A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 25

Sharing herewith few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Sympathy And Experience

Anonymous Sai sister says: Dear Hetalji, Thank you for the communication you so kindly forward to us about our beloved BABA and the beautiful bhajan links. May your life be blessed with all your desires. This is my first time that i am sharing my life experience so kindly forgive me for all mistakes and share my experience with other devotees if you approve of my article. Thank you Hetiaji. I would like to share my experience with sai devotees.

Greetings to all beloved BABA’S children. I’d like to share my experience which has left me in AWE and full of BLISS. I came into BABA’S fold last year in August when a dear friend gifted me Shri Saibaba’s Vrat book. After reading the book I vowed to also keep the vrat as i was also experiencing financial problems. The first Thursday after that i kept vrat and have been keeping the vrat continuously since. For the past year there are lots of problems in my life and i felt with BABA’S blessings i would benefit. My problems have not been resolved yet and my life gets more and more difficult each day but i kept on fasting and praying that BABA will bless me one day. I totally believe in Shrada and Saburi and ihave surrendered all my problems at the Lotus Feet of my beloved BABA. Still living with more problems i oneday responded to BABA ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS on the internet. I asked BABA to kindly bless me as he has blessed millions of his children. This was in the 2nd week of June 2010. The answer i received was come to DWARKAMAI. Although i am in financial crises i asked my husband for permission on 18 June and he encouraged me to go. With BABA’S blessing i received my visas and i came to India on 24th June. As we all know if BABA does not will it we cannot ever reach Shirdi his DIVINE abode. I traveled alone to India for my BABA’S darshan. On Friday morning 25 June was my first beautiful darshan of my life which i will never forget. I was so overwhelmed i could’nt believe that i was actually in Shirdi.

I then went to DWARKAMAI and also got beautiful darshan from BABA and the pujari at DWARKAMAI advised me to give him all my japa books and he will put them in the dhuni. I always wrote japa when i felt tensed (OM SAI RAM). In the evening i came back to Samadhi Mandir and as i followed the queue i was pushed to the extreme right and wow to my delight i was able to place my hands on BABA’S Samadhi. This was definitely BABA guiding to bless me HIMSELF. Saturday evening i again went to DWARKAMAI and it was arti time. To my amazement i managed to get a place to sit right in front of the monitors. I enjoyed the beautiful darshan and arti at DWARKAMAI to my hearts content. It was the most divine experience. I am still today basking in the glory of my first visit to Shirdi. BABA welcomed me in his divine abode and i will be eternally grateful. I am still living with all adversities and it sometimes gets very unbearable but I am patiently waiting for BABA to BLESS me. I have faith that one day soon BABA will bless me. Sunday 27 June i flew to Banglore to SATHYA SAI BABA’S ashram in Prashanti Nilayam. I again was welcomed by BABAin his divine abode. Enjoyed beautiful darshan from SATHYA SAI BABA also which i will leave for next time. OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM. Jai sai ram.

Saibaba’s Prompt Reply And His Reaction Towards Sai Satcharitra

Sai brother Venkataraman.S ji from India says: Hi, I would like to share my experience with saibaba. Please dont share my MAIL ID. Also kindly inform me when this experience is posted in your blog.

Ganesh, omsairam

I first ask forgiveness to saibaba if there is any mistake in my post here. I have completed my engineering and i got selected in the campus interview in a very big IT company.

But later that company didnt call me for 2 years. I tried in other companies but due to the recession all went in vain. I prayed saibaba. I requested saibaba’s advise through a site called www.yoursaibaba.com. In that it came like you will get good things in the month of august. After that in the month of june i started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. I finished that within 7 days i.e. on thursday. The very next day I got a mail from the company which recruited me in the campus asking me whether I am ready to join them. I confirmed them that I will join them. Then exactly at the month of august I got the exact joining date from the company. This was the exact month which was told by saibaba to me. Thus i remembered his words “To keep my words I sacrifice my life”. Saibaba is great and with his blessing I am going to join my dream company tomorrow. I also need his blessing in my training too.

“Bow to srisai, peace be to all”

jai sairam jai sairam jai sairam jai sairam jai sairam jai sairam

Saibaba Appearing On I-phone

Sai sister Sri ji from USA says: Hetalji, This is the first time I am writing to you. I live in Maryland,USA. Though I knew Sai from my childhood I am drawn closely to Baba recently. I am putting down two of my experiences with sai here.

  • Experience 1

    This incident happened on 22 Aug 2010. Due to some family problems prevailing from the past one and a half year I was very frustrated on that Sunday and quarreled with everyone. Even I was angry with sai too. In my laptop I have a beautiful sai’s samadhi mandir photo. In frustration I removed sai’s picture from my desktop. For almost one hour I was browsing the internet. Suddenly I felt that I should update my facebook profile picture. We had our most recent pictures in my husbands iPhone. So immediately I started searching the recent photos.

    To my surprise as I scrolled the 2 pictures I took the day before the incident I saw a beautiful sai picture in white. That photo was not there the day before. Immediately I rushed to my husband and asked whether he has taken the picture. He said no. Here in US it is not common to see sai picture everywhere. My 2 1/2 year old daughter uses the iPhone to see some nursery rhymes but she is not capable of taking the picture that perfect. Immediately I felt that it is sai leela as if Baba is telling me that even if you abandon me I will be there with you always.

  • Experience 2

    Then on the immediate Friday I was watching Babas live darshan from shirdi. Om Sri sainaathaaya namaha this song was playing in samadhi mandir that time. After seeing baba for a few seconds I closed the browser. Though I manually closed the browser the song played continuously for 4-5 minutes. I was really stunned. It never happened like that before. How can the audio play when the browser has been closed. Sai’s leelas cannot be logically explained in terms of science.


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