A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 24

Here are few brief experiences of devotees with beloved Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Is Around Me Always

Sai sister
Meera Bakshi says: Dear Hetal ji, I read all the postings that shows up in my e-mail. Very happy to see that many people are getting blessed by BABA and they do realize these blessings. I think, with BABA’s blessings only one can have such an eye to SEE the blessings.

I would like to share 2 events happened to me just today!

(1) I was returning to home after being away for 3 weeks. I went to Atlanta to see my son and his family. My other son lives in Sierra Vista. He gave us ride from Tucson to Sierra Vista and since it was late night we reached home he asked us to stay overnight at his apartment. And in the morning I was driving to my apartment when this event happened.

On the way I saw a white Cadillac with the number plate last 3 letters were SVK, which to me were very significant. As now a days people use short forms to coin words, SVK to me sounded SEVAK. BABA says in Sai Satcharitra that I am a sevak of my true devotee.

(2) Just in front of my apartment another car was parked in our parking lot. On the rear number plate along with the number there was a logo printed “I love being a caregiver”and on the front number plate (facing my apartment) was a plate written “Jesus Loves you”.

I was overwhelmed with emotions to SEE BABA near me all the time.

And the third event I would believe to be a SPECIAL BLESSING.

My grand daughter in Atlanta is too much attached to me. She is just 4 years old. Even we were still at the airport in Atlanta yesterday and they were heading home after dropping us at the airport, she made my son to call me and she talked me saying Meemaa, I miss you. Why are you at the airport? Are you coming home tonight?

Upon reaching home she again asked to call and talk to me. So my son said now Meemaa is on the flight she can not take your call. So she said, Can I write an e-mail? So my son helped her with that at the computer. But the text she typed by herself in her own words.
Meemaa, i miss you.
Come back soon.
I love you.

I have not accessed the computer since I came home. And I am checking my e-mails. I read her e-mail as well as I read Sai Devotee Dixita ji’s e-mail which I could not resist replying to it. And while I am narrating here BABA’s being around me, my cell phone rang. My son on the other side tells me I just called you to say that e-mail from Pari was written by PARI on her insistence as she misses you so much. I have always felt that Pari, to me and to my family, is BABA’s blessing. So this call means a lot to me showing BABA’s love for me.

Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Showers His Blessings In The Form Of Coin

Sai sister Garima ji from India says: This year in the month of july i went to shirdi for the first time with my friends and cousins. We stayed there for complete week. I was really very very happy after putting my first step on the land of shirdi. First time when i entered samadhi mandir for baba’s darshan i really got tears in my eyes as i felt lucky that i was in front of baba.

Dwarkamai in shirdi where baba used to go for rest is kept open at night. We all used to go there and sit. One day many people were there and i was sitting there with my brother. We both were talking to baba as all of us do. Suddenly i had tears in my eyes so my brother asked me what happened. I told him that i am tensed because i dont know how i can keep my mom happy as she is facing lots of problems. He was making me understand that dont worry you are in shirdi and baba is always with you and your mom. There was a deep silence in dwarkamai suddenly both of us heard a noise of a coin falling from somewhere. No body moved but both of us started looking here and there. All those who have gone to shirdi must be knowing that there is one tulsi plant in dwarkamai. From there a one rupee coin fell. The strange thing was that no one was sitting near that plant. It was far from all of us. But still from there a coin fell. My brother got up and went to see there he found a one rupee coin. We both were really surprised. When we saw that coin properly then we saw a shadow of Baba’s swaroop on that coin we were really amazed to see that. Then my brother told me it is a baba’s blessing for you and in a way he is saying he will remove all tensions from your mom’s life. I really thanked baba for this.

Om sai shirdi sai jai jai sai. Baba ko mera koti koti pranam. Om sai ram ji may baba bless all and always remain with us. –

Sai Baba Holding My Hand

Sai sister Dimple ji from USA says: After reading few experiences from other devotees, I thought I would share my experience as well.

Few weeks back, I had early morning dream in which first I thought I was holding Baba’s hand and requesting him to come with me and then while holding his right hand with my left hand we went to some sea shore. Later, I realized that I was not holding Baba’s hand, he was holding my hand and took me somewhere (not aware of the place) and ask me not to worry about anything.

I make Prasad and take it to Baba’s temple on Thursdays. I make it in big quantity so other devotees can eat it too. One Thursday, I was feeling so sleepy and did not get up till late, by that time it was already 2 pm. I felt like Baba was calling my name from my leaving room asking me to get up and start cooking or else I will be too late. Few times, I just ignored thinking that I am just thinking this while sleeping. After a while, Baba was loudly calling my name and it stopped when I finally woke up.

Since that day, I feel him around me most of the time and as funny as even when I was getting hair cut he was sitting on waiting area bench.

May Baba bless everyone

Jai Sai Ram!!

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  1. i have little faith on my ability. i always have a doubt on my ability. Sai Baba is a healer. he is omnipresent. he knows everything. whenever i go for an interview i come back to my home without job. i want SAI BABA pour blessing on me. i have started to read SAI SACHITRA BOOK but my mind always an axnious thats the reason i could not concentrate on SAI SACHITRA BOOK SOMETIME. sometime i feel positive vibes inside me. i want to be successful in life and want to make my parents happy.

  2. OM SAI RAM . SAI BABA IS FORMLESS . HE IS OMNIPRESENT . I HAVE READ FEW SAI STORY OF FEW SAI DEVOTEE . ALL STORIES IS DEVOTIONAL AND INCREASING MY LOVE TOWARDS BABA. i have started SAI SACHITRA BOOK DAILY i hope to get Baba blessing on me. i want to make my parents happy . i also want great success in life.

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