A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 23

In today’s post i am sharing few thoughts and small experiences of devotees of Lord Sai Baba.

My Sadguru Blessed Me

Sai sister Sri ji from India says: Since many years I use to pray or pranaam Sai Baba just by fear of God.

I was experiencing difficult situation without job during second half of 2009. Visited many temples and prayed many Gods to give me a job. That time a friend of mine met me and advised me to pray Lord Sai Baba.

Then I read Sai Leelaamrutham (written By Dr. E. Bharadwaja) and then Sri Guru Charitra. A day before I finish reading Guru Charitra, I attended an interview and miraculously I succeeded in their written test and interview. I know there is no hard work from my side to succeeding in that interview and I believe it’s 100% a miracle or bless showering of Baba.

The very next day when I finish reading Guru Charitra, I got a dream… A yogi who is flying on top of a building where I’m standing came in-front of me and shown his ABHAYA HASTAM (protecting hand) to me and said “Om Sairam”. I wake-up from the sleep and prayed Lord Sai baba that since he blessed me and shown who is my Sadguru (it is baba only).

Baba is the Master of this universe and we are all part of him. It is our duty to know his kindness and greatness and keep praying.

Sai Baba’s Appearance As Photo

Sai brother Vijay ji from India says: This is one of the several experiences of Shirdi Sai’s blessings to me. I read “Shri Sai Satcharitra” several times. When I get some doubts about general things on that particular day itself i will get answers to those doubts in “satcharitra”.

Once when I was reading “baba’s appearance as photo” in parayana I thought “appearing as photo is great thing”?

After the completion of my parayana in that particular week: I got “udi and saibaba’s photo” from my friend which she got from her colleague. I really wondered; baba shows his miracles to those who really believes him.

Blessings of Sai Baba settled my Career

Sai sister Sowmya ji says: Sairam Hetalji, I like your Blog very much. Its very nice. Recently I had experienced beautiful Baba’s grace. I am sharing that experience below. Please post it on you Blog. Thanks for this wonderful blog and Sai bless you always.

Sairam, Happy Thursday it was the biggest miracle in my life which shaped my career. I was BE 2006 june pass out with Baba’s grace I got job immediately in 2 months but due to recession I got call in march 2007. Since I joined late I was feeling bit frustrated as my friends had already joined to some other company with better package. I was topper in college. This company was horrible. My lead used to get her work done by me but never used to project this to manager. Even Manager was asking me to come on holidays or weekends to come and work but never used to appreciate. Then suddenly in june 2008 I was fired as my project got over. I don’t know I dint feel frustrated at that time then By Baba’s grace I got immediately job in very top company as contract user. Salary was ok but job atmosphere very good. But Being a contract user it was bothering me as contract user were paid very less. But due to recession conversion to direct user was impossible. by 2009 October I was struggling from my personal problems so could not concentrate on work. So to deviate my mind I used to read baba miracles all the time. Believe me for past 3 quarters where I was reading Baba’s miracle, serving Baba I got good rating from my manager here…that is outstanding performance(Which I never expected)…and last week my company offered me permanent position.. salary there offered was never expected by me.. it was very huge package with promotion.. Only because of Baba i got this job.. all credits goes to my sai..

Actually when I had interview for permanent position before going to interview I saw your blog and I came across beautiful leela where baba helped in getting job. This indicated me that BABA is telling me that surely I will clear the interview. Baba’s Leela and timings is Unique.

I have no words to thanks sai. Even my friends who saw me reading Sai Leela all the time said that its because of sai you got this job. Even they want to do that and I am very Happy to hear this. By Baba’s grace I was able to go to Shirdi last month and I had wonderful darshan, he was always there. Now my career is settled. Thank you Baba.

Let me tel you all one more thing in the month of June I had been to Gangapur-Pandarpur and Akalkote, i got very nice opportunity to serve guru. It was awesome trip. While returning back I had dream about my job that my salary is increased. It was not dream I consider it as Guru’s blessings and indication that my career will be settled soon and it happened.

Jai Gurdev Sainath Maharaj

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  1. Om sai ram.. recently i also faced a similar situation with my job. Baba always shows his presence always.

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