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Sharing in this post experience of Sai sister Sri Vidya ji.

Sri Vidya ji says: Uninterestingly i started worshiping Baba and now became the devotee of Baba after facing miracles. My mother is a big devotee of sai baba. And I am a big devotee of Lord Shiva. During my school days, i used to tease my mom when ever I see baba in tv or in any poster on wall. I didnt believe him or treat him at all as a god.

Later I joined for Intermediate in Hostel in a far place from my home town. My room mates used to sing Shej aarthi every thursday. Due to their force i also used to join them uninterestedly. Gradually, that aarthi became by-heart and i used to sing when ever i feel like just like any film song. I used to think that every thing is fake except lord shiva.

After my engineering, during my job search, i used to clear written tests but some way or other i was failing in interviews and not getting job. Then i remembered one thing. My neighbour aunty told one day that her son used to read sai saccharithra every day and he got selected in IIT. So i also started reading it from then every day. But still i was in guilt that i am ignoring lord shiva. But in one chapter i saw that baba told to one shiva devotee megashyam that he and baba are same. Even then i didnt believe baba but blindly read his stories. And finally big day came I got selected for big MNC. And you know i got job on my favourite day karthika somavar(Monday).i.e, though i worshiped baba in getting job, he gave me job on shiva’s day. Not only that from then when ever i pray baba, he used to show me the results only on monday (shiva’s day). This made me to believe strongly that baba and shiva are both same and to add to that when i visited shirdi i saw nandi in front of baba which made me clear.

Its almost 4 years i started worshiping him and I experienced lot many miracles and the journey is continuing. When ever i call him he responds. He became a friend and soul mate to me.

One recent miracle worth to mention.

I accepted one match for my marriage uninterestedly. Engagement was also done. I was unable to express this to my family members. Though my heart didnt accept him, I had only one belief that baba will do everything for good. Better than what we expect and i kept quiet. But the day of my marriage was coming nearer. So one day i went to sai baba temple and sat infront of baba. I talked with him virtually. “Why baba why you selected that guy for me. I had lot of faith on you and I had lot of desires about my married life but why you selected a person whom i cant accept as my husband. And i dont have anything in my hands now as engagement is over and marriage date is very nearer. But i dont want to blame you because you did lot for me till now for that itself i was fully satisfied but at least do me a small favour-Give me natural death before my marriage date. Because if i commit suicide my family will lose respect. Rather than that please give me natural death by say road accident or by some dangerous disease”. I prayed like this and left the temple.

Next day morning my brother in law (my elder sister’s husband) called me saying that he doubted about the job of this guy and seemed to be a fraud. Even then i didnt reveal my disliking about him to my brother in law. Only my family members discussed about it and they canceled the marriage. After then only i cried infront of them and revealed my disinterest and dislike about him. They also cried with me. I thanked baba million times.

And now still i am unmarried. No proper proposal is coming. My age is also increasing. I had great passion about marriage and married life but dont know why baba is still testing me. Now I got chicken pox and i am on sick leave. My parents are also depressed about me. These days baba is very silent. Dont know what wrong i did. My friends are suggesting me to worship lord subrahmanya, Lord Dattathreya, Lord Ganesha etc. But I am not able to pray others other than baba alias shiva. Hope one day he will shower his blessings. This poor devotee is waiting with shradhha and saburi.

But dear friends one more thing to share with you is:: In my opinion,the definition for Unlucky is “Those who wont believe baba are UNLUCKY”.

Pray baba just pray baba and you will also become a participant of this blog rather than as a reader experiencing lot many miracles.

Last but not least simple miracle – My net is very poor in accessing and disconnects very frequently especially during this time. But when i thought to share my views in this blog. From then on its not at all disconnecting since an hour.

May baba bless you all with happiness which as usual he does.

Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.

Sri sacchidananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Om sai ram,

    I am really waiting to share my experience with baba. Please baba fulfill my desire, I will share that with everybody.

    Thanks for the great site.

    Please accept my 9 thursday viradha (this is my first day) and fulfill my request.
    Om sai ram.

