A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 18

In today’s post i am sharing few more brief experiences wherein devotees were helped in their jobs with blessings of Sai Baba.

Sai – The Care-Taker

Sai sister Sowmya ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am sowmya working as Software engineer in chennai. I have read your blogs and they were awesome.

I am baba devotee from my childhood. All the time when ever his help is required he used to help us. One day my colleague gave me one shirdi sai book which was written by ramananada swami. In that book it was mentioned how to pray baba and what are likes and dislikes of baba. After reading that book day by day i started feeling baba is with me, i am staying away from my family. My daughter is staying with my parents and my husband some where. In june 2010 whole family went to shirdi and had nice darshan of baba. i will write those experience in my next blogs. I came from shiridi and was waiting for my hike. My bad luck they haven’t given me any hike. Tears rolled out in my eyes and stood before and said i worked hard and i didnt get anything. As said about the book i was reading, one day i read that if you give Rs.10 to baba he will give Rs.100 to you. That day what i did is i transferred 1000/- to shiridi sansthan and prayed baba that if i have to get my hike i will get by month end if not also i wont feel bad, i left everything to baba. I did all this on July 7th 2010.

Now the real miracle happened. On July 31st 2010, I got a mail from my HR to collect compensation revision letter. I thought normal bonus letter it would be. With normal peaceful mind i went and took the letter. When i opened the letter i got shocked to see that baba really gave 100 times of the money which i transferred to sansthan.

He really take cares of us and what ever i am is because of him only. And my daughter sanju she is also devotee of baba. She asks baba had lunch and tiffin when she is taking hers.

I have more experience which i will share when time permits.

Jai sairam

Sai Baba Helped Me In etting job in an MNC

Sai sister Swathi ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I appreciate your work for providing a platform for all Sai Devotees to share their experiences and I would be very thankful to you if you can publish my post. Here goes my experience with Sai…

I work in a small software company with a moderate salary and I had a bond with that company for 2 years. My dream is to work with a multi-national company. So I wanted to search in a big company once I completed my bond. I finished my bond in May, 2010 and then I updated my profile in all leading job sites, but I never got a call from any big company. I was disappointed as all my colleagues were resigning and joining big companies. Then one evening I went to the birthday party of my sister-in-law’s son, there one of our relatives said that because of Sai Baba’s grace her two daughter’s got seat in MBBS and she suggested me to read Sai Satcharitra. It struck me and so I decided to go ahead and read Sai Satcharitra. But I had no idea where I would get the book, then I browsed through internet and got a copy of which I took a print out and started the Parayana on a Thursday. Then my father-in-law ordered for a Sai Satcharitra book and gave me. As I started reading, my husband informed me that there are few openings in their company (he works in an international MNC) and thus he referred me.

With Baba’s grace I cleared all the rounds and got selected. I never expected that I would get into such a big MNC that soon, but with Baba’s blessings everything is possible. Baba gave me enough strength and courage at every round of my interview and I could easily clear them.

I took a vow that if my job is confirmed I would read Satcharitra one more time. It got confirmed and I read the book one more time. Reading Satcharitra was a great pleasure and now I have decided that I would read the book very often. It imparts positive energy in me and I feel Baba is with me always.

Hope Baba continues showering his lovely blessings on us forever.

Sai Baba’s Presence In Each And Every Second Of My Life…

Sai sister Harsha ji from United States says: My name is Harsha and I am working as a software developer. The experience that I am sharing now is a miracle that I haven’t expected. I am working as a software developer (contractor) at one of the Fortune 500 companies in the US. During April 2010, I was told by my manager that my contract has extended until end of June. I am happy with that. Suddenly at the end of May, my manager called me up and said that my contract is ending in two days. I am really shocked hearing that news. At that same point of time before my manager called me, I was talking to my friend and he told that he is leaving that position and asked me whether I am interested. I said OK but will need to give 2 weeks notice. He told that it is very urgent. While he was saying that I got the call from my manager. With no doubt, I thought its Baba’s order and I sent my resume to my friend. I sat before baba and told him that what ever he does, I shall take it and requested him that arrange interview if you know that I am going to get this. I closed my eyes and prayed baba that I should not get a gap in between projects. Next day I got a call from the vendor saying that my resume was shortlisted for final interview. At that point of time, I knew that I am going to get that. The next day I had interview, the same evening they gave me an appointment. This happened on friday and my new project started on the following monday. When I got the confirmation, I was sitting before Baba’s photo. My eyes filled withe tears and I thanked him.

See his miracle. He already found a job for me by fulfilling my wish that I should not be jobless even for a single day between projects. This is exactly what has happened. Even now, in my current project if I am not possible to track down the issue, I will just close my eyes and say BABA. That’s it the next moment he will show me the solution.

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    I am Sai devotee from many years, he is everything for me, I see all GODS IN HIM,I am today only because of him, I am giving one of my experience of my life, there are many but this really saved my name in the society. My house consutruction work was in progress and the HOUSE WARMING Day was announced to all the relatives but due the delay fromt he Bank the loan amount didnt come on time,my mother and my brothers wife was going to give of the gold for the money, but next day morning I went to Sai Temple and prayed and to my shork the same day one of Business Friend told me to take the money and return the same after I get the Bank Loan, this thing I cant forget for the entire life, there are more Experience, will share later. Om Sairam. Manoj

  2. Om Sai Ram Sowmya, Swathi and Harsha,

    Your experiences are heart throbbing…I was choked with emotions to hear how our beloved father, Sai took care of you when you need him utmost. I could see that he is with each of you every second of your life. You people are really blessed… ever stay blessed and be happy with our Baba's grace.
    I'm going through the very tough time of my life rite now…Baba was always there with me and I definitely say that if he wasn't carrying me over his shoulders I wouldn't have come through so far in this situation…but somehow he is testing me a lot recently and things are getting worse day by day…I beg my lord's grace…Baba pls do help me… If not you I have no other rescuer…save me Sai!!!

    Om Sai Ram!!!

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