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Sharing experience of Sai brother Shiva ji.

Shiva ji says: This is a short story of life listing all the miracles I and my family have experienced in our lives. Kindly forgive us for any mistakes. Jai Sai Ram!!!

Om Sai Ram! Where to start my story. My association with Shirdi Sai Natha started way back in 1997 I guess. I was fortunate to know him through my class mate. Ever since I have been hooked to Sai. There were/will be many miracles in my life that happened since then. Most of them were my wishes which became true.

  • In college:

    I had an infatuation with one of my classmates. She was beautiful, but that should not give me the right to have the passion towards her. She gave me Sai prasad in class one day out of devotion to Sai. I misunderstood her and thought she must be having some feelings for me. But, that day has turned around my life. Till then I have not been devout to God. But my life journey has entirely changed since accepting the prasad from Sai.

    I tried to give her Sai prasad 2 to 3 times after wards but she did not accept it. One day, I went to Sai Baba temple and prayed to Baba that she accept my prasad in class on that day. It became true. My joy had no bounds. Probably for the best of both us, We did not get into any affair during college days. My association with her ended there.

  • Career:

    I have been rejected Student visa for US twice. I was losing confidence in me as a result. My mother and myself prayed to Sai that I get the visa for USA.

    Thanks to Sai for granting me the visa to USA. With his grace only it was possible to come to USA.

    During my MS, I was struggling to get part time job to support my studies. Then I prayed to Sai weeping myself to the core to provide me a job so that I could support myself. Since then, Sai gave me not one but continuous supply of jobs simultaneously sometimes and one after another other times. After my studies, I have been able to get the job to work here in US by Sai Grace only.

  • Trip to India:

    I have prayed to Sai, to allow me back to USA by approving my visa. I still remember that day, I have become very emotional and seeking Sai’s blessings for the trip. Thanks to Sai! My trip to India was very successful.

  • Marriage:

    I made a short trip to India to finalize the girl. Luckily I was able to meet the person who herself is a Sai devotee. I prayed to Sai to make her my life partner. With His grace only I was able to marry her. I thank Sai very much for this!

  • After marriage:

    My wife told me to read Sai Satcharitra to increase my devotion to Sai. This is the second turning point in my life. After reading the Sat Charitra I was totally hooked to Sai. Ever since I have been looking for more ways to get more info about Sai. I thank my wife for this. My life has attained more meaning since then.

  • Child birth:

    My wife faced pregnancy complications during her first pregnancy. Doctors told us that the survival chance of the baby is only 50%. But we prayed to Sai to keep her and baby safe. I still remember the day when our daughter was born, I was praying nonstop during the entire labor ‘Sai..Sai..Sai..’ with so many emotions in my mind during my Wife’s labor. She was also doing the same. Sai granted us with a beautiful baby girl. My wife had Maha Darshan of Sai right after the child birth in the labor room. She saw Sai on all the lights in the labor room. What more can you ask for right after having a baby?

  • Sai’s darshan:

    I had darshan of Sai in my house on the stair case, in my dreams, he came to me once and asked ‘understand?’ right after reading Bhagavad Gita. He meant that ‘did I understand about life after reading Bhagavad Gita?’

  • Financial problems:

    Many a times he helped us when we were in financial problems. I cant list all the specifics here.

  • Green card:

    I prayed to Sai to approve our green card applications for permanent stay in US. I have read Sri Sai Leelamrutham by Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja Master (Sai Master) within a week. Within couple of days after reading Sat Charitra, my wife’s and mine green card applications were approved. It is truly a great miracle in our lives.

My life has changed for ever! I am fortunate to have his blessings. Blessed are all of us who got His vision (may be not completely yet).

Om Sai Sree Sai Jai Jai Sai!!!

Sai devotee.

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  1. I have, my Baba's grace had the opportunity to visit to Shirdi a number of times. There is no doutbt that one visits the sacred place only when Baba will it. Recently, I was in a whole lot of problem when I desperately was on a flying visit. Since it was off season time i.e. July of this year the que was only for half an hour and hence during the course of the day I could visit the samadhi mandir thrice. But then more the visits does not necessarily mean more blessings; you get only what you are destined to get. On three occassions earlier too, my petitions have not been heard and now I am on the point of loosing faith. But then I look at it like a beggar outside a shop; The shopkeeper will decide whether to give alms or to drive the beggar away or to ignore him. So is the case with us or with me whenever I have visited Baba.

    As I look outside the Mandir, I see only crooks who fleece people – either the flower or prasad sellers or the other crooks who demand a parking charge if your vehicle is parked in a open space. There is no dearth of local looters and crooks in Shirdi as there are Bhakts who come from far.

  2. Dear Sai Devotee Shiva, I totally agree with what you have said. BABA helps HIS devotees in various ways and helps keep their neck above waters in critical situations. I have experienced such miracles several of them which can not be explained HOW that happened or WHY that happened?!?!?
    May you remain blessed by BABA. Whare are you in the US? I am in Sierra Vista AZ.
    Jai Sai Ram.

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