  2. Om sai ram,

    Why baba is not listening me. I am really in pain. I ask baba to take me with him or show me the path today as Vidya prayed. Lets see what baba is having for me. I don't really want to live, without the success what is the point in life, I think I had suffered enough. As long as I know I haven't done anything wrong to anyone. Why baba is still purnishing me. Why….

    For nearly three months, I only say Om sai ram – nothing other than that. Whenever I have time I visit baba and pray baba with my whole heart. But nothing happen. I always tell my friends to follow baba and tell them he will show you the right path. But I just realise the fact that baba is not even guiding me in the right path. What ….

    Please any of baba devotees know the answer let me know. I am really in a pain. I couldn't face people. I am in the desparate situation.

    Om sai ram Om sai ram Om sai ram Om sai ram

    Baba get me into success or take us with you.
    I am ready for both of this.

    Om sai ram Om sai ram Om sai ram Om sai ram

  3. Hii….

    This is Ruchita, as an answer to the above comment… Baba has always said that " Those who will remember his name only with love, to them he will bless with nirwana " so these pain and all are very small things… He is just testing you and you just believe him with full faith and keep on praying him for your success… HE IS OUR BABA, he will definately give you what you deserve as our father plans for our future and do the best possible for us.. dont say him that why you have done this and why you are not listening to me…
    He always listen us but he waits to give us the right thing at the right time….

    you know I have posted before a comment that i ve got married 6 months before and my husband has turned against me, when i was leaving for Rakhi for my home as it was my first rakhi after marriage, he told me to get out of his house and never come back, my father in law insulted my papa so damn badly that i was feeling i should die at that min only… my mother in law is very bad, she taunts me for each and every thing i do right from the day one of my marriage.. and you know what let me share one thing with you all, that was 11th July 2010, it was sunday… it was noon time, my husband,me and two kids of my brother in law, we all went to sai mandir and that day we all were given Raksha Sutra of Sainath. We all tied it on our hand except my husband, he denied and said that its all the feeling towards baba and this raksha sutra is not required.And that day night me and my husband met with an accident,my husband was severely injured and his right leg's bone joining knee and ankle broke in two pieces, and he also got multiple fractures and to everyones surprise I got only a scratch in my first finger of right hand, thats it.My husband got operated and for about one and a half month i took his care like a baby, he couldnt even walk to toilet, that was also on bed and i use to take his care whole night waking, like a small babay and after that my mother in law use to wake me up early in morning and use to ask me to work in kitchen, I lost 3 kgs in 20 days, but then too before rakhi that is on 21st aug, my husband told me to not to come again, can you imagine, the guy who loved so much as i use to think. Not only this its 13th Sep and he has not even called me for even once, just imagine ki what my condition is. And above all he again got operated for second time on 1st Sep and nobody from my in-laws even took pain to inform me, i came to know this from my husband's friend, but you know what I had already started doing "Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan" from the date 29th august for my husband, praying baba that please make my husband well within a month baba. My husband got operated and docter has again asked him for a bed rest of one and a half month. See baba blessed me na, baba gave me what i wanted. And i know baba is with me, if I will lose my faith in him at this point of my life than who will take care of me… I know he is with me and whatever he will do will be for my betterment only, that is for sure…


  4. Hi Ruchita,

    am really touched by your post. hats off to you, in this worst situation also you didnt give up your hope on baba. I really pray baba that he make your husband fell your importance and he call you back to his home and give all his love to you


    Baba Excuse me for my mistakes.
    Till now as of my knowledge i did not suffer anybody wantedly.
    Unknowingly i might have done some mistakes.Please excuse me for all my mistakes.
    Why are you testing me.I am loosing hopes on myself.
    I am unable to control my thoughts.Please do something Baba.
    Please bless your devotees who are suffering.
    I wish whole heartedly to above devotees that BABA will bless both of you with a very happy life.

