A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 12

With today’s post we shall be reading three more brief miracles of Sai Baba

Baba Took Care & Is Taking Care Of My Family Like A Mother

Sai sister Rani ji from USA says: Baba has always helped me and my family in each and every step. I have become so attached to him that whenever I talk about him I am filled with emotions and tears begins to flow. I have faced many difficulties in my life but sai maa has always helped me to get out of those difficulties. He takes care of me, my husband, my mother and my brother like a mother. He helped my mother in bringing up her children. We had less money but he never made us feel that we are financially weak, because he made all arrangements for us. He helped me and my brother in our studies and jobs. Even he helped my mother in marrying me to a good guy. Whenever I am depressed he becomes my strength. Whenever I am alone he becomes my friend. Whenever I need him he is always there for me. His love and support has filled our life with peace and happiness. I can never forget sai maa’s kripa and daya. In return he only wants true faith and devotion. He can never see tears in the eyes of his children. Dear sai maa devotees, I only want to say to you all that always have faith in our sai maa and he will never leave you.

Baba Has Taken All Care And He Will Always

Sai sister Monica ji says: Jai Sai Ram to Everyone,

I also want to share my experience with all of sai devotees. As i am staunch devotee of sai baba ji as baba has given me a path to follow in the journey of life. When i looked back in my life i almost lost everything, biggest loss was my mother. I was totally shattered and my faith also shattered. But after taking Baba’s refuge, my life has got new way and i wanted to than my elder sister for this, as she took me to sai temple located at lodhi road delhi. From that day i experience a bonding with baba i found my mother in him and as the days are passing out my faith in him become more stronger and stronger.

I dont have any means for my livelihood and i always get stressed and there are so many other personal problems that i cant share. Sometimes i was so depressed that i quarrel with baba and my faith shook as i am a human being. But i regained my faith on him and now i have complete faith in him as i get to know that baba is with me every moment and shows me the right path to follow.

I dont have job and due to my hard time i was not able to get it. But baba has his own plans for me. Baba send a person in my life who was the messenger that is sent by baba in my life who really supports me like anything and i will always be grateful to him for his constant support that he has given to me and now he is my very good friend also. He helped me alot in getting me a job and now i have got job with the help of my friend through baba grace. He understands my problems and give me support, confidence… (i believe that he is send by baba to me as he cannot be present everywhere).

My sister has got married for 8 years but starving for child and with the grace of baba now she has got two twins daughter last year. There is only one desire that is still unfulfilled is that i want my elder sister life which is full of tensions and troubles to be peaceful, this i pray to baba everytime baba please listen to this desire and fulfill it as she has suffered alot in her life. Please shower on her and her family your love and grace….please pray for my sister and our family……

May baba’s grace will always be on everyone this what i want and pray to god…Sai babaji…….I LOVE YOU ALOT SAIBABA JI

Shri Sai Baba Is Always With His Devotees

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you for doing such a great service. You are really lucky to have been chosen by Baba for this noble act. I read your blog very often and reading it brings me so much happiness and I feel the presence of Baba through the devotee stories. I am writing one of Baba’s leelas that our family has experienced almost ten years back. Please publish this experience on you blog if Sai wishes. I would like to remain anonymous, Please do not included my name or email. Thank you.

My family visited Chennai for a visa interview in 2000. Before leaving for the interview, my sister and I went to Baba’s temple near my house and had a good darshan. After reaching Chennai by train we took an Auto to get to our friend’s house where we were staying during our visit. We were carrying almost two lakh rupess in a bag to pay as interview fee. We were interviewing for a green card and that’s why the fee was high. We intended to get a demand draft with the money to take to the consulate. All along our trip my mom had been guarding the bag like her life, she kept saying, “Take care of the black bag, always keep it in your sight.” We got into an Auto after reaching Chennai and the thing that everyone feared happened. We left the bag on road. The driver drove the auto to some distance and suddenly my mom realized that the bag had been missing. We stopped the auto and my cousin ran to the place where we took the auto. According to Sai’s grace the bag was still sitting at the same place we took the auto. It was a busy place, the bag was left there unattended for atleast 15 minutes, so many people were walking, anyone could have picked the bag. Sai baba stood guard of the bag and returned it to us.

Baba has plans for every single moment of his devotee’s lives. We didn’t get our visa that time and even after the second visit to the consulate. I was devastated and lost belief in Baba. We did get the visa at our third visit but I stopped believing in Baba. As Baba says, he pulls his devotees likes birds tied to a thread. Last year I was diagnosed with a health condition due to which there have been ups and downs in my life. My mother asked me to start praying to Baba. I started reading more about Baba and his life history and started believing him. Now I feel sad about how I have starved Baba of my devotion for all these years. I think he choose my health as a way to enter my life again. There have been several instances where I have felt the presence of Baba in my life since last year. These instances make me feel like Baba is saying that everything will be OK. I will write more about this in my next email. Although I have lost belief, Baba has been taking care of me all along- that is our Sai Ma. Lets all wish to have undeterred devotion to him from now on. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Om Sai ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please give them everlasting happiness, good health and prosperity. My husband has a challenge today please guide him with a proper solution baba, without your grace nothing in the world is possible. Baba please guide for the admission process of my younger one and be with the elder one to complete his education. Baba help me stay composed and not hurt others. Make me sumangali always and be with me baba. baba you are my parent and trust you will not let me down and take care of my family. I count on you baba. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

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