A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 11

Here are few more brief experiences of Sai Baba devotees.

Sai Visits When Remembered…

Sai brother Prashant ji from India says: My faith in shirdi sai baba dates back to many years when i was having some family difficulties and i prayed to him and they were solved.

But there was a unique experience. I was reading a spiritual book where it was written that god visits you whenever you remember him intensely. Since i am Sai devotee, i started thinking about Sai. The thought gradually increased in few days and all the while sai was in my thoughts. One day may be 2-3 days after continuously thinking about sai, i had a strong feeling of his presence and i was about to meet someone in my day to day affairs. The person met me and we talked about our affairs and suddenly he took me away and said, “I am Sai devotee and yesterday night in my sleep, sai appeared and asked me to tell you that you arrange a bhandara (mass feeding) for poor children in his temple”. I was shocked with joy. On thinking about sai, he appeared certifying his omnipresence. You too can feel his presence everywhere and everytime. Jai Shri Sai

Why Fear When Sai Is With Us All The Time…

Sai sister Raji says: Koti Pranams to Saima…

Dear Hetalji, I am glad to mail you this recent experience of Saima and be blessed at all times.

Three days back I flew from Chennai to US with varying mind frames and fears as to how I’ll reach my husband here with my 2 children. My sincere prayers to Saima helped me cross all fears and brought me to my husband safely. Flights from India flying via European airports were canceled on account of the ash clouds due to the volcanic eruptions in Iceland. I was totally confused and prayed to Saima to help me cross this anxiety and reach my husband safely. Ever after I was confident that Saima had plans for me although my husband was wondering how I would reach him. Some flights were canceled and some were rerouted via Mumbai and so was mine. I knew little till I reached Chennai airport as to how I’ll make it to Cleveland from New York. My flight was to reach Newark airport at 1:30pm and my next flight was at 3:30pm from JFK airport. Clearing the passport control and customs in New York would take a minimum of 1:30hrs and traveling to JFK airport another 1:30hrs. So I knew it was impossible for me to take the flight. Over again I had confidence in Saima that he who had brought me to US would also take me through this period of difficulty with my 2 young children easily. As I landed my husband informed me that there were no other flights from JFK airport to Cleveland and being a Tuesday that was the only flight to Cleveland. Alternately he tried for different flights and with Saima’s blessings my airlines people considered my husbands request and confirmed 3 tickets from LaGuardia airport to Cleveland for the 8:10pm flight. Atlast I took a cab and made it to LaGuardia (not a frequent traveler) and my flight took off to Cleveland. I reached my husband at 10pm and felt very glad that Saima gave me all the courage to face the consequences and I experienced no difficulty enroute.

Sheer faith in Him made me undergo all this without much anxiety. Blessed we are to be His children.

Om SaiRam

My Lovely Baba Experiences…Baba Helped In All Stages Of My Life…

Sai sister Shanti ji from United States says: !!!!!Jai Sachidaananda samardasadguru sainadh maharajki jai!!!!!

I am very glad to share my experiences about saibaba in this site. Really i am very lucky to have baba blessings.

In every aspect baba helped me. I am a student with average percentage in bachelors degree. But with the blessings of baba i got software job. Really i cannot believe this. Most of my classmates who got good percentage than me are still working on non IT jobs. By giving this job baba not only helped for me, indirectly he helped to my family also in financial terms.

Baba helped my father in accident. He is live today only due to baba.

Coming to my marriage point, really i cannot express the way how baba managed everything. Mine is Love Marriage, my family members are completely opposite to Love marriages. After telling my issue in house i dont know what happened exactly, finally my parents & my hubby parents accepted to our marriage. They did our marriage grandly.

Whatever i wished qualities, same qualities i got in my hubby. I have a strong feeling that baba takes care of me in every aspect. In my marriage also he plays major role that’s what i says to my hubby that he is a god gift to me.