  6. Om Sai Ram

    I know baba is always with me and whatever he is doing is just to test me whether i believe him completely or not and Baba i will definately pass your test…. i even want to share one small incidence that happened with me, when i was doing my "Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan". It was my last day of Parayan and i read the chapter where Baba (Baba's Photograph) goes to Hemadpanth ji's house at lunch and an urge appeared in my heart that baba please please bless me with your photograph today and i felt as if anyhow i am going to get Baba's snap today… i finished my parayan, did Aarti and then i went to sai mandir, distributed Prasad to poors and i asked baba for his photograph but i was very much disappointed as i didnt get any snap then i thought that i only told baba that baba give me only if you want otherwise its ok and then i came back to home. I slept and next day, me and my family went to see an exhibition and, one man was distributing brochers, he came to me and gave that to me and to my surprise there were some selected God's photograph on it including my BABA's photograph… i happily kept that brocher with me and i felt baba's blessings with me…. he always listen us and give us what we want but only when he feels is the right time for us….

    I love you baba…… I know you are with me always
    and baba please i pray you to increase my faith in you as every single second of my life passes…

    thank you baba


    I love you baba….. please be with me

  7. Hi Friends,

    I would Like to tell all SAI DEVOTEES , how SAI Blessed us, and continue blessing us .

    I come from family of 4, myself , my MOM and sisters. My dad is Passed away .
    My Mom is Teacher, myself working in IT company , Elder is Working in MNC (married ) and Younger Sister is Doctor .
    Recently My Mom is 50 years OLD,she had a Pain in her Breast , when my Younger sister checked, there was the CYST ( LUMP ) ,she suggested us to do the FNAC (Cancer Test).
    We underwent the Mamography, Sr.Doctor said she was not sure if it was CANCER ,
    So we took to BIG Hospital, Doctor said it looks like Atypical Cells, not Normal cells,.
    He suggested us to do the BIOPSY SURGERY and Remove the CYST and send for the Lab for Testing .
    And Biopsy was done, we all were Praying all day to SAI to Bless my MOM.
    And Result was suppose to come on Tuesday , But it was delayed, and we were really worried and afraid of Result .
    Only Thing we did was praying to Sai Sai and reading Sai Sathcharitha .
    Finally Result Came on THURSDAY and it was declared that its not CANCER .
    And MY Team Leader in Office Specially Prayed for my Mother , and she was told by BABA to bring my MOM to DWARAKAMAI so he will cure and bless my MOM, in her dreams ,
    We Really wer blessed and we all Thank MILLION to our SAI MA,
    We are not there without Sai,
    We always Like to be his SLAVE for ever .


  8. i was appearing in UGC NET EXAM on 27 june was proposed in the exam that there will be negative marking i was nervous i was praying to saibabaji to remove the concept of negative marking. two days before of exam there was a news in the ugc website that there will be no negative marking.there are some more miracle that i will keep on sharing with you guys.JAI SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.

  9. hi friends,

    i got selected in patni computers in march 2010…i m waiting for my joining for past 3months,and i feel very bad when evrybody critices me,dono y baba is delaying joining for me.please bless me sairam.JAI SAIRAM

  10. Hi friend,
    Don worry bout what others tell.. why u need to worry when our baba is there wit u.. so relax jus have some patience.. people will critisize u jus don react.. u kno i waited for one long year to get placed wit worst financial conditions at home durin recession but finally i got placed ok, but baba kno's which company/work is right for us leave all this restlessness to baba as baba said "jus be with me calmly i will do everythin" he will no doubt do but we shud wait n think wat ever he is doin its for our own good… trust him compltely

  11. one more thing wen u get job people who criticized u will praise u… u think u should take words of such people seriously who fluctuate with time?? i had year logs in engineering every one would taunt me n say i will never complete my eng but i had faith in baba.. my 5th to 8th semesters result were all good n i got placed after 1yr in top mnc.. today every one'l praise me but it hardly matters me because only my baba's love and appreciation is true keep this in mind ok.. i tried ma best to relax u hope u r convinced

  12. ruchika im really moved by ur post.. u r a gem and i really really appreciate ur patience n unconditional love to ur husband.. i pray baba that he make ur hubby realize what he is having.. u will really have a bright future..

  13. @Anonymous

    Hey friend,

    Thanks a lot for your good wishes, even i pray to baba that he make my husband realize not my importance but atleast how much i love him.

    As a person, I am very sentimental and not at all strong and practical, but BABA is really helping me out to be strong enough to face such a difficult situation of my life just after 6 months of my marriage where in a normal girl weave the dreams of her bright future… It has been one and a half month, my husband and me didnt have any conversation and to be honest I am upset but not worried beacuse my BABA cant do anything atrocious to me, whatever he has planned would be for my betterment only ….

    I love you baba… please accept my apologies for my mistakes but i really really love you… plese take care of mine as you do and please always be with me…. day before yesterday i fought with you and I am really sorry " lekin BABA mere toh aap hi hai na, mein toh pyaar bhi aap hi se karti hu aur zagda bhi" (i wanted to say this in hindi)…. I love you baba, so much so much so much….

    always at your feet BABA

  14. hey don say thanks n all ma…ya ruchika when baba is there we need not worry, jus one thing wat i feel is when baba gives us difficulties we get still more closer to him right.. even im in similar situation the person whom i love since ten long years doesnt value ma love cheated me n ditched me because he was in pressure as his family was not agrreing for our marriage… but im still confident on baba that everythin will be fine.. due to this situation i came much closer to my sai deva, i dunno wats in my fate but im blessed to get closer to baba n gain his love i have left baba to handle the situation… i love u sooo much sai baba i cant imagine my existence without u

  15. @Anonymous


    Yes you are absolutely right, we get more closer to BABA during our difficult time… I will really pray BABA that you get your love, i am so surprised to know that its 10 years long love of yours.. WOW.. I mean it seems as if my problem is nothing.. because I can very well understand that how much you would have been attached to that guy in a long period of 10 years…

    But you know what we both dont need to worry at all… because our BABA is with us always to support us in each and every step of our life…. Haina…. just dont worry..


  16. AND i want to say one thing that DEAREST DEAREST HETAL JI…. we all just LOVE YOU….. Hetal ji, I could guess that you are not too elder to me as you mentioned about your marriage this year in may only and you are just like my sister and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because its only you who have brought me more and more closer to BABA, I was extremely depressed when one day I found your Blog and see I am really Happy today that I keep on remembering BABA in every way, I keep reading the experiences of SAI devotees which fills me with lots of positive energy and thinking… And I have actually came to know about many new things on your blog as an example I was not aware of the proper process of doing " Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan" I have done parayan I guess 3 to 4 times before also but this time when I did my Parayan with proper process, I was so much satisfied and happy.. I was not even knowing about "Sai Prerna" and many things….

    SO all thanks to you….
    Keep on serving Baba as you are doing… we all love you….


  17. @Ruchita ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Your comment has been the most touching comment which i have ever received 🙂 Since more than 2 years i have been serving Babaji through blogs and most of the time i am in search of something which can prove beneficial to devotees of Babaji at large. Not at all, it had been ever felt that i could be a medium in making someone getting closer to Baba and i just do not need this credit, because He is only directing the whole show of the world!!! The reason for saying so is that He has given me much more than credit, wonderful relations – which could not be thought of in this world of falsity. Every reader of all Babaji's blogs are family members to me and indeed we all make 'Sai Family' which exists above all languages, caste, creed and nationality. As you all love me, i also love you all, though i may not know every reader because some interact and some prefer to be silent reader, but i regard, respect and above all love you all too. Your support and emotions boost my enthusiasm and passion to serve Babaji through all of you.

    Many many thanks to you for lovely comment and many more thanks to Babaji for chosing and loving me!!!

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  18. yes ruchika i was very much attached to him i loved him deeply, he was with me in all my difficulties he was very loyal as well n waited for me for 10 long years but dunno he has suddenly changed.. it took me one year to stop contacting him else i would do that always now i have come to kno tat he has moved on n he is flirting wit gals since past two years at my back just because he wanna forget me it seems as his mom is not agreeing for our relation, this is definitely not true love kno, i dunno wat made him change im clueless his character has changed.. i was almost dead if sai had not come into my life..i spent fearfull nights and days before surrendering to baba(atleast for two years) now im recovering n thinking that wat ever is happening is wit baba's wish i have surrendered my life to him let him do the right baba said jus be calm n be with me i will do every thing im doin the same… buut i will definitely pray for u dear.. thanks to hetalji because of her we sai devotees are able to communicate.. thnks a tons.. i would think witout him how will i live?? now im understanding that it is without baba i cant live n i have no existence witout him…im stabilizing myself now

  19. one more thing ruchika try reading 100 sayings of sai baba online..daily mornin after i drop into office i read them it gives great strength

  20. @Hetal Patil Rawat
    You are absolutely right Hetal ji, we all make " Sai Family"….though we all dont know each other but then too we share our feelings and experiences as if we share it with our family members and then the comments we receive… I have always noticed that whenever a Sai devotee is in problem and he shares his experience, then each and every person reading that keeps on supporting morally to that person, keeps on consoling him that every thing will get alright as our brother sister and parents do… and thats the beauty of the blog created by you….



  21. @Anonymous

    Dear Friend…

    It seems you are too much upset and depressed with what has happened… even i was upset when i read that you have spent 2 years like this…
    I dont even know your name but from yesterday only when I read your reply, a feeling is coming in my heart as if Baba is asking me to help you out…
    see give me your email id if you dont mind.. I really want to share the actual thing happened with me which i cannot share here publicly and I am sure that you will really be able to forget your past after that, you will surely get a strength to live up your life better than you use to live with that guy and definately BABA will surely help as in everything to lead your life successfully once again….


  22. Hi ruchita.. it nice to kno that u wanna help me my name is shreya.. my email id is waiting for ur reply.. even i wanna share still more things with u.. im so happy that because of this site i mean coz of hetalji i got a sweet friend.. thank you sooooooo much hetalji 🙂

  23. Dear Ruchita,

    I have been really touched by your mail…really appreciate your faith …it definitely helps us strengthen our faith in our dearest sai babaji…may sai be with you and shower his choicest blessings on you and give you all the joys and happiness that u truly deserve

  24. I believe in Shirdi Sai Baba since childhood. I read Saicharita everyday but till today got no results. I got married in a bad family I do everything still am being cursed. I had a son who soon turned out to be exactly like them. All my efforts are in vain. I pray to Sai Baba to change his mind and he becomes a good individual but no he is not yet. I am poor and pay all my bills no help from husband etc. I do not know when will baba answer my prayers. Still waiting for his mercy. I have always helped everyone in my life but today no one is there for me. My own son is a lazy person, did not take education and is useless. I only asked baba for help to turn him into a good human being but till today he did not.
    Hope one day he will answer my prayers

    Om Sai Ram

  25. No one likes me must be because I am not good looking have a bad son and am too ignorant. Because of my suffering and my intense devotion for SaiBaba I feel that Baba too does not love me so he has surrounded me with all negative people who abuse me at home, office etc. They all make fun of me too. I pray to Saibaba to take me in his sharan I do not deserve to live such a life. My who life was full of suffering and the suffering added up with a bad child. I do not want anything for myself just that my son turns out to be a good person even if he does not take care of me is ok I will survive as baba wants me to.

