A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 10

From days long, lenghty experiences of devotees were been posted leaving behind small narrative ones. Today i am sharing three brief and small incidents of Sai Baba experiences.

Sai Baba’s Blessings Through Sai Prerana

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram I love reading the devotees experiences. Sometimes tears roll down my eyes without my knowledge.

I would like to share that the days have been very good for us right after I started reading SAI PRERANA once a day. Everything is leading towards a positive outcome. College education in US is very expensive. Our first child chose to go to one of the best colleges in the country. The tuition is very high, but as parents we wanted her to get the utmost benefit of the best place. My husband is self-employed, I too work full time, we have 3 children. This week-end we had a open house for the students who have been given admission into the college. With Baba’s blessings my child is one of them. Today we had a day for ‘Financial Aid’ piece of the Open House. I took a half day off, we both went to the college, the parking was difficult, as we were making rounds to see where can I fit the car, a lady from the building came out and said I can park on the “white lines” if I am attending the Open House, that was the first clearance I got. Parked and went and got something to eat and went to meet the Financial Aid person. We had to wait in the room, during our wait, I pulled SAI PRERANA from my purse and started reading it. I could not complete, since she came out and called us in. My husband answered few of her questions, and she said she will get back to us later this week. She advised us to go to the floor below to a room where a “Financial Aid’ presentation was going on. Right after that presentation, I could see my husband was checking his messages on the cell phone, I thought it was some work-related. He told me that “the lady upstairs wants us to meet her again let’s go”. We went upstairs and were seated again, I pulled out SAI PRERANA and started from where I left before and completed it before she came out and got us again.

She told us our child was given good amount of money as a grant/Financial Aid towards her 1st year of college, I just could not believe it, tears got accumulated in my eyes, thanked BABA wholeheartedly for helping us this way to be able to afford good College Education to our child. All I was doing at that moment is thanking the ALMIGHTY SRI SAINATH as my husband was getting the total figures for which we are responsible for payment. On our way back, I cried and told my husband that “BABA is helping us in everything HE could” I will continue to read the SAI PRERANA through out my life and encourage my fellow devotees to read it too. It is such a wonderful thing to read. You will feel like HE is in front of you and saying everything to you HIMSELF whatever is mentioned in the SAI PRERANA.


Experience in Exam

Monika ji says: I am Monika saini, a very small devotee of Sai Baba and i used to read this blog on regular basis. I was thinking to post my experiences earlier also but as per the wish of Baba, the right time is now. Jai Sai Ram

I had to appear in an important exam. I was very much nervous so i prayed baba to be with me during the exam. In the morning i went to mandir and babaji blessed me with my favorite sweet and with so many flowers. After that i was quite confident. My real sister was also appearing in the same exam. As we both are married we reached our destination with our husbands at right time. I was again nervous so with pencil i wrote three words on my admit card paper ” Jai Sai Ram”. As my sister was looking towards me so i also wrote the same words on her card also (on backside). The paper was in three sections. I prayed again to Baba before starting exam. The exam started and i was doing well. There was one supervisor for 20 students. When i was doing second section, i was not able to attempt some questions. So i left those blank. In the mean time that supervisor came to me and told me the answers of those questions. I was a bit surprised but then i took that lightly and started doing my work. She again helped me in 3-4 questions and everything was so normal. At the start of third section, that supervisor came to me and said these magic words “Do you know that Sai Baba has sent me to help you!!!” I was speechless and was shocked. The tears started falling out from my eyes. I was not able to understand the situation. I never knew that girl earlier and how it could be possible. The supervisor again came to me and asked me not to weep as it could hurt Baba. I was in a very different situation. But i was very happy as Baba himself came to me in the form of that Supervisor. I completed my paper very happily. Actually that supervisor had read those three words on the admit card of my sister and when the supervisor was curious to know my sister told that my sister (my self) is a devotee of Sai Baba. I never knew what episode took place between my sister and that supervisor and till now i am thrilled with those words “Sai Baba has sent me to help you”. I know Baba is everywhere but when we realize how close He is to us, it gives immense pleasure. I am very much thankful to you baba for being with me during my exam. Now whatever the result will be, i will be highly satisfied as it will be the prashad of my Baba.

JAI SAI RAM.. Baba we love u very much.

Sai Baba’s Grace In Solving Financial Difficulty

Rajesh ji says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba since 1982.

Last night I prayed to Sai Baba to help me in the financial crisis I was facing. I was short of funds to pay the HDFC Bank Jumbo loan installment which is due to be paid on April 15.

I was surprised when a friend called up this morning and when he came to my house, he gave me Rs. 1,000 on his own without my asking him. Even though I am still short of some money to meet the obligation, still I bow in all humility and gratitude to Babaji for this miraculous experience.

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  1. Today being Baba day,i got the oppurtunity to download Sai Prerna by Sai Baba's grace.I really feel Baba blesses all his devotees in his unique ways.

  2. Om Sai ram…. Baba please protect my husband and kids. Baba give them good health, happiness and prosperity always. I dont know the coincidence of the financial aid messsage baba but you know it all and I surrender to you. Baba you are everything the creator, preserver and the destroyer … please help me keep my faith and patience in you always. I hope I will prove to be a good bhakth Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏Om sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

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