Small Experiences, Large Impact – Sai Devotee Sundeep

Sai brother Sundeep ji from London has shared two experiences with Sai Baba and here are they. Sundeep ji says: Dear Hetal Ji,

Many thanks for bringing this website to us, you are one of the true devotee of Baba, we would like to say many thanks to you for your great work, May baba bless you. Om Sai Ram

Our lovely Baba always gives surprises and proves he is around and watching us all the time. I am very excited to share my two beautiful small experiences with Baba.

Paalki Yatra

Every Thursday I try to visit Sai Baba Temple here in London or I must say Sai Baba calls me to his darbar. This temple has opened early this year in January and still in process of completion, Volunteers and Temple member staffs are really helpful and every time I see some improvements in their puja process. They try to create same ambiance as Shirdi and do follow all the Aartis and Puja, They do Palki Yatra every Thursday, starting from Sai Temple to Shiv Temple which is opposite to Sai Temple and come back after performing puja and then Sej Aarti begins, I have been watching this whole process for last 3-4 months and always wondered how lucky they are, carrying Baba on palki.

Last Thursday as usual I took a dharshan and joined the crowd to listen live Bhajans and started waiting for Palki Yatra. I was trying to concentrate on Baba and said if you are listening to me, Pandit ji should call me (don’t know why I said that). Suddenly I was being called by Pandit Ji. I was terrified, I reached to Pandit ji and he asked me to go inside (there is a hall behind the temple where prashad gets distributed to all Sai Bhakta), I was wondering what is going on, soon after I went inside and realized that I will be participating in Palki Yatra

My goodness I was so happy and nervous thinking how I would do all this, Palki started and I was in front standing nervously holding Palki with other volunteers. I felt so blessed and towards Baba my faith has become more firmed. We went to Shiv temple and then come back for Sej Aarti. Although it is a very small experience but for me it was one of the greatest experiences, I felt too close to Baba and realised Baba never ignores anyone, he has billions of followers but he never disappoints anyone. He is taking care each of us, just to have Sharadha and Subari and Baba will be yours.

Guru Purnima

This year Guru Purnima was on 25th of July, Sunday. I visited temple on 21st July, Thursday as my usual visit after Sej Aarti and Prashad I sat in front of Baba and started reading Sai Charitra, usually I don’t read in temple but that day I got some inspiration by Baba and started reading Sai Charitra suddenly one man came and gave me a beautiful Sai Baba photo, very promptly a lady who was sitting next to me said ‘see Baba has come to you before Guru Purnima you are very lucky’ and yes I felt blessed after receiving Baba’s photo and realised Baba wanted to come to my house before Guru Purnima so I can perform my Puja at home too.

On Guru Purnima day I wanted to read Sai Charitra infront of Baba, I got the book and closed my eyes and said ‘Baba please tell me which chapter I should read and you know my favourite number’ when I opened the book it was chapter 27 and my favourite number is 9, again I felt so blessed and was happy.

I bow to Shri Sai and peace to all. Some of you might think you that Baba never listens or show any miracle to you but trust me all you need to have is ‘Sharada & Subari’. Your patience will be paid very soon just keep faith in Baba. Baba always gives some indication that he is with us, we just need to observe his signs closely. In my life there are few things yet to be getting sorted but I firmly believe in Baba that he is looking after me each and every moment. I love you Baba, please keep showering your blessings on each of us.

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Dear Sundeep ji,

    I feel these are not really small experiences, we all know that our BABA only allow those people to serve him to whom he really wants to see before him and those people are really lucky and so are you…. very very very lucky to carry Baba's Palki and receive his photograph as his blessing.I hope if baba bless me too, i really love him..

  2. Dear Sundeep ji,

    It was heart warming to read your not small but great experience. It made me remember the time I was new to Singapore and I used to visit baba temple here but was scared to take part in any proceedings. Then one day Hom was going on and Baba,s portrait was being offered flowers continuously. Suddenly Pandit Sridhar ji called me to offer flowers and I was initiated in Baba,s darbar!I experienced the same joy as you.

  3. Dear sandeepji,
    This is really no small experience.. i can feel ur joy wen u were called by panditji coz even i had similar experience.. one day i was very depressed wit my personal problems i analysed that i can do nothin as i had tried my max to sort out but i could not.. so decided that a will surrender all my problems n my relationships in the feet of sai.. i went to baba's temple aarti was goin on.. i jus looked at baba with tears in my eyes n told i have surrendered completely to u n will not show my smartness any more u kno my pain its nly u who can abate it then i proceeded to take darshan in queue i had a pink rose bud in my hand rest all devotees were havin many beautiful roses of different colours.. tat day no roses were offered on baba's idol instead different flowers were there.. i thought wat if my rose is kept on baba's idol then i saw many devotees were offering roses but none were kept then i thought from where will my rose be kept it requires some time for baba to accept me as devotee i thought.. i was still away from idol pandit called me and took rose from ma hand n kept it on baba's idol.. i was left wit no words but jus tears in my eyes.. jus imagine a single rose bud offered by me on baba's idol 🙂

  4. OM SAI RAM,

    This is the biggest experience. You r really blessed by Baba. I dont know when i will be accepted by him. May Baba always shower his blessings on all of us.

  5. Om sai ram,
    once u r totally surrendered to him then u r accepted keep no doubt in that we all are baba's children and will a mother think of accepting her child or no? no na… baba is alwys with u don worry

  6. Jai Sai Ram
    Dear All,
    For the past 8 years there were lots of up and down in my life. I became depressed on little little things and see no hope from this life and always worry about the future of my two small sweet daughters One day while leaving home I just ask one question to sAI babaji why this is happening to me only? On reaching office when I start my PC. automatically my hand goes to Sai Baba website and I stared feeling the experience of all dovetee as a inspiration to suvive with all odds in life and surrender your all worries to Babaji . Now there is lots of clam and peace in my mind even the problems are still there but now I know that the Babaji is with me and I always feel his presence around me . Everyday in my life I see a new hope of change which will bring long term happiness in my life. Babaji help me in getting the good job and my daughters get addmission in good school. With the grace of babaji I am able to survive so long . Dear Hetal ji I really be very greatful to you for giving us such a wonderful website which can bring changes in anyone's life . In future also I would like to share my experience with you all and become inspiation for others.
    Jai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai babaji ji.

  7. it was great experience,naku kuda oka experience undi adi meku chala chinnaga anipisdundemokani naku matram life lo marachipolenu.nenu oka sari hyderabad vellalsivachindi okkadanine. maa oorilo trian morning 4.30 ki vastundi andulo eppudu chala rush ga untundi asalu velladaniki bayapaddanu kani enduko baba unnadani dhiryam tho baba ki namaskarm chesi bayaluderanu.aaroju chala rush unnaru nenu chala bayapadutunnanu. train agindi maa father seat kosam chustunte oka handicaped athanu vachi naku window side seat icchi tanu digipoyadu. nenu atanini ekkada eekkaru ani adigithe mundu stationlo anicheppivellipoyaru. nenu wonder. journey ela gadustundo anukunna naku babaye swayamgavacchi train lo kurtchopettatemo anipinchindi thanks baba.

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