A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 19

Here are few more brief experiences which devotees across the world would like to share with one and all.

My Experience With Sai Baba…

Anonymous lady devotee of Baba says: I am a married women who lives in usa. I had many experiences with sai. This is the recent one.

One day I brought a new shower curtain which I and my husband liked a lot from a store. I thought of washing it and after washing as I do with other clothes I kept that in dryer. And I thought I will remove it in few minutes. After 2/3 minutes when i opened the drier I found that due to heat curtain melted and attached to the dryer air passage, I tried to clean it but i cant do it completely. I am afraid that dryer may not work any more. We live in a rented house.

I prayed to baba and asked baba to make everything set. I dont want to tell about this to my husband because he is already in lot of stress and I dont want to increase this stress. I prayed to baba, asked the permission of baba and ON the dryer. To my surprise it was working. As i dont want this to let my husband know about this I need a same curtain. I dont know whether i can get the same. Then also I prayed to baba went to shop and i saw a same curtain over there. I brought it and all the condition was set as i prayed to baba.

If you have faith in baba, baba will fulfill even the most small wish of yours. It looks sily for some to think about a curtain and dryer. But it is important for me because I always think that I should not cause any stress to my husband.

Hetal ji, this is first time I am writing my experience, so please try to correct if there are any mistakes.

Thank you.

Sai Baba Saved From Severe Health Problems…

Sai brother Bhavin ji from India says: Hello Everyone, Here is my experience of Shri Satguru Saibaba. It is regarding health problems that started some 4 years back.

I started getting spasms in my left chest with pain around my lower ribs too. This scared me a lot. I urgently went to doctor and told them about the symptoms. The doctor did some preliminary tests told me it is probable nothing to do with my heart. But I was so scared that I was not ready to believe the doctor. I came home and started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. I pledged to baba that I will read your Sai Satcharitra in one week, please see to it that my health problem is nothing to do with heart. I finished my Parayan of satcharitra and then went for stress test and other tests. With Baba’s blessings I was told that it is not my heart but may be Gasttic problems. I started taking medicine for the same and now I am almost out of the health problem.

I just want to say that Shri BABA is always there with us to take care of us. As he says, one is suppose to do only 2 things – KEEP FAITH and HAVE PATIENCE.


Sai Baba Helps To Clear The Test…

Sai sister Shilpa ji from Canada says: I am married and staying with my husband in Canada. I am a Sai devotee from past three years.

Hello Hetalji, Please share this experience on your blog. Thank you very much for providing such wonderful blog for all Sai devotees.

I would like to share an experience which happened recently. Baba has always taken care during any hurdles in life. There are many such small and big incidents. I had promised baba to share this one and doing the same. We are currently staying in Canada and my husband booked a date last month for driving license test. The test was on Thursday, I was pretty confident that he would clear the test without any problem. But he couldn’t clear the test and he got pretty upset as he is a good driver. May be it was not his day. He booked another date for the test this week for the test again. He finished his Sai Satcharitra Saptah Parayan before the test and also I prayed baba to clear his test this time. I was little worried this time as it is necessary to get the license here. Due to baba’s grace, my husband cleared his driving test this time on Thursday. Also the examiner was very good and calm unlike the last time. Thank you very much baba. Please be always with us and bless us. Om Sai Ram!

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