undergone lot of pain that we cannot describe in words as it happened to us during 6 month time and it was a rare disease and a first baby. After wards we started believing in Sai and prayed him like anything. Though there was lot of hurdles, finally we are blessed with a beautiful baby girl by Sai blessings in the form of Principal +compound interest.

Just stick to him and be patient, Sai will give you what ever you want in your life.

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  1. I am simran, my husband had left me and our child for another woman, he didnteven bother to visit to see the child though he was in the same city, i was helpless and didnt want to be seperated from him under any circumstances. I struggled for an entire year wanting him him to come back desperately, but it was all in vain, Finally, when i visited shirdi, as i bowed down to the sqamadhi and was exiting, a pink colour scraf flew and came on my face, i was convinced this was babas blessing for me , As soon i was about to leave shirdi i got a call from my husband with a positive attitude…i was so happy and thanked baba for doing what he had to do for me. He answered my prayers…and within 3 months my husband came back to us and hes with us now. Baba can do the impossibel

  2. OM SAI RAM.

    Please help me. I know I have gonr far from you since I got married. I wanted to light lamp in front of you daily. I need your blessings. I need you baba back in my life again. I love you sai nath. You are my life my everything. We went for the trip and things went wrong dont know why this happened. I need to talk to you. I need your suggestions and answers to my questions sai nath. Because I know you only know whats good for us. Baba please help me. I know that baba I tired my best for everything and I need you sai nath.

    Baba I love you and need to back in my life. Baba please help baba please help.

    Sai nath I need you right here with me. and please help me to concentrate on my work. I want to excel in my work sai nath. I need you help sai nath.

    Sai baba I have to close few positions as under please help me to close them like audit manager, training manager, ops manager and facility manager, MIS Executive etc.

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