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Dear Sai Readers, today i am sharing experience of Sai sister Malini ji.

Malini ji says: Dear Hetal ji, It is baba’s blessing to know you and your service to all baba’s lovable devotees. I got to know baba in 2006 after i delivered my first kid. From there on my love and passion towards him grow stronger and stronger till date. There were so many times baba have helped us but today I will share one of his beautiful leela. And sorry for the lengthy post since i want to narrate each and everything clearly. Pardon me for any grammatical error.

Early this month my son who is 21 months was infected cold from my elder daughter. We named him with baba’s name since we vowed for him. The first day i bought him to clinic, the doctor gave him some liquid medication. The next day his condition worsen as he started to whiz and could not sleep anymore. I was very worried and we rushed him to our family child specialist. On the way i was whispering baba’s name on his hear. My heart keep telling me that the doctor might admit him. But i didnt tell this to my tensed husband who was driving fast to reach the hospital.

Once we reached in the hospital, my husband dropped us at the hospital lobby and ordered me to see the doctor immediately since he need to go and park the car at the parking bay. Even though a lot of patients still waiting, the nurse brought us straight inside to see the doctor. The doctor got surprised to see my son’s condition and ordered to have the nebulizer medication immediately and he told us that my son need to get admit at least 4 days to get the nebulizer every 3 hours. While my son was having his first nebulizer, the nurse asked me whether I have any medical insurance card or not since the charges at that private hospital is very high. This is due to the new building (2 weeks and they shifted from old building) and management. I was very afraid since we dont own any medical card. But for us our son’s health is very important. We only had some cash which we kept for our new house renovation. The nurse told me that her nephew had the same case and the charges reached nearly MYR 4000 at the same hospital. This is the moment my husband came in. I told what the doctor said, and he was dashed and was asking the doctor alternative options since he does not want the small and poor boy to stay at the hospital. But the doctor said my son need to stay there due to his condition. Then I stayed with my son. My son had his blood testing, x-ray and nebulizer every 3 hours. I was told the charges for each nebulizer was MYR 80. I and my son were having small baba’s photo and udhi with us. I have the habit to pray baba before i go to bed every night. On Thursday night, i prayed to baba, the next doctor visit (friday morning) the doctor must give me a good feedback on my son’s health and we should leave the hospital and i also requested baba to help me to bill the hospital charges no more than MYR 2000.00

Next day the doctor came in and said my son improved a lot and we can leave after settling the bill. I really thank baba for taking care of my son. The next thing is the bill. It took nearly 2.5 hours for the billing department to prepare my bill and i was very worried. When i received the bill, I really got surprised to see the bill amounted MYR 1836.00. Tears rolled down my cheeks thanking baba. Only he could do this. A very well known hospital only charged this amount. Many of them who asked me the charges i paid expressed shocked since the amount was very cheap.

Baba was always beside us seeing and taking care of us every moment. I love u so much baba. I will share another experience very soon.

Jai Sai Ram

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  1. Hi,

    am susmitha. i am devotee of baba since 2006…he there with me all the times when ever i have prayed he showed me a path..this very recent expirence with baba…he protected my 2.5 year old daughter from an accident. Before day i was going through miracles of baba in some website. The next day itslef a huge miracle hs happened to me, that is my daughter has fallen from frist floor to ground flor from window almost like 12 feet height. my husband was in other room and am stuck outside as she locked me outside unkowinglywhile playing ….i was screaming and my neighbour picked my daughter and came up…i was shocked ..i thought what have been hapened to my daughter neck….as she fallen down completely on her head…i was crying as i stuck outside in balconi…and the door got locked…my husband was in the other couldnt hear me knocking as he is in confernce call with his office work..and then when the neighbour took my daughter and ringed the calling bell he came out and schoked with the situation and then we immediately took her to hospital,,,doctors asked to admit in the hospital…luckly my daughter is not fainted or no outer injures happend..but doctore are not sure completely about the inner parts of body…so we were there in hospital and they took citiscan,and x-ray…and blood test urine test…to check everything is normal…it took around 1.5 day under complete observation..she is completely fine and doctors wondered and …they said you guys are lucky and she is doing good…the whole night i was remebering baba and we applied udi ….she was kept under fast for 1 day….to observe the liver and digestive system…they took all the tests and finally confirmed she is normal…wow this the biggest miracle…i could'nt imagine the sitation if something was wrong…i love baba he protected my daughter….i was looking at baba through tearfull eyes…i love him
    he works through situation and really he is there when we call him…truely have complete trust in him allways at his feat…jaisai sairam…

    • Ur experience brought me tears by imagining the baby condition if something could happen to her and blessings of our baba….how mercy he has on us. Thank you so much baba for your kind blessings….without you we couldn't even breathe for a moment.we are very lucky to have you baba….love you always

  2. Wow Ms.Hetal ji, NO words to express your service to SAI Devoutees.

  3. Oh My BABA..sushmita ji, sorry for the late relpy. I just noticed and read your experience. My eyes full of tears..Only BABA could do this..He is there with you and your family protecting you..

    Jai Jai Sai Ram

    • Sai Nath,

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      Baba for Ridhu pooja pandit is asking for 27k amount but we wish he get agrees on 15-20k please sai. we require this pooja to be done but we cant effort it please help us.
      Please sai help us please please.
      OM SAI RAM

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