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Here in this post experience as shared by Sai brother Sundeep ji from London is posted.

Sundeep ji says: Om Sai Ram to all,I came to know Saibaba around 2 years ago. Actually he always called me near him but i never realized his signs. I bow to baba and pray he blesses everyone in the world.

I would like to share my Sai Baba experiences with you, how he called me near to him and given peace in my life.

When I was born:

When I was born I had to undergo some surgery which made my mom quite worried, she saw one picture of Baba hanging on the hospital wall, she cried and prayed to him then fall asleep.

In the night she got a dream – ‘One man who is wearing full white clothes, appearing to be a doctor smiling at her and saying there is nothing to be worried, your kid is perfectly fine’ then he disappeared. Next day when doctors came to visit miracle happened!!! They didn’t find anything wrong and confirmed there’s no surgery needed, and later on they discharged her from the hospital.

Thank you Baba for saving me, In my family we bow to all gods including our ‘Kuladevi – Maheer devi, but no one performs special worship to any god, we do have very old photo of Shirdi Sai (my mom bought it when Sai saved me) but no one do any special puja for him. Just normal puja for all gods But Sai Baba wanted me to come to him, see how….

During My College days:

Time passed quickly and I shifted to Pune to do C-DAC course. I got Alandi Center which is around 7-8 kms away from Pune. Actually Baba called me near to him, around Alandi there is one big temple of Sai Baba, somehow I started going to temple every Thursday, in fact whenever I felt I used to go there.

Here I would tell you since my childhood Baba used to call me to his temples, I just used to go there bow him and come back without thinking why I go to his temples.

My new Job:

Days passed. After finishing my C-DAC I moved to Pune city.

Here Again! Baba called me near to him. Where I moved there was a small temple of Sai where I started going with no reasons and without knowing about his miracles and stories.

It was a recession time in 2002, no one was getting job. People were being kicked off from their current jobs. I prayed to Sai and asked his help to get me a job, by his blessings I got a job, but that job was not so great and I had to do night shifts which were quite horrible. I became very weak and more over my seniors were very rude and partial to me, I prayed Baba again for his blessings and asked him to arrange another job for me and I promised him if I get a good job I will visit his temple everyday and will be his devotee for rest of my life.

Very soon I got another job which was very good, but as some of us do, we forget Baba in our good times so did I. I stopped going to his temple and forgot my promise. But Baba knows how to re-call his Bhakts and remind promises which were made to him.

Married Life and 9 Thursday Sai Vrat Miracle:

I got married in Dec 2006 and soon after got onsite opportunity and moved to London(UK). In April 2007, my married life was not going very well every now and then we used to have fights for every single little thing. Some days later I got a dream where Baba is sitting under the tree and people are queuing to take his blessings, I was one of them in the queue and waiting for my turn, when my turn came I bow to him touched his feet and saw him clearly, but that time I was wondering why I have got this dream and just ignored it.

One day after a big fight I was broken down and very depressed, to distract my mind I started looking for a movie in youtube and suddenly I found Sai Baba movie (the old one which was directed by Manoj Kumar) and started watching it I got so much involved into it, I was very impressed by Sai Baba movie and then I started browsing about him and found out this great website. Where I read people experiences, Sai baba stories etc.

Slowly, slowly my trust towards Sai Baba started growing up. On this same site I read about 9 Thursday vrat puja, I started fasting on Thursday and asked Baba for peace in my married life and and started reading Sai Charitra as well.

Unexpected miracle happened!!!!!!! By Baba’s grace I got peace in my married life and my wife and I changed totally and started to have some understanding and respecting towards each other, and all this happened before finishing 9 vrats!!!!

I can’t tell you how my life was but it was truly Baba’s leela who showed me meaning of life and gave me immense peace.

Now I am Baba’s bhakt and do worship daily and do fasting on every Thursday.

I am very much sure in my last few births I was Baba’s bhakt that is why Baba was calling me nearer to him again and again and it was one of his leela to call me near to him.
I never thought I would become devotee of Sai but once Baba calls to his Bhakt no can stop him, not even Bhakt himself.

Thank you very much Baba for giving me this beautiful life and great family, I am really grateful to you. By your grace and blessings, my wife started respecting me and do participate in your puja.

Please always be with us and guide us through in difficult times.

I love you Baba.

Please make everyone’s married life peace full and keep showering your blessings on all of us.

Baba is great.

p.s: I have some more exciting experiences to share but those will be in my next post.

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Hanuman
Jai Sai Ram
Om Sai Ram


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