Sai Baba Bless My Son On His Birthday – Sai Devotee Malini

Sai sister Malini ji has again shared an experience which clearly shows Lord Sai’s grace on her and her family.

Sai sister Malini ji says: Dear Hetal ji, I really wanted to share this experience since this is a very beautiful and loving experience for us. Baba once again showed to us that he is with us every moment and concern about his children.

Ji on the 4th september was my son’s birthday when he is 2 years old. Last year we celebrated his birthday in one of the sai temple which we called nagasai temple. We cut cake and served food. This year, we planned to celebrate grandly together with our new house warming function but due to some circumstances, my house is still under construction and we postponed the celebration. Yet we (me, my husband, elder daughter and my son – birthday boy) still planned to go to baba’s mandhir to take his darshan and do archana.

Once we reached the temple, bhajan was going on. We joined the bhajan and sang merrily. My little son, even though 2 years was happy and clapping his hand through the bhajans. The bhajan lasted for 20 minutes. Then the priest was explaining one of the chapter in the Shri Sai Satcharitra. During this time, I saw a beautiful decorated cake was placed in front of BABA. And the cake has the girl name written on it. I was thinking, “Oh there is someone else birthday too.”

After that one of the devotee was giving a short speech informing us that it was priest daughter’s birthday and the cake is for her. She is also a little girl who is celebrating her 3rd year birthday. And the devotee continued his speech urging other devotee to celebrate their birthday there too. At this time, i felt guilty since I did not buy any cake for my son to cut and celebrate there. While I was thinking this, another cake was kept in front BABA and nothing written on it. A simple and nicely decorated cake only. Still in my heart, I was telling myself, oh another birthday too.

Suddenly, my husband’s friend who was there at the time, asked us something, but my husband said “We are waiting to do archana for my son since his birthday too. Suddenly his friend said in high tone “this boy’s birthday too”. Then all said, he need to cut the 2nd cake which already placed in front of BABA. I was shocked and speechless and panic. I really do not know what to talk and how to react but everyone was very happy and started to sing the birthday song and he cut cake together with the little girl. Even my son was in the state of shock hearing the loud song. My tears were rolling down. I saw my husband, he was also tearing. Everyone in the temple, young and old devotees was wishing and blessing my son. The first piece of cake was given to our BABA. I felt that BABA want to celebrate his birthday this year too with his presence and I believe every year my son will celebrate with BABA.

Till now, I do not know, how and for what the 2nd cake was placed in front of BABA by the temple committee but for sure I know BABA sent the cake for my son…my sai boy.

Love you BABA, we are so blessed to have a celebration with you. Whenever we are down, you always lift us up and show to us that you are with us.

Jai sai ram

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  1. Very touching experience… I am so happy to know that Baba kept the heart of his devotee and your little son was blessed to have Baba attend his birthday… God Bless you

  2. This is such a nice experience.. lovely.. you and your son are really blessed and so is any saibaba devotee.. Sai ram.

  3. sai ram ji ,u and ur son r really lucky to b so blessed with babasb love he is everywhere and listen to us and answers our prayer just have faith in him. Baba loves us more then anything else.

  4. Jai sri sai ram,
    Hi malini ji, i'm really happy to read this. I thought ur family was blessed my baba. so always be happy… belated birthday wishes to ur son…

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