Sai Baba Is Great Healer – Sai Devotee Deepak

Today we shall be reading experience of Sai brother Deepak ji.

Sai brother Deepak ji says: Sai Ram Hetalji,

I have been reading many experiences of Sai devotees in your blog, and was always happy to read them and see the wonderful power of our Baba. Also I have had many miraculous experiences with Sai’s grace but I never shared them as I thought it was personal between me and Baba. However recently I had such another wonderful experience and thought I should share it with others as I had promised Baba that I shall do so and also to show how much Baba loves and cares for all his devotees. I am sorry if this mail is long but as I want to give as many details so that other devotees can feel my experience with Baba clearly.

It was in June 2010 when I decided to take my family for a month holiday to India and Dubai after 4 years. I usually keep on going to both these countries for business and family reasons and of course go to Shirdi as well. However due to obligations it was always difficult for all my family to travel together but this time when I decided I wanted them to give the best and make my children and wife enjoy the trip.

We reached Dubai and all was well, but then after one week or so I started having abdomen pain. I was wondering what happened though I had undergone laparoscopy of the removal of my gall bladder in India due to stones formation, but that was more than 7 years ago and all of a sudden this pain started coming back in the abdomen. I went to the Doctor in Dubai and they told me it was just acidity and gas problem but they also said after a regular checkup that I might be having hernia in the intestine, and since I was going to Mumbai I should go for scanning and they will know by the reports.

I was a bit upset as I thought that after such a long time me and my family went for a vacation and now I will have to land up in the hospital spoiling the whole trip and in addition so many more expenses would occur as the trip was already costing us quite a bit, but then again I left to Baba’s will as he knows better.

We landed Mumbai after few days, though the pain did subside a bit but it was there off and on, and decided to go for scanning. After scanning the doctors told me that report will be ready after three days since it was a weekend. I was surprised since usually it takes 2 hours to get the report. Anyhow since I was feeling better, I told my family that we shall go to Shirdi next to take Baba’s darshan as planned. After two days we proceeded to Shirdi and the same night my sister from Mumbai called me and told me that she had got the report and it was hernia and I would have to be operated for it and the total cost will be 2 lakhs and 3-4 days in the hospital. I was very upset as felt responsible for spoiling my family’s trip and with so much to pay again. I told her I will let her know the decision.

Next day when we went to SAMADHI MANDHIR for noon Aarti I prayed to Baba that I should be well and why should all this happen to me without expectation and to HELP me out. Somehow I got an idea that I should go for another report and since I had heard about SHIRDI SAI BABA HOSPITAL, and the only one I knew in Shirdi, me and my family just walked in the hospital and contacted one of the nurse and told her that we wanted to do abdominal scan. They asked me several questions why and where is the doctor report, but since I had nothing with me in Shirdi, I told them the doctor in Mumbai asked me to do it since I was having abdominal pain now and then.

They agreed and after a wait of about 1 hour the Doctor came and did the ultrasound for me. Of course needless to say in the check up room there was an image of Sai Baba and I told Baba now the decision is in your hands. After the check up the doctor told me that everything was all right and there was nothing wrong in the scan. I WAS SHOCKED, BUT AT THE SAME TIME MY FAITH IN BABA REMINDED ME OF HIS WORDS IE “WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE”. I told the doctor if I could have a written report since I was going back to Mumbai the next day and he told me yes sure just wait for few minutes and I will do it right away and in about 10 minutes he gave me the report where it mentioned everything was OK, no hernia no other problem………

I immediately thanked Baba first and called my sister and they were all shocked since the report taken in Mumbai was from one of the best hospitals there. They said cannot be, while I insisted that with BABA everything is possible. I and my family were so happy and we continued our trip to Shirdi tension free and all enjoyable.

After Shirdi we came to Pune where my parents stay and they were all at disbelief when they heard my story. Then just to satisfy them, not myself as I am sure of my faith and devotion to Baba, I told them that I shall take another scan in Pune in a very reputed hospital there and that will be final. However I did not want to do that as for me BABA had already given me his decision and showed me his mercy but for others I agreed to do. Anyhow I do not think I have to mention about the 3rd report as I am sure all SAI devotees must have guessed it. It showed that there was nothing wrong and no need to carry out any surgery or treatment. Finally they all now agreed with me that BABA’s powers are great and just needs love, faith and devotion from us and of course SHARDA AND SABURI.

We competed our trip enjoying all the way and though so many other experiences happened as Baba is always with us but since I have already taken such a long time of the readers I close my letter and pray to all devotees no matter what happens in life always have Faith in SAI BABA and let him carry all your burdens, he will never let you down and do what is right for you as he knows the past, present and future.


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  1. @Pavan Its really a great experience.
    Each and every body and soul is in SHIRDI SAI BABA hands. All births and deaths are in baba hands. He is the owner of this world and every thing in this world is BABAs. BABA really can do any thing, but all we have to do is, submit our sraddha and saburi. Then BABA will take care of each and every thing. BABA cured somany different different ills like lepracy, heart diseases, kidney diseases and other dangerous ills, with just a word/look when he was alive and still continues…I have somany good experiences with SAI BABA.

  2. My green card application got lost in the USCIS. But my faith in Him is unshaken. I am sure he will help me. He knows my time is running out….

  3. That was indeed a great experience!! I have also had experiences with Baba. Baba…I know I am a sinner. I am sorry for this. I am sure whatever is happening, it is happening because you want to test me. Be always with me Baba whatever happens. Don't ever leave me.

  4. Om Sai Ram… Its a beautiful experience to read … Our beloved babaji always helps us in difficult time…
    I would like to mention about a small experience here… Even i also have a kidney stone problem which was diagnosed a month before …I have been taking medicines and Sai Baba's udi ….today my mother has given me another medicine and just after taking this medicine i opened this website, somehow i felt of going through the archives section of this blog and read this experience…Its simply Baba's miracle that he made me read this experience mentioning stomach pain and its cure….Thank you Sai Baba ji…I have full faith in you that my kidney stones will also be removed by your grace…Jai Sai Ram..

  5. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

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