My Experiences With My Beloved Sai – Sai Devotee Madhavi

Sai sister Madhavi ji from USA has shared several experiences with Lord Sai Baba.

Sai sister Madhavi ji says: Dear sai devotees Thank you for giving opportunity for sharing my experiences with our beloved sai.

Before i start writing my experience with sai first i want to tell you some thing I experienced with sai. Two days before start writing my experience with baba, i used to read sai devotees experience and as well as i have lot of experiences with him actually i need to write a book about my life but some now i can’t because some things we can only discuss with our soul and heart that means only with baba because he is our soul and heart, so we can share only with him.

We used to think we are sharing every thing to him but we are not because nobody is here, he is the only one. He will know every thing what we are doing what we are thinking and our past present, future. For me it’s not enough to talk or share about my baba because he is with me, in me and every part of our body. Ok now I am sharing my first experience.

Actually here also i definitely need to mention our sai is with us in every janma (birth), he didn’t enter our life’s suddenly but we found him and we recognised him in our heart in some particular point of time. Upto that even he is with us we don’t have ability to find him in our hearts, so for me it’s around 2003 first time he blessed me and showered his grace on me to find him in my heart.

From my childhood we used to belive god. My dad always used to tell stories about ramayan, mahabarat, etc and by his grace he blessed me a kind heart and good thinking and from childhood i saw many ups and downs and lot of other sufferings.

In 2003 baba came out from my heart though my sister-in-law. She belives baba. Before that i don’t know about baba. We used to pray lord venkateswara, so she told me about baba and she is having a small book about baba and i took the book from her. My brother and sister-in-law have done love marriage. First my mom didn’t agree by baba’s grace at last she agreed and they got married.

Then i started reading it on Thursday with dedication and bakthi. I used to make prasadam by myself and every day with different flowers like that i do my puja. On wedensday in early morning he appeared in my dream with blessing hand with lots of lighting and i am very scared to see him and i woke up with sweating. Then the dream disappear and again i started thinking about him and said please baba i want to see you again please but i couldn’t still i remember that fear. From then he is always with me and showing his presence. This is my first experience. Please baba always stay with every body, forgive all the mistakes we done knowingly or unknowingly and shower your grace on every body in this world.

Ok here again I am sharing my second experience. Before that i want to say one thing actually in my mind he created the thought of writing my experiences because he gave the experiences and the next day he showed the way through star sai how we need to share our experiences then third day i started writing it with his motivation and blessings.

My second experience with my beloved sai is my marriage proposal. My parents are looking good match for me. Then second time i started reading parayam with full love. i believe fourth day of my parayanam we received a match from Nandhedu near Shirdi and they are very rich people and they didn’t expect any dowry and my father said everything about their family first. I really loved it because of my kind nature i thought of saying ok because i believe that baba sent it but I am more affectionate with my family and saw lot of sufferings and they said i don’t want to do any job, but for my thoughts i want to do some thing for my parents. But their situation is different i confused and I was not matured at that time. So we all scared about that even they are very rich. we don’t give importance to money. Like that we rejected that baba plz forgive me for rejecting that you know all about my thoughts; please forgive me for this mistake. Please don’t leave me alone any minute of my life. Without you i can’t cross this ocean. This experience also happened in 2003.

Ok here i am sharing my third experience. This is after my marriage because of baba’s blessings i got a very good husband. Thank you so much sai for giving me a wonderful husband and please forgive us for all our mistakes and always shower your grace.

This is my third experience, first two times after completion of parayanam i donated food to some beggar and third time after my marriage i completed my parayanam very nicely and this time I was in Chennai and you know it is city and i don’t know how we can find beggars over there and I was thinking in my mind – first two times I was in my village and donated food but this time how i will donate i want somebody – like that I was thinking and i opened my bedroom curtain. From there we can see outside road. i couldn’t believe my eyes because here is a miracle in front of my window there is a side walk and i saw a very poor old lady (i even don’t know whether the person was male or female). Even she didn’t move, walk and hand legs are not in a moving sitation. I could not get how she reached there. It’s really surprise i know baba sent her. Now its baba only then immediately i went down with some food and water and handed it to her and she ate it. I felt very very happy for donating food and that experience is really amazing and unforgettable thing in my life. This is also happened 6 years ago.

Now I am experiencing my fourth experience. Its a long journey always showing his presence but it will take a while to share i don’t know how long it will take any way please baba always be with me hold my hand and help to cross all the situations.

Jai sai ram.

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