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Dear Sai Readers, today i am posting a unique experience on this blessed blog. In all cases, experiences were posted in English language. Sometimes if i received experiences in Hindi or chat language they were edited and posted. But this experience of Sai brother Anil ji from Canada is in PDF format narrating his first trip to Shirdi in Hindi language. I was really touched deep within to read the elaborated experience. I felt that, the essence and feeling which arouse while reading the experience in Hindi will loose the same if translated in English. So i am sharing in the same manner in which i received. I regret inconvenience caused to non-hindi readers, but i promise to bring out more experiences in English here. Sorry for this one!!!

Below is mail from Sai brother Anil ji in which he writes: Sai Ram Hetal ji,

By BABA Blessing, suddenly I found your blog and very much pleased to read devotees experience in your blog. You are doing great service.

In my age of over 50, I don’t know BABA before 2 years. Now, This is BABA’s KRIPA to have this opportunity.

Hetal ji, BABA called me and visited Shirdi (first time) last year. All the times tears was flowing from eyes during the visit. So I wrote my Shirdi visit experience in my language Nepali then translated in HINDI. This in PDF Format, no need of FONT to read it. Your blog is in English. So, I am not sure it can be placed in blog or not. If possible, please place in your blog. I am going to attach it now.

Kindly advise me.

BABA always be with everybody.

Toronto, Canada

Download Experience in PDF Click Here to Download

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Hetal Patil
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  1. It was really a great experience of reading this post.Tear was rolling out of my eyes and was a great feeling and as the post was in hindi ,i was getting the gossebumps all over my body.
    Baba is great and so as his miracle's, he is omnipresent.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  2. Can anybody translate the same in English,so that many non hindi knowers can also read and benefit from the same.

  3. Very nice experience. Anil ji you are very fortunate. My eyes were wet while reading your experience. end mei aisa lagaa jaise Baba ne apko prem se vidaa kiya ho jab Kapuri Ji ne apko Prasad nariryal dekar shawl audaya. You are a blessed child of baba. i also take out the print out so that many( my relatives & friends with I always share the experiences of this blog) who cant read english may be able to read this.Om Sai Ram

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