A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 27

Dear Sai Readers, herewith i am sharing few more brief experiences.

Sai Baba Is Always With Us – Sai Devotee

A sai devotee from Nepal says: I am very happy to share my experience with all of you. Like baba said “Its not people who comes to see me and follow me by being an devotee, Its me who choose souls and pull them to me like a sparrow tied to thread.” He had also chosen me as his devotee. Please if there are any mistakes in my experience please change it.

BABA thanks for always being there. Recently my marriage is fixed with the guy i love by the blessing of sai. My mum is always supportive for me but i was not sure about my dad since we are from very well family and my fiancee is not. His financial condition is not so good. His whole family depends in his income. But with the grace of sai my dad accepted our relation. Our marriage is fixed in coming November. And my dad accepted our relation in the month of July. But after our marriage is fixed my fiancee is jobless as his office was going to start the project but due to some problem the project could not be started. We were very much worried as our marriage is coming near and he does not have a penny even to sustain his family. We both are devotee of baba. we prayed to him day and night. Only baba can save us from this situation and he saved us. He was searching for another job but he can’t find. July and august was the worst month for him. He became so frustrated and get angry with baba. Sometimes we loose his faith on baba we feel like that baba is not listening to us. He is far from us. But by baba’s grace even he didn’t went to office. His office gave him salary upto this month and said that soon they will start the project. Even my fiancee does not go to office he got the salary for three months. Still we are facing some problem but with baba’s grace soon all will be solved. We want to thank baba whole heartly for always being there with us in bad time and in good time. Jai Sai Ram.

My Brother Got Job With Sai Baba’s Blessings

Sai sister Neeraja ji says: Om Sai Ram

Hi Hetalji, first of all thanks for the wonderful service you are doing through your blog. May Baba bless you with happiness and wealth. Though there are many wonderful experiences in my life with Baba, this is one of my experience I am sharing with you all. Baba, please forgive me if I have written anything wrong.

This was couple of days back. My brother was done with one of his project in US couple of months back and was searching for another project. At the same moment he was facing so many other problems. We were all really concerned about him and got depressed with his situation. But I had faith that one day Baba will solve his all problems. He was searching for the job desperately and staying at home without the job was really frustrating facing all the other problems also. He was on bench for almost 6 months. I was praying Baba for his job. On the day of Gurupornima, I went to temple and prayed for him, there baba blessed me with a rose flower. On the next day, I heard the news that he got a job. I was so happy for him. He drived all the way from his previous place to the new place for almost 2 days. After going to the new place, he joined the new job. He went for 2 days. Suddenly on third day they asked him to go from the work place as the paper work was not still done yet and there was a misunderstanding with the recruiter and the client. They told him that they will intimate him once the paper work is done. They were updating him through emails about the status. After one week suddenly they called him and told that the project has been scrapped. He was totally disturbed and I was also mentally disturbed with his situation but still I did not lose faith on Baba. I know there might be a reason behind in doing this. I was praying for Baba for his job. After 1 week, I got a call from my sister (she also stays in USA) and it was on Thursday. Before picking the call, I was praying Baba, with this phone call, I have to hear the news that my brother got a job. I picked the phone and see Baba heard my prayer and she told me that my brother got a job. I was so happy and thanked Baba.
Baba will take care of us and he listen’s our prayers. All he wants is SHRADDA and SABURI. Even today my brother is facing a very big problem in his life. I am confident that Baba will certainly solve all his problems.

Thanks a lot Baba!!!!!!!!!

A Memorable Visit To Remember – Sai Devotee Indrajit

Sai brother Indrajit ji from USA says: My name is Indrajit Rana and i would like to narrate my experience with Saibaba. This incidence took place long time back when we were living back in India. It has changed my outlook and now I became Baba’s devotee.

At present we are living in USA and we daily pray and worship SaiBaba and know that whenever we are in trouble, Baba has always come to our help and removed our pain and suffering. I am writing a short story of what happened in our life.

I did not know who Saibaba is before my marriage. Then I was engaged to my wife and knew that her family is strong believer of Saibaba. We got married and started living in Vadodara/India. She will daily pray religiously to Baba and read
Shri Sai Satcharitra.

It so happened that her grand mother fall sick and since she was very attached to her, she wanted to visit her town which was 350 kms from Vadodara. I was too busy at that time working with private company as Instrumentation engineer. Our plant was just finished and commissioning was going on and I used to come very late in evening. It was impossible to take leave at this time. Therefore we thought of sending her by bus to see her grand mother. We had no reservation as the plan was fixed so suddenly. The bus was schedule to start at early morning at 5:00 am.

We wanted to reach early in time to bus station to get seat. So I started making hurry to her to pack up and sitting in our car. We hurriedly made it into our car and I was driving to bus station. We hardly travelled up to 5 kms and my wife told me that she had forgotten ‘Sai photo’ and ‘Sat charitra’ which she always carry with her. I said now there is no time and we cannot go back otherwise we will miss the bus. She was literally crying and asking to go back. Finally we reached to the bus station, it was dark around 4:45 am so I parked my car in shady light in front of bus station and went inside to check for seat at reservation counter.

As per my wife –

She said a young boy came and he was standing in front of our car and he was talking with another person and showing some thing from his hand. My wife was sitting next to driver sit and saw that it was Saibaba’s picture in his hand. The picture was not a calendar but a full big size picture of size- 24″ x 36″. The exact photo of what we see in Shirdi. It is like Baba is sitting with his right feet over left and his left hand over right toe.

My wife could not resist and said – “Wah what a lovely picture of Saibaba”.

The boy heard the voice of my wife and came in front of our car window and said

“Do you like this picture? – Then take it”.

My wife said – “Who would not like such a great picture’”.

The boy rolled the picture of Saibaba and gave in her hand.

In the mean time I came back to tell that bus will soon arrive and we must go now. At this time, she told me entire thing what had happened in my absence and asked me to give some – Rs 10 to Rs 20 to that boy who had given her Saibaba’s great picture. I went in the direction in which she told me but I could not find boy.

After this incidence, she went happily to meet her grand mother carrying this great picture of Baba. And she came back home after the visit and we framed this picture of Saibaba and kept in our prayer room.

I had many more such experiences after this incidence and whenever I asked Saibaba’s help, Baba has always extended help without delay. Since this day on words I became Baba’s devotee and Baba has shown me that who ever pray Baba from their heart Baba always come and relieve pain and suffering.

Om Shri Sai Nathay Namaha.

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  2. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower on them your choicest blessings of a long healthy life, filled with happiness, joy, laughter, kindness, empathy, wisdom, knowledge, courage, ability, peace and prosperity. Baba please help my husband get the right support for peace and prosperity. Baba help me support him in every walk of life. Help me remove all the bad qualities inside me and have an aura of positivity all around me to attract good vibes and relations. Baba please be there for the family as a parent, guide, mentor and Guru. Help me develop a rapport with my children to be for them always. Help us with the visa Baba to open new opportunities if you think it is good for all of us. Baba help me take care of the family to the best ability. Baba i have some temple visits hope I can complete them. Baba please keep me as a sumangali always, this is my request to you. Baba please help and keep my family stress free. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om Siddhi vinayak namo namah 🙏

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