Sai Baba Helped Me Fufill My Vow – Sai Devotee Archana

Today i am sharing experience of Sai sister Archana ji from USA.

Archana ji says: Dear Hetal, I have been a reader of your blog for quite some time now and I really thank you for your service. May Baba bless you with choicest of blessings. I had posted one of my experiences here last year. This time I have an experience that has left me completely speechless.

In the month of February this year I was going through your website and while reading some experience I made a mental vow to Baba that until I earn my own money and buy a beautiful orange color shawl for him I will not buy anything for myself. I have no clue how that thought came into my mind but it just happened and a promise is a promise. So many festivals and occasions took place but I stuck to my vow and didn’t buy anything for myself. What surprised me about my own decision is that I am in USA and I am on a dependent visa. Anyone who is familiar with how things work in USA would know that you cant work unless you have a H1 visa or a EAD or a GREEN CARD. I have neither and so does my husband.

I told my husband about my vow and he said that since I had made up my mind I might have to wait for another 2 or 3 years to buy something for myself because job was out of question for me and the green card isn’t on cards for another 3 years atleast. I just told him BABA WILL TAKE CARE.

I am neither an engineer nor a doctor so in the past my talks about working in states had been completely futile and the bad economy wasn’t a help either. While all this was going on through my mind my sister decided to visit me. She came and when she was leaving for her place she gave me a dress. Its a kurta actually and it was orange in colour. I was happy that she gifted me that thing but I wasn’t sure if I would wear it because of my vow of not buying anything new. After she left I showed the kurta to my husband and I said “Isn’t it a coincidence that I should decide to offer a shawl of only orange color and then within a week or two my sister visits and gifts me a kurta in orange color”. I just smiled and said I didn’t buy it and it’s a gift so I can definitely wear it. I was waiting for a occasion to wear it.

After week or 2 after I received the kurta I decided to go to Sai Baba temple to take darshan of his padukas. For some reason I felt like wearing the dress so I wore the orange kurta. At the temple after my darshan I just stood looking at Baba’s murti and I said to baba in my mind “I HAVE NO CLUE WHY I MADE A PROMISE TO YOU BUT YOU GAVE ME A SIGN THAT YOU ACCEPTED MY VOW GIVING ME A DRESS IN ORANGE. I DON’T KNOW HOW I AM GOING TO EARN MY OWN MONEY BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A JOB. NOW YOU HAVE TO HELP ME FULFILL MY VOW TO YOU.” I did my namaskar and I left.

I have been in USA for 2 years now and since I couldn’t work I have been volunteering at different places. I met lot of people and made friends during this time. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the great wire-puller that he is, BABA would bless me like this. The day after my trip to the temple I got a call from one of the places that I had volunteered in 2008. That’s almost 2 year ago and I was surprised as to why they were calling me. The company people wanted to talk about something. I thought it was a volunteer opportunity so I went to meet them but I was shocked when they told me that they were looking to hire new people and since they knew how I had volunteered with them earlier they were interested in hiring me now and would be pleased to file my H1. I just heard everything and told them that I need time to think. As soon as I stepped out of the office tears were rolling down my eyes. My husband who had come along with me was shocked and just kept on saying are they joking or something? I hadn’t even given an interview or even applied for a job. Everything just happened by itself.

The company filed my H1 and I will start to work after 10th of 15th of Oct. You know Hetal my papers were filed on a Thursday and my visa came on a Thursday. During the course of the visa process I received all the communication from the visa office only on a Thursday. Isn’t this is coincidence.

I have been a devotee of baba only since a year but I must confess I have learnt to live life following Baba’s teachings have completely devoted myself in his service. I try to abide by his teachings all the time. No matter what people say or how bad they behave I try to be nice with them and deal with a bad situation in better way. All that he wants from us is complete and unconditional devotion.

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Yes…He answered your prayer…whtelse u want..Really how adorable he is…I am also a sai devotee…He also blessed me lots of things…Let see when he will give me that guts to post my blog here..Sai bolo sai maharaj ki jai ho..sai bolo sai maharaj ki..jai ho jai ho jai ho….Bless us baba..we all r ur child.

  2. I love your experience. It goes to show that when we love baba and live his teachings he comes and makes things happen for us.

  3. Dear Sai Readers, Sai sister Meeraji has posted a comment here, but somehow it did not appear. So she mailed me the comment and i am sharing it below for one and all.

    Dear Hetal ji,
    Jai sai ram.
    I am reading your posts regularly. They are very inspiring. I tried to post comments after reading this post yesterday, and it just got lost over the internet! I don't know what happened! Today again I re-wrote my post and it does not go to final stage of posting. The message at the end of my screen says,"waiting for" / but this time I have saved my post with "cut n' paste" feature and sending you the same.
    When we SEE something that is BABA's way of helping HIS devotees, we really feel blessed. I also have been blessed by BABA when HE miraculously took away my husband's skin cancer level 4! That was in the year 1996. The doctors had predicted only six months for him looking at his melanoma cancer reports. I was feeling helpless in the given situation and I was crying that midnight I had this experience. I felt smooth soft touch as if some one is stroking a loving hand on my head twice. Even with my closed eyes I could see a blinding bright light and some divine figure descended with flowing beige silky gown and golden brown hair…and I could hear these clear words,"Don't cry my child, sub kuchha achchhaa ho jaayegaa. This is all for family unity. " and gradually that bright light faded away where I could see little angels floating around.

    And the very next day my husband had to go for CAT scan test to check if the cancer had spread in the brain area. The reports turned out to be clear. Not only that but the reports of another major procedure performed injecting dye in the lymph-nodes and all 70 reports from various laboratories came out normal. After that my husband did receive his check up every six months for 5 years and since every time reports were normal, he was declared "cancer free". He is living a very normal healthy life. The doctors treating him could not believe how this thing could happen. But IT DID HAPPEN!!!
    Who else other than BABA can do such a miracle?!?!?

    And even melanoma detection was also a miracle. Some day I will post those details.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  4. Dear Meera,
    He is our saviour.
    Faith on him,I have also strong faith on him.I m sure he will definitely brings out from this mayajal called LIFE.
    Don’t worry ,I strongly believe “Why fear when I m here.”
    Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram

  5. Om Sai Ram,
    Sai Baba on your holy feet i put my head. i beg you and ask you that where am i lacking in my prayers or devotion that still i have so much pain. why doesn't abhinav feel the pain that i do? Sai baba, give Abhinav the pain and lonliness, may no girl come in his life and he contacts me back and loves me back again. Sai baba bless me with his love and with him as my husband. send him back to india by march 11, 2011. Sai baba please i beg you and plead you take my pains away and make abhinav realise my value, my importance and my worth. please make him love me. and make his parents accept me as their daughter in law. please make my parents accept abhinav, and that abhinav marries me this year. Sai Baba, may no girl come in his life and all obstacles go from our love. please create situation in his life that he misses me and falls in love with me again. Sai baba give me a chance please. wipe my tears dear baba. help me.
    i beg you.
    may you fulfill my wish
    in all and by your name
    Om Sai namo namah
    sahri sai namo namah
    jai jai sai namo namah
    sadguru sai namo namah,
    your devotee with all faith in you, you my last hope sai baba, please do the miracle now

  6. Dear All,
    Jai Sai Ram..After reading this experience i have tears in my eyes ..just cant say anything on Baba's miracles and leelas.
    May Sai Baba shower his blessings to all of us and all our wishes get fulfilled.

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