    Om Sai Ram

  26. om sai ram
    minutes before reading this blog i promised to myself that since my pain has become unbearable, i would commit sucide in next 28 tale goes like this. i was in a realtionship with nisha for 5 years. it was a long distance relationship. However in the beinning only, i told my parents about this and everybody was comfortable with my decision of marrying her after my college. However her family disapproved of me. But my girlfriend so madly oved me that she withstood that pressure. However 2 years back she decided to move to Australia so that she will not have to face presure of family to get married. In these two years i went to Australia twice to meet her for 2 months. We were madly in love and she was everything to me. we daily used to do pooja before sai baba at her home in Australia and light a diya. it was ll settled that as soon as my college ends we would get married. but on unfortunate day of 16th november we had a small fight and since then she stopped talkin to m. all of a sudden, agirl who could not hav seen me in ters left me to die. i was shattered. i tried to cal het text her mail her but nothing made her heart melt. in fact till date i am trying.i dont even know why did she leave me. the only thing she told me was that "there is something which has evacuated everything Frm within her and that thrs Ntn fr her nw.. no feelings, no emotions, Ntn… its all void in me." i was so lonely i prayed madly in all these three months to sai baba every minute every second. i thought tomorrow would be a better day she would come back. but it didnt happene. so the pain reached toa level where i was so hurt. i asked sai baba how could you do this t me. How could u allow her to leave me like this? i didnt get an answer so i decided there is no point living without her so i wrote to her that nisha i am going to die i next 28 days and nothing is gonna stop me. i was upset with sai baba as well. but after reading this blog, specially of ruchika i m highly moved. Though I know baba would have be planning something better for me, yet i dont want anything better. i just want her no matter if she is good or bad for me. I pray to god that even if she is not in my fate or even if she is not good for me, yet take anything away from me but just give her to me.. i m going to pray as long as baba give me the power to bear this pain but then do u think it is possible that i would be given something which though not in my fate yet my prayers can bring to me??? there is only one thing i wish in my life and i would never ever in my life would ask for anything except her love…but would babaji bring her emotions back ??? m just too lonely and miss her..a tear rolls down whenever i think about her. i hav cried umpteen times efore babaji and have virtually had a fight with babaji as well as why cant he help me??

  27. to anonymous…hey dont say that some one has cheated you and hate them …too ruchika also dont feel bad that u r husband is not caring for u….i know its easy to say hard to implement…but baba said that all human beings are creation of lord and love evryone..may be they are not repsonding in the way wat we want..becoz they are clutched in the hands of maya(illusion) which god has only created..if u do blame them thers no difference between them and us…so its consequnces which make them do like that…and we would have also done many mistakes knowingly or unknwoingly…so forgive baba….and dont comapre ur lifes with others…saying they are happy not we…becoz its the purva karma which makes this life to be like this….so never repent for u r life…desitny is inevitable….
    so just talk only to baba…ask him..cry beofre him…and scold him…beocz he is the only one for us as a comapnion always with us

  28. Dear Shiveshwer ji

    Please dont give Up… I m rilli happy to say that I m with my husband now and he has started caring and loving me more than he use to… U knw when me and my Parents were goin at my inlaws place na for d settlement of me and my husbands fight.. I told baba that babaji please give me a single hint that everything is going to go well.. as it was 3 months me n my husband didnt have any conversation… and u knw I got a message on my mobile " Sai baba ne aapko dukhi dekha aur kaha mushkil samay dur hua, agar aap unhe mante hai toh ye mes jitne logo ko chaho bhejo" just imagine and everything got settled down… but baba examined my patience upto 3 months…. even a single second for me at that time was not bearable.. so dont worry… everything is going to get okay…

  29. @Ruchita —


    What u said here is 99% correct. You told that don't keep on complaning baba – No problem.. u can keep on. U can ask him.. what baba, why u did, why u didn't.. he just listens all this just with a smile. But never never never ignore him. It hurts a lot. See if children ask something or that thing or this thing, a father never hurts… he just listens with smile, but if you don't talk him… that really really hurts… so whatever the feeling u have with baba.. just express those feelings to baba.. but never never ignore him. May be i'm wrong.. but these are my feelings.Thanks to baba for giving permission to comment.

  30. Dear Ruchita ji

    It was overwhelming to see your devotion. Really it gives me a lot of courage to face difficulties in my personal life.


  31. Dear Ruchita ,
    You are great. Simply awesome devotion towards our father. What a strong faith . and i am happy that your faith won . you have set up an example for me . When i was feeling upset because of my marriage life i came to read your post. I
    Your post gave me new strength .After six months of my marriage life i got separated from mt husband , 2 years completed post our seperation. Divorce case is going on in court for 2 years. Yet i am desperate that our father will not make us to get divorce and he will unite us in some you. Like you i too wanna post that i am living with my husband happily . I am very mad about him. I am placing a wish to Sai pa ' coming anniversary is our third anniversary .we have not been together for our last two anniversary .and i want to celebrate my coming anniversary with mt husband.
    Jai Sai Ram

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