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Here in today’s post, experience of Sai sister Ujjwala ji from India is shared.

Hai friends i want to share my beautiful experience in Saibaba temple, mylapore, Chennai.

On a wednesday in May, 2010 I went to Saibaba temple to buy ‘saibaba 9 thursday vrath‘ books, as that thursday i should complete my vrath and distribute the books. In that temple we can go directly near the Baba’s Moorthy(idol) and touch his feet, offer him garland ect. I and my Mom were standing in the line waiting for Baba’s close darshan. Then one devotee offered garland and touched Baba’s feet with her forehead and praying, suddenly a big tulasi garland from the babas murthu(idol) fell on her head. It looked like baba accepted her devotion and gifted her with that garland as a sign of His blessing. Suddenly she felt afraid that some thing fell on her head and later when she saw the garland the devotee felt very happy and took that garland as a sign of Baba’s blessings on her.

Here comes to my experience, i prayed and asked Baba to please give me also something like that as a sign of his blessings on me. My turn came and i went near the murthy (idol), offered him flowers, touched his feet with my forehead and waited for 2 seconds that baba will bless me also like that. But for my disappointment I did not get any sign of his blessings in any form. As the crowd is very big i cannot stay there more than 2 or 3 seconds, so got up with disappointment and with a sad face I went near baba’s padukas which will be on some height behind the babas moorthy (idol). I prayed to the padukas and stood beside the padukas waiting for my mom to come. Due to big crowd the security will be sending out the devotees fast as so many devotees are waiting for darshan. They wont allow anyone to stand for sometime near the padukas because next to that padukas only the exit door is there, i was standing there and waiting for my mom with a fear that the security may scold me! and with a sad face that baba did not blessed me.

In my mind i was telling “baba you did not bless me, yuu didn’t give me any thing, i am almost near the exit door within some seconds i will be going out, if you want to give any thing you should give now only, even it is a small flower i will feel very happy and take it as a sign of your blessings”.

Then my mom came near padukas and suddenly the priest threw a big rose garland which he just removed from baba’s moorthy (idol). That garland fell on the padukas while my mother is praying, first my mother was afraid that something had fell down suddenly. The security who always shouts came near me and told me “take that garland, its for you only Baba gave, take it”, he told that in tamil 5 or 6 times but i did not understand because i dont know tamil. I felt afraid that he might scold me and thought of going out from there, but he in a peaceful manner explained me to take that garland, finally i understood what he is telling. I was really surprised and felt very very happy that Baba blessed me also and that garland is the sign of his blessing. Thanked baba for listening to my prayers and giving his blessings.

Generally the priest will throw the flowers and garlands another side and the security will be very busy sending out the devotees they will not talk that peacefully because of big crowd. But why did the deity threw the garland another side and what is the need to that security person to come near me and explain me even i didnt understand what he is telling. Its Baba who did all this.

I took that rose garland and kept that in pooja room in my house. Next day I completed my vrath with utmost happiness and satisfaction.

Baba cares even small feelings and even very small emotions of devotees and make his children satisfied.

May BABA bless everyone with happiness…


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  1. I had also had same experience in 2002. When I am reading, I thought that it was my experience. Actually i thought of writing this many times, but not yet written for all these years, So Baba himself shown me this miracle. Its my wish.He has done it with ur name.

    Thanks a lot ujjawala ji.

  2. I was in distress frim 3yrs,due to some issue.never prayed to baba.after praying to alll gods in the world,i still felt miserable,wanted to end my life.when just by fluke said sairam,sai took away all my distress and magically solved all my problems.

  3. Last Thursday,when I went to SAI BABA Temple at around 3pm when no one was around,I could touch Baba's feet and touch the idol. The Idol I should mention is bigger than a normal human size….hence it is a BIG IDOL.I had forgotten to buy flowers and Coconut before I went to Baba.So,Baba reminded me…Ask me how?? The Pundit there called me back before I could get into my car after Darshan to go and asked me to come back and take flower and a coconut which was at the feet of BABA.I felt so ashamed that I had forgotten to buy flowers and Coconut for baba before the darshan.
    I quicxkly went and bought 1garland and 1 coconut for Baba and once again touched Baba';s feet and Padukas and looked into Baba's eyes and prayed to Him to Bless Me.

    If Baba wants anything from you…he shows it through actions and the same thought is sent to your mind.

    Jai Sai Baba….

  4. Hi,

    I'm also have the same experience the day before Vinayaka Chaviti. Actually I had gone to temple for some purpose to ask the priest regarding Poolangi Seva(Flowers) as Baba ordered me to do it for my sister's married life. There also we can touch Baba idol and we can take his blessings. Everytime, When I touch Baba feet with my forehead, I feel that I have to be there forever.At this time also, I'm at Baba's feet and saying him about my problems(To get a gud job). The priest tried to remove the garland from Baba without touching me, as he felt that it will be disturbs me. But Baba grace, I don't know how the bunch of rose flowers fallen me. Really it is wonderful, I felt very happy.

    Sometimes, I scolded Baba as I'm facing tough time. But Everytime, he will shows the sign of his presence. Its so great of you Baba. Who will take care of us like this.Thats y I like you more than my parents.Bcoz you can take care of them as I'm in another place. I luv you Baba..luv u so much..

  5. Happy Diwali saima.please remove the darkness from our lives my father please sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa.

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