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An anonymous devotee from USA has sent her experience to be shared on our blog. Here it is.

Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. This is my second experience which I am sharing through this website. First of all, many thanks to Hetal ji, for such a great work. I believe that she is the god’s messenger. In this experience, I want to narrate one of my recent experience about how Sai used me as a tool to get my friend a job.

Few months back I got first job through Sai’s grace and mercy. I already shared that miracle in this blog. But few of my friend’s are still facing the problem of unemployment. We all are Master’s student’s and its very hard to get job’s without experience. But no one is ready to give job to a fresher, that is the irony of life. Anyways, I came to know about a girl who is friend of one of my friend and was talking to her sometimes. She was unemployed for so many months and was losing all hopes to find a job. She was depressed as she did not get through many interview calls. She one day requested me to answer her interview call’s as I had atleast few months experience in that technology and she was hopeful that I can get her a job. I was really hesitant because even I got job only due to Sai’s mercy and not by my talent. In fact I never faced a serious technical interview, I was directly appointed to that position.

Whenever I face confusion, I cast lot’s before Sai with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ chits. In the same way I asked Sai, whether I have to accept the responsibility. He said ‘Yes’, so I informed her that I will answer her phone interview calls and told her to keep call forwarding whenever necessary. Like this days passed and though I took 10-15 interview calls nothing worked for her. Even I was feeling bad, and was thinking that may be I was wasting her valuable opportunities. One day she called me and said, that there is an interview call setup after few hours and asked my availability to take that call and pleaded to do well, I felt helpless and pitiful. As I was feeling guilty of wasting her time and not being prepared for the interview, I asked baba whether I should take up that call. I also requested baba not to say ‘Yes’ if that job is not destined for her. But again he said ‘yes’. I asked him again and again for three continuous times, he said only ‘yes’. So I decided to take the call and told Sai Ram that this time it’s not my responsibility but it’s his duty to answer all the interview questions. I also told him firmly that “I am ignorant and don’t have enough talent or experience to face such technical interviews. So he should only manage everything”. Thinking like this, I opened facebook app called ‘Saibaba’s Blessings’ which gives random messages. I was shocked to see the following message, “I will take you to the end”. I got ensured that he will only talk in the interview. I got the call and it went for an hour and so. I can say that call went fine, not very good but thought that they can find more knowledgeable person. One day passed, my friend did not hear back anything from them. I again thought everything went waste, but opened that facebook app again asking Sai if she will get the job or not. I got the following answer “God is kind to all, he will shower his blessings”. I felt happy seeing this answer and felt assured. After 1 day we got a positive feed back from them, but the problem is there is one more round of interview with the manager. Again I left everything to Sai’s feet and took the call. It went for 1/2 hr and the manager sounded little tricky and clever. I was not able to answer all the questions but managed to answer atleast few of them. This time I felt skeptical if this interview will work or not. Three day’s passed no feedback or news. I asked sai, why did he make me to take the interview call and feel bad about it. As usual opened the question and answer site and found the answer saying “Keep faith and wait”. After seeing this I kept quiet losing all anxiety. After 2 more days my friend called with good news that she got that job and thanked me immensely. She offered me some money as gratitude. Instead of declining it, I decided to accept it and donate the whole amount to the needy which I did. After reminding myself all the things happened and the answers which he gave, I felt happy that he chose me to get my friend a job and also inspired me to donate all the money, making me free of greed. Thanks Lord Sai, I beg you to give such beautiful opportunities to make other’s lives happy. So, all Sai devotees, leave everything at Sai’s feet, remain egoless, he will definitely take care of everything. Please donate as per your ability to the poor and needy, he will shower his blessings. Om Sai Ram.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. wonderful story. i hope your friend and you do well. The next time any of you or your friends decide to donate please consider donating to shibpur saibaba temple which is in need of funds to help build hte temple and help the poor in the region through free food distribution programs.

  2. Amma, what you did is illegal. And you know it. You impersonated another person and took part in interview for a friend and answered all questions pretending to be your friend, You could be in jail for what you did.

    Please don’t bring Baba’s name for guiding you to do illegal activities. Baba always asks us to do the right thing .. he never ever asked people to cheat.

    Moderators, please remove this post of the blog as you might be guiding other people to do illegal activities in the name of Baba.

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