Sai Baba Called Me To His Mandir – Sai Devotee Malini

This is second mail from Sai sister Malini ji from Malaysia describing one more experience with Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai sister Malini ji says: Dear Hetalji, First of all, would like to thank you so much for your high valuable seva towards baba’s devotee. With your wonderful seva, more baba’s devotees are being born everyday and the love, passion and faith on him growing more stronger and deeper. In my earlier post, I have mentioned that I will share another experience of BABA but I was very busy with my house renovation that stopped me. But BABA want me to share this to all BABA’s children. Rather than saying experience, it is baba’s prasad and gift to me.

It is always my dream to go to SHIRDI since i became a BABA’s child that is in 2006. But circumstances did not allow me. There were many financial, work and family constraints. Early this year my feelings to visit shirdi started to grow more and deeper again but I told myself that BABA knows when to call me. Again I told myself that when the time come, definitely he will arrange everything for me. There is a budget airliner in my country who frequently offer free seats and low cost seats. Early this year they started to travel to MUMBAI and this made me very happy. I was waiting for the free seat or low cost seats so that i can book the ticket for me and my family.

Since last month I have started the renovation work for my new house and I spent almost all my saving money. And the work is still going on till now. Two weeks ago the low budget airliner for the very first time offer free seats to MUMBAI and that offer is for traveling from April to August next year. I was really really very happy and joy. After checking the price for airport tax and insurance I was a bit disappointed since the amount to purchased the ticket was not affordable for me. I immediately open the live Shirdi baba mandhir website and told BABA as following : “BABA now there is a good offer for me and my family to come to your samadhi. As you know it is my dream. But at the same time you know my situation. What you going to do for me now?” After this. I closed the website and I buzzed my dearest friend who is a staunch BABA devotee too through yahoo messenger. I told her about the airliner deal and she can try for her and her family. Now she is pregnant with her 2nd kid.

Then she asked me whether I have booked or not. I told her that i did not book since insufficient of cash to book. Immediately she told me that she will give me the cash for to book the ticket for my family. She said she cant travel since she will deliver her second child in november and she will be happy if I can go first. I was shocked whether this is a dream or real. I just told BABA and this is what he arranged for me. I told her that she really need the money for her baby delivery and she was in the midst of buying new house. So i refused her help. But she really insisted that I should take the money. And she said she is happy sending me to shirdi since it same as she is going. After a long debate with her. I lost to her love towards me. Finally I agreed to take her money to book my ticket. And she really forced me to book the ticket as soon as possible afraid losing the available tickets.

Next i checked roughly the price without going in detail the online booking, the amount was MYR 600.00. My friend immediately transferred the above mentioned amount to me through online. The next thing i need are my family passports to book the ticket. When i checked my passport, i was saddened by the expiry date which is 4 months from today but the traveling date is next year MAY. I immediately went to Immigration and with BABA’s blessing they did renew my passport within 1 hour. I continue with the online booking and after the procedure for the booking the final amount came to MYR 1000.00. I was again saddened with this amount. My friend only gave me MYR 600.00 and i thought myself it is not nice to disturb her for another MYR 400.00. I told baba that I am going to use my credit card which the usage has been over the limit. In normal situation any purchase with that credit card will not succeed with the amount of debts in it. I told BABA again that if he really want me to come to Shirdi, then definitely i will get the tickets. I tried the payment for the tickets and I WENT THROUGH SUCCESSFULLY.

The ticket status came as confirmed. My voice choked. Still i cant believe what had happened. I call immediately to the credit card vendor bank to check whether the payment went through successfully. I know i did wrong by checking but I thought i should verify the ticket status so that I can prepare my visit to see my BABA. The customer service said happily that my payment went through successfully and I asked them how is it possible since my credit have been over limit. They said my credit card have the facility called flexi payment which made the payment went through. Oh BABA. Finally I am going to shirdi. When I told my friend that I managed to book the ticket, she was also overjoyed together with me and kept on telling me that she cant wait till next year MAY.

I know that BABA will arrange everything for us after this. He is with us every moment taking care and guiding us to lead this life. I am asking him to pass the days fast. I cant wait for next year MAY.

May BABA bless all his children.

Jai Sai Ram

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  1. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

    I wanted to share this experience with you all. I didnt recognize this miracle when it happened but recognising it now after 4 years.
    It was on December 25th 2006 that this miracle happened.

    I am a software engineer with a MTech degree. I was working in one of the reputed companies in Pune. My mom had been to my place and we planned to go to Shirdi.

    Its a 5 hours journey by volvo bus. It was early morning that we started from Pune with no prior booking. By BABA's grace we got a bus and two seats. I had a severe headache that i couldnt bare the pain and concentrate. I was worried about the 5 hours journey with such a unbareable pain. I even said Amma lets get down and go back to Pune in the first half-an-hour journey. Then my mom said no we have come all way and shoul not go back. The bus stopped at a place for morning breakfast. We were so lucky that there was a medical shop next to the hotel where they stopped for breakfast. We were even lucky that we got good Dosas as breakfast and then mom got me two pain killers. We got into the bus back and started to Shirdi.

    After a tiresome journey, we got down and went straight to the temple. As it was a holiday and Christmas Day, the crowd was huge. When we enquired people around, many said we are standing from yesterday night. The devotee line wasn't moving for Baba's darshan. Myself and my mom were thinking what could be done as we planned to leave back to Pune the same day. Seeing the crowd and big big queues all around Shirdi, I said to my mom like Amma lets leave just seeing the other idols in the place. We were thinking what to do? Amma said ok lets wait for few more minutes and let me tell you that we didnt stand in any of the big queues.

    A person with his son approached us. The person didnt even enquire us if we had a Darshan of BABAji. He said he has ten tickets to darshan BABAji and is ready to give it to us as he is leaving Shirdi after a very good Darshan of BABAJI. We were so surprised. My mom said "Thanks for all the help! We just need two tickets." That stranger asked us to give those tickets to someone else in the huge crowd.

    That person even directed us how to darshan BABAji. He showed us the door through which we had to enter and guided us about the darshan as well.

    After we few minutes we entered through the door by which he asked us to. The time we entered in, we could see the Aarti as well. After a close darshan we came out, had our lunch and started back to Pune in another Volvo bus. I didnt have headache as well.

    I didnt realise that it was BABAji in the form of a stranger who gave us tickets to have a Darshan. After nearly 4 years, i recognise the incidents that happened with me that too after visiting a BABA temple that is few stoppings away from my house.

    Isn't this a miracle sai devotees? Believe me, it happened really.

    Now iam suffering from a worst phase of life going through a Divorce process. I love my husband and looking for a reunion. I have all faith that Sai Babaji would be there with me. I pray BABAji that he should take away all my miseries in life and give me a peaceful life.

    • Sai Baba will definitely be with you and you and your husband will be together always.. Sai Baba will help you in your and your husband's reunion as Baba understand value of true Love.. He would make your husband realise the value of your love… Sai always bless His children… will fulfill your dreams… Om Sai Nath



  3. Dear Sai devotees

    This is ecellent to read the experience. After studying this exp and based on my current problem, I took reading Sai Satcharithra with a prayer to BABA that He should take care of my problem. I do not know whether I should do the parayan for all the 7 days and then only should finish it. I completed reading all the 50 chapters in 3 days. Bcos my intensity of problem is like that and now I am waiting for BABA to give me some solace.

    I know most of you are true believers and devotees of BABA. So if true hearts pray for the wellness of everyone, it should solve my problem as well


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