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Sai Baba Was Satisfied With Few Loaves Of Bread - Sai Devotee Visalakshi

Dear Sai Readers, here is an experience of Sai sister Visalakshi ji.

Visalakshi ji says: Sairam

I have always read the experiences of devotees in the forum and have rejoiced again and again the love and mercy of our loving father, Baba.

How many ever times we read His leelas, it is still very amazing and brings tears of joy. May Baba bless your good work of reinstating the faith in Sadguru always.

Today, by Baba' s grace I finished my 1 week Satcharita parayan. As I finished the last chapter yesterday, I asked Baba to guide me as to what prasad I should prepare for the arati today. I did not have any clue as to what to prepare but I had big plans to make it grand.

Then I told Baba that I will open Sai Charita book at random and He should show me the food he wants as prasad. After a minute of prayer, I opened the book to find the story of Mrs Tarkhad offering bread to the dog and how baba was so happy with that. Now, this sort of disappointed me. I thought, "What, only bread... I wanted to make semiya kheer and vadas and how dare he asks for BREAD!! Is He so scared of my cooking!!?" So I thought that I will make the kheer and vadas anyway and go to the temple and give a few loaves of bread for annadaan as He said to Mrs Tharkad that He is happy when we feed other helpless beings.

So, today I woke up early and prepared for making the prasad. I started grinding the urad dal for the vadas, and lo, the mixer grinder made terrible wierd noise and gave out a smell. I started to boil the milk for the kheer and again, the gas suddenly got over. I dont have an extra cylinder and I was lost. I gasped but still went on with the kheer. I thought I will prepare the kheer in the microwave and mixed everything up and put it in the oven. The power goes!!! I got the message. I took 2 slices of bread and spread a bit of butter on it and offered to Baba. I finished the arati and the power came back.

Then I went to the temple and bought 3 loaves of bread to offer for annadaan and suddenly a dog turns up near me. I took the bread out to give him but he ran away. I chased it for a while and found that there were more dogs and cute puppies there. I could not believe my eyes. I gave a whole loaf of bread to them and came back to the temple and gave the other loaves for annadaan.

By this simple thing Baba taught me something very valuable. He will make us do only things He approves and if we try to put our two bits we will be only making a fool of ourselves. Also what He makes us do is what we need to do. Just following His orders will be enough to cross this ocean of life.

May baba bless all.


© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
  1. Wow, wonderful...Thansk for sharing! May Baba bless us all....

  2. wow...that's something! Yes, I do believe exactly in what you are saying! Whether we like it or not but living life with utmost devotion to DO your best in the given circumstances is what BABA want us to learn.
    And when we do our part with such a devotion, any difficulty coming on the way is always taken care of by our BABA.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  3. veri nice experience....may baba bless sai ram....


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