A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 20

Following are few more experiences of Devotees with Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Gave Me USA Visa…

Sai brother Sai Ramesh from Nepal says: Hi, all sai sister and brother, I am sai baba devotee. I have went through many shirdi sai baba devotees experiences on this forum which really make me happy. Nevertheless, Baba’s leelas are beoynd our imagination.

I am B.E engineering student. In the beginning, I had no plan to apply visa for USA but one fine day, one idea came to my mind applying visit visa to usa. This thought strikeed into my mind again so I mentally prepared for that, later on I decided to apply. Together with, here are some my relatives staying in usa. One day i just called them to say hi and hello but my sister told me that apply visa for usa to visit. Then, she told me saying i will send you invitation letter, i agreed with her. Then i received that letter from her, i took a date for an interview. I went for an interview arranging all my documents. As soon as I was called to stay for an interview, my heart i was taking SAI name again and again during all time in waiting room for an interview. I was taken interview for about 25 minutes asking so many questions, even during this interview time I realized it by myself i am not answering him, baba is answering him, me as just the medium. I thought back baba all the time in interview. Finally, I was given visa for 6 months to usa as visitor. It happened in sweden, stockholm. I thanked baba alot giving visa i have experienced Baba’s presence before too. So I can only say that baba is everything, without him my life cant move a pace ahead too. I have realized that for sai impossible means to make possible everything. Thanks for your great contribution to arranging sai babas leela as forum, may devotees have benefited from it.

Baba may bless all of you sai devotees.

Sai Ramesh

Got A Job With Sai Babaji’s Grace…

An Anonymous Sai sister from UAE says: Dear Hetal ji, Sai Ram. I visit your site regularly and believe me it gives me immense pleasure to read experiences of Sai brothers and sisters. Every time I read them I am moved and overwhelmed with emotions. I wish to tell you that you are doing wonderful service to Sai Ma. In today’s world when our lives are full of tensions and people are struggling in one way or the other your blog gives solace and comfort to all Sai devotees and also strengthens their faith in our great Sai Baba ji. May Sai always shower His blessings on you and your family. I request you kindly not to mention my name and email ID in my post.

I would like to share my experiences with Sai Ma. I have been attracted towards Sai Baba ji only from the last 4 years. Truly Baba is a great wirepuller. Right from the time I started worshiping Him, He has been giving me signs of His presence. Me and my husband, both are devoted to Baba and we regularly read Sai Sat charita and are regular visitors to Sai mandir. We live in Mideast and as everyone is aware that Mideast too is hit terribly by recession, my husband was apprehensive about his job and so we applied for Canadian immigration. Once we applied we often got positive signs from Baba regarding Canada and we were eagerly looking forward to moving there. Unfortunately my husband lost his job and in the meantime we got a negative reply from Canadian high commission. We were completely heart broken. There was no hope and we did not wish to return to India at any cost. I asked Baba, “Why did this happen?” We were perturbed and very upset. Inspite of all odds my faith in Sai Ma did’nt shake though I was worried. My husband took a vow to visit Baba’s temple everyday till he gets a job. Time was running short. During this period my husband was frantically applying everywhere possible but he was not approached by any company. We sold our belongings and were preparing to leave in a few days time. Though preparations were on we had firm faith in Sai Ma and had a strong feeling that Baba will not send us to India. With Baba’s grace and blessings my husband was called for an interview. He finally got the job. This job is much better than his earlier one. I thank Sai Ma wholeheartedly. He always supports his children. I request all Sai devotees to have full faith in Baba. May Baba shower His blessing on all.

Shri Satchidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai

All Care Was Taken By Sai Baba…

Anonymous Sai sister says: Dear Hetalji, Thanks for the blog. It really uplifts the spirit. Please dont disclose my name.

I want to narrate my experiences. I got my visa for Australia in March and I booked my ticket. Nothing was fixed with regards to my stay. I told my family that Baba is with us. If He sleeps on street then we will also sleep on street. We left and arrived Australia. After clearing all immigration formalities we came out and called a taxi. We sat in the taxi and the driver asked us where we want to go. I told him to take us in a hotel which is cheap. He took us to a hotel where we had to pay $ 129 / day. I told the hotel person that we will stay for 10 days and in the meantime I will find the accommodation. We started staying but I was worried about money. The next day I went out to buy some groceries and met 2 Indians. I spoke to them and they told me that one of their employers is looking out for a tenant. She gave me the address. I went there and I spoke to the man and he said that we can move in the next day. He will charge us $165/week. We shifted and stayed there for 4 weeks. It is all HIS grace that we got the house that too at an affordable cost.

I would narrate other incident. On speaking to lot of people, I realised that Aged Care will help me to get a job. I wanted to enroll but the cost was $2000. I said BABA if I pay the course money then it will become very difficult to sustain. I went for the interview and filled up the form for funding. I would like to tell that people who are citizens and on PR only get funding. I told BABA how will I pay if I dont get funding. Yesterday I got the offer that I can start my classes and my funding has been approved. Can you believe the miracle. My BABA is with me always… I love him. Thankyou Baba. Thanks for being my mother, my father and my companion.


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  1. Baba is so kind to all his children. All he wants us to keep is Shraddha and Saburi in our own devotion and faith in him.

    May Baba bless everyone.

    Om Sai Ram !

  2. baba please my father to get his pf and pension on thrusday… he should get his money with out any issues… my parents should be happy forever… baba please stand in my situation cant you help me deva… iam also your daughter sai maharaj.. iam jobless for the past two years.. i do not have guts to meet anyone with out a job… help me soon … i should not be idle at home… will have to get succeed in my career… help me deva… i did not do your vrat.. but please help me sai deva… iam begging you sai maharaj.. baba please help us.. otherwise kill me through your hand

  3. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on them and give them good health, happiness, prosperity, knoweldge and wisdom with a respectable living. Baba I dont know what went wrong, please guide me and help me do the right things in life. I do not want to hurt anyone. I would like to do everything that will please my family. Help me do my daily chores baba and also help me at work baba. Whoever I recruit is leaving and its reflecting in my profile and quality of work. Baba please help and guide me and my family baba. Baba i worry about everyones health please give me strength to provide my family with nutrition and also take care of everyone. baba help my husband in his work. Without your grace and support even a leaf cannot move. Shower that grace baba and be with my little family always. Take care and guide my children baba. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏🙏🙏

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