My Harships Ended By Reading Shri Sai Satcharitra – Sai Devotee Mita

In today’s post i am sharing experience of Sai sister Mita ji.

Mita ji says: Jai Sairam Hetalji, I have been a regular reader of your blogs and like the experiences that devotees share here. I am a software engineer from Bangalore. I was married for last 2 years and had a happy family. My husband was always caring and inlaws were like parents to me. Everything was smooth and peaceful in the family till last year when all went wrong. My husband was under a financial crisis and my inlaws started accusing me and abusing me for that.

I am from Bangalore and was well settled in my job for last 5 years and had a loving family. But off late there were many disturbances in both personal and professional life. We had a huge financial crisis and hence fights in the family. I used to pray to Saibaba everyday asking for his guidance and it was then that my husband got an assignment in a different country and we both decided to shift there for sometime.

Me and my husband shifted to the foreign country thinking that we can earn some extra money and would be able to clear our debts but life was even more difficult here. My husband salary was not enough to manage the expenses of 2 people. Even with so many years of working experience I was struggling to get a job here. We even sometimes did not eat our lunch or dinner without each other’s knowledge.

When we came here I had not thought that it would be so difficult to find a job in a foreign country. I used to apply everywhere possible, try to contact as many people and find a right job for me but used to get an negative answer from all directions. I was loosing my confidence and soon became impatient.

On such an occasion my friend told me to pray to Saibaba and leave everything to him, by his grace all the arrangements will be done. That thought was enough to pacify my disturbed mind. Altough I used to worship Saibaba for many years and read Sai satcharita whenever I had time, I had never done the reading of Saisatcharita as a regular habit. This time I though that Saibaba has given me the time so that I can devotee my mind and soul in his prayers.

On Thursday 13th of May, I started reading Saicharita after my regular puja. I wanted to finish the reading in 1 week altough I was not sure if that would be possible because earlier also whenever I had thought of doing the saptah due to some problem or the other I was never able to complete the saptah. I bowed to Saibaba and prayed that “Baba help me finish the Saisatcharita saptah because without your blessings it would not be possible. Also forgive me if I do any mistakes, I surrender myself unto your feet”.

I used to read Saisatcharitha in the morning, afternoon or evening whenever I was free and finally I was able to finish it in a 1 week’s time. My mind had became calm when I was reading Saisatcharita, all the mental worries had reduced and I felt as a completely different person within me. It was on the commencing Thursday i.e 20th of May that I got a call from one of the companies that I had appeared for an interview long back. They had earlier rejected me for the position but now they wanted me to join them the next day onwards. This was a miracle for me. I could understand that it was only possible because of Saibaba grace. I was very emotional, and could not control my tears in front of Baba’s photo.

Even today I try to read Saisatcharita on Thursday because I feel that by reading that I am closer to BABA as if he is in front of me to guide me.

Om Shri Sachidananda Sainath Maharaj ki JJai!!!

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  1. Dear Mita ji,
    How happy I am to read your post. I am also facing similar situation. With lots of events in my life, showing it could happen only with BABA's mercy, I have stronger and stronger faith in BABA. I love watching BABA's episodes on YOUTUBE, it may be in the form of miracles in peoples' lives, it may be serial episode. Also I try to read Sai Satchritra chapter along with other sai devotees doing Saptah.
    I had gone through the same troublesome situation that I can not continue reading Sai Satcharitra to be finished in certain time frame…but now going with the flow of other devotees reading at least I READ more consistently.
    Same thing with my finding a job in Sierra Vista, AZ. I could not find a job since I have moved from Atlanta GA in 2004. Well, I had applied at a computer store here 3-4 times and every time my application was rejected as I could not clear the Q-A part of the last segment of the Online application for that store. Though the GM of the store wanted me to hire, could not do so because my application was rejected by the S/w of that company.
    It just happened that I watched Sai BABA serial on this last Sunday on On Monday I went to that Computer store to buy a computer table and LO! the GM approached me saying he was trying to get hold me since long but he did not remember my name or phone number but am I still looking for the job? and if YES,he would like to set up a face to face interview.
    I yet have to wait and watch what happens next, but so far whatever took place is like a miracle to me. And I do believe that even after getting the interview set up if the job does not materialize , I would think that it is BABA's way of showing me HE is looking after me and some other GOOD option is on it's way!
    Sai RAM and May you be blessed ever.
    Meera Bakshi

  2. hello sai devotees

    sai maa is there for each and every body…plz for sai maa's sake dont keep any doubt on our sai maa.. sai maa is our mother,so always keep faith nd patience at her golden feet.. nd belive me everything will b taken care by our sai maa only..dnt worry for anything…may our maa bless us with peacfull nd happy life.
    jai sairam

  3. I read the testimonies of several people who hv experienced miracles in their life. Today I too asked him to help me and pray that he will do the same to me as to others and I can post my testimony here. Please pray for us. R

  4. hi..
    I visited this site for the first time, i believe baba whole heartedly, i loved reading all your experiences and it gave me great courage as i am going through a tough time, i m just 25 and got married this Feb 16, but since then not a single day I spent without crying, ours is joint family and my mother in law always treat me as if i am a servant to her and this time when my papa came to take me home for rakhi, my husband said that dont come back and father in law insulted my papa like anything.. i dont know what to do .. its been 7 days, nobody called up, not even my husband didnt call.. but I will start reading Shri Sai Satcharitra from this thursday and definately beg baba to take me out of all this hardship, because my mumma papa are really tensed.. and i know baba will help me in this for sure… thank u so much to all of you.

  5. Hi,

    i have few expirences which i thought of sharing here…2 months back we had a miracle in our daughter ashrita has fallen down from window from upstairs to ground floor,i was shocked to see her…unkowingly by playing she locked me outside and she went inside the hall and peeping out she is saying hai mama..and bend totally down…and fell down…i saw whole thing..everything happended infornt of my eyes..i was screaming for husband was inside and locked his door as he attending the office call.The neighbour in groundstairs picked up my daughter and came up…he told she is fine and my daughter didnt faint..and she told i wont do this next time and she also told we will got to doctor,we both are still in shock, and we called the children hospital…they told us to take taruma center…as she has fell from height like about to 12 feet. we took her there and doctor did the C.T scan to check all over the body parts and they took blood test…we was praying baba to give results normal and i was continuously chanting his name, doctors took blood test and they told they find little fuild in liver , so they told us to admit in hospital to keep her in observation for 48 hours, and they took blood test for every 2 hours , they told us they will do surgery if they find more fuild in liver.I was in tears and i kept baba photo on her tummy and chanting baba name all over night to keep her safe and they took blood sample again continously for every 2 hours ,after 36 hours they told us that the liver got swelled little as she fallen from height and and they took again blood test and did ultrasound scan on her tummy and told she is fine …we stayed in hospital for 2 days and i was chanting baba name all the time since we enter the hospital and lucky nothing happened to her neck ,head…my husband and i thanked baba a lot and my husband did parayana next week. this is the miracle how baba has saved my daughter…he is there when ever we remember him and chant his name sai sai sai sai….i love him so much ….jai sai ram …jai sai ram

  6. Baba,please make me get over my bad thoughts,like MEGHA i get bad thoughts that disturb me a lot.
    Please keep my kids and family happy and healthy always.I pray for the welfare of my family.Please be with us and bless us always.
    Your loving devotee.
    Jai SaiRam