Shirdi Sai Baba Bestows Boon – Sai Devotee Dixita

Ways of Lord Sai are not easy to comprehend, instead every act of His surprises us. The same i experienced when i received this mail. I got a chance to meet Sai Dixita ji during early 2009 and i was much happy to receive her mail stating her experience with Sai Baba.

Dixita says: Sai Ram Hetalji,

My name is Dixita Soni. I am from NJ. I came to meet you, I think 2 years ago to collect some CDs for NJ devotees.

I hope everything is going well on your side with Baba’s grace. The reason I am writing down today is to share one of my recent experience with our beloved baba.

I believe in baba since my childhood. I have so many experiences with baba to share with you but I think that will need more than 100 emails to narrate. Baba is the superpower who guided me in each and every stage of my life. I strongly believe that whatever I have today is not mine but baba gave me all this happiness with lots of blessings.

I want to share two of recent my experiences with baba.

I couldn’t conceive for 2 years. We did not consult any doctor to do the checkups for months because I strongly believed that baba will bless me with a baby. We were not getting a hope because baba was testing us. I believed that whenever baba make us face difficulties and hard time in our life is because he has planned something really good to give us in the future. To get pregnant I did Sai vrats for 2 times, also did satcharitra’s parayans, but still did not get any hope. Meanwhile, I also lost my job, I was in really bad situation that I used to cried a lot in front of baba to give me a hope either for a baby or a job. I was praying for a baby and job for months but as usual got no hope. My mother-in-law asked me to consult a doctor for checkups and she took me there but I refused to go for laboratory check ups. Than me and my husband decided to go India to have baba’s darshan at Shirdi, and That time we came to your house Hetalji, (I think baba also wanted us to meet!). Before we went to India I did “RangLilamrut’s parayan (Rang lilamrut is Rang Avdhoot maharaji’s charitra who wrote Dattabavani) after I finish 7 days of parayan, we went to India. We also went to shirdi and after we came back from shirdi I found that I was pregnet while I was in India. Baba took all my pain and sorrow on the day we landed in shirdi and had samadhi darshan.

Today I am blessed with a baby boy who is 11 months old, and let me tell you that the first word he spoke was baba.

My another experience is my job. I was jobless for 2 years, I started applying for a job after my baby was 3 months old. I applied to thousands of jobs but hardly get 2 or 3 interviews. I thought that if I would apply the same way and the same situation persist than I would have no hope to get a job in my field. I asked baba so many times to show me a path and tried to get an answer form the book in which we find baba’s answers. So many times baba told me that I will get help from a friend. I was wondering that I do not have many friends in here than who will help me? I couldn’t solve the puzzle. I was in such a bad shape that I lost all my hopes to get a job, but one day my manager, from the company in which I used to work, called me to join back in her team at corporate head quarters. They did not take my interview because they already know my experience and qualifications and the hiring process got done in just one day. Baba was right in his answers that I will get help from a friend and My manager who was also my friend helped me to get a job. My new job is only 15 minutes away from my house so now I can spend more time with my baby. Only my baba can do this for me.

All I want to say is baba always listens our prayers, but will always test us before he showers his blessings.

Shirdi sai nath aapako koti koti pranam.

Hetalji I am requesting you to correct any mistake you find in this email because I am writing you this from my work in hurry, and there is possibilities of mistakes.

Sai ram

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  1. Dear Dixita,

    This is such a beautiful experience. Through you we all get to see how Deva tests us till the end only to unveil a beautiful leela. I am glad your faith is still intact and grown despite all the troubles that came your way.

    Good Luck and May Sai always shower his love on you.

  2. Hi Dixita,

    I was in the same situation. And waiting for baba's Answer..
    After reading your artical i feel even baba will help me and waiting with patience for his answer.

  3. Hello Dixita ji,

    thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.I felt like crying with happiness after reading ur experience.I am also suffering with great pain of not getting job and with someother big trouble.Everyday i cry before baba asking him for help.I know someday he will definately and definately solve all my problems.On reading your article I really felt so happy.Om sairam.

  4. Dear Dixita ji,u mentioned a book where u find baba 's answers.what book are u talking about ? Is it the Shri Sai Satcharitra ?

  5. Dear Dixita ji,u mentioned a book where u find baba 's answers.what book are u talking about ? Is it the Shri Sai Satcharitra ?

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