Baba helped in all ages of my lif – in eamcet he helped me to get engineering seat, in job, in marriage etc. In all stages, he was with me. Nnow also i never fear of my life because baba is there for me, he will take care of me, he knows very well what is good for me. There are many experiences to share with you but these are main sweet experiences i got from baba.

Read baba leelamrutham daily. It helps us a lot to keep faith in baba. SAI SANNIDHI (by bharadwaj)….really its a good book, we can able to know personally about baba.

Thanx a lot baba to be with me & whatever you did in my life. Love u Infinite baba…

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  1. I am very happy to share my experience with SaiBaba.
    I was in my final year of my MBA when i had lost interest in my studies.My exams were approaching and i had 5 back papers too.in total i had to give 13 papers.My first few exams went good but after that I had certain issues with my roommate and i completely lost interest in forthcoming exams.But due to Baba's grace and blessing I cleared all my papers without even studying for a minute.All i used to study on hour before my exam was Sai Sathcharita chapter-15.I was not confident about clearing my papers at all because i used to write my 3hours paper for Half an hour and walk out of the exam hall.But my faith in SaiBaba was so deep that he came in my dreams and smiled at me few days before my result.I have loads of other experiences too but this experience increased my faith in him deeply.Saibaba is a brother to me he has been there in all my tough days.OM SAI RAM

  2. Om Sai Ram Gunjan,

    You didn't study, but u passed all your exams and no doubt that's because of our BABA… how amazing..
    BABA is really great..

  3. Om Sai Ram Gunjan….Baba has showed his special love for u…please do continue to love him and many congratulations for ur success

  4. om sai namo namah
    om sai namo namah
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  5. I am very happy to share my experience here..
    i am 25 now. i got married at 22. i was unaware of Sai Baba's power till the age of 21. Only at 21 i came to know that my friends does Sai Baba Parayanam which i was not able to do since i didn't have a book. My parents got a match during my final year BTech itself and it was confirmed and got married within 3 months. To my surprise, my hubby loves Sai Baba!!! Which helped me in reading parayanama and guru charitra. My husband is very sweet and takes care of me like a baby. Thanks to Baba. Coming to my Job, I had an offer from one company in college itself. But it was not a good one. I waited for almost 8 months and got a trainee job (temporary) in my husband's company itself (very good MNC). I am supposed to work for 1yr as a trainee and leave the job. I also came to know that my team never made any trainee permanent in the last 10 years. Sai Baba made a miracle here…he made me permanent in the same team after 6 months to my surprise!!!!! I owe this to him. But now i am looking for a child. Baba please help me with this. I always believe in you. Apart from you i feel lonely. Hope you understand me!!!!

  6. OM SAI RAM… Baba please protect my husband and children baba, please give them good health, happiness and prosperity. Baba my husband appears very disturbed these days. I am not sure whats in his mind but he looks tensed. Please keep him happy and remove all his problems. Baba please protect my children too. Let them be guided by your grace and direction to earn a respectable living. Baba help us get good people at work. We need support baba and there are so many challenges. Please support us baba with some good results. Baba protect our little family and take care of them. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 baba today my mil coming back, please give me strength to talk less and listen more, help me stay composed and not hurt anyone. Help me take things positively and keep everyone around me happy and content baba.

  7. On Sai Ram
    We had experienced a miracle yesterday which was a Thursday in India.
    My younger son was waiting for a visa status card from USCIS , but the card got delivered to the previous house address where he used to stay approximately 40 miles away from he present house.
    He called the apartment office but they could not help .
    So he travelled to that house and the tenant was a very helpful person who agreed to visit the locker room ,unfortunately he couldn’t open the locker as the code was not accepted.
    My son tred calling the office but nobody picked the call
    I was praying baba to help my son to get the card that day itself
    Then started Baba’s miracle , my son just went inside the locker room and saw a white envelope coming out of some locker ,he just pulled out and it was his card
    This is nothing but baba’s miracle
    Samartha sadh guru Sai nath maharaj ki Jai

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