Shirdi Sai Baba’s Miracles In My Life – Sai Devotee Sathiya

Sharing herewith experience of Sai sister Sathiya ji.

Sathiya ji says: I am very thankful to have this opportunity for sharing baba’s experience in my life.

Dear Sai friends, I am having many more experience with Saibaba and I am going to share it here.

  • My very first experience is my onsite trip to Australia. I was looking for onsite even for short or long term and I prayed Saibaba well. I had 9 weeks (Thursday) fasting and read the Baba fasting book on every Thursday. When I was in fasting, I rounded one date (one of the date after my fasting ends) randomly and noted that on that date I will travel sure with the help of Baba. I kept my passport in the feet of Baba in West Mambalam (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) Baba’s temple. I successfully completed my fasting and the date what I marked in calendar was also passed. I haven’t noticed at that time. After that I prayed Baba to get onsite chance soon. Suddenly one day, my project manager called me and told that the coming weekend you will be traveling to Australia. I was very very happy and excited at that moment. I thanked Baba well. One miraculous thing here is, there was no onsite openings for that ongoing work at that point. I traveled for the forth coming work. I came to know this once I reach Australia. Usually, they won’t send people for the forth coming work. Really it is a miracle. Another thing here is, I traveled to Australia on the day after around 10 days of the date which I marked in the calendar. I stayed in Australia around 6 months. I am very thankful to Saibaba. After this miracle, my confidence level with Saibaba increased.
  • This is second experience. I missed my purse when I went for deepavali shopping. I was having my original license, PAN card, my ATM Debit cards, Credit cards and Rs. 1000 my purse. I was shocked once I noticed that my purse was missing. My mom and sister was with me at that moment. I was very tensed. We gave oral complaint in police station. My sister told me that we will get our missed purse. Keep full faith in Baba. She prayed to Baba and asked me to pray to Baba. I canceled all my Debit cards and credit cards. After some days, (1 month ago) I got call from anonymous number saying that, we got one purse in one auto and we got your phone number in this purse. He asked me, did you miss your purse? I told him yes. Then he asked me the details of what was present in that purse. I told him. He asked me to come and collect the purse in one place. Finally I got my missed purse and all the cards (license, PAN, Debit and Credit cards) was present as it was. Really, it is miracle in my life.
  • My third experience – I got new offer with the help of Baba. Even, I am living because of Baba only. Like this, I am having so many experiences with Sai baba. He is living with us and he is guiding us in all situations. Keep full faith and confidence on him, you will see success in your life. Baba can do anything if you pray and have full faith, confidence and patience. I want to say something on Baba’s photo in our home. My grandfather’s father is Sai devotee. He used to do Pooja’s of one Baba photo on Thursdays. That photo is very old oil painted Baba photo. After he finished Pooja, Udhi was found in Baba’s foot (in the oil painted photo) in the form of ball. My grandpa and uncle have seen that miracle and it happened frequently. After his generation, that photo was in my uncle’s home. In the month of January 2010, my uncle came to my home and he has seen baba’s photos in our pooja room. He told me that he is having one old oil painted Baba’s photo in his home. He said that he will give me if it is in good condition. I prayed Baba that it will be in good condition. It was in good condition. My uncle gave that Baba photo. We put new frame for the miraculous Baba photo and we kept it in our Pooja room. In that photo, Baba is laughing and showers his blessings to us.

Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. The third experience is particularly moving, thanks so much for sharing.
    I have a small request, is there a way that you can share the pictures on this site?

  2. I am a Sai Baba Devotee and want to say to all the Sai Devotees that have firm Belief in Sai, he will take care of all your troubles. Have Shrada and Saburi.
    Thank you Baba.

  3. Iam Balu.
    in real life &my own experience,,
    he is appear infront of me ,wherever. i call him daily oh mere SAIBAbA whatever u want u must be call him very kind heartly

  4. Sai as fulfilled all my wishes but I was praying sincerly to have girl baby as my second baby….though i followed 9 weeks viratham also I didn't get according to my wish…why sai does dis me frm tat day till now I m in depression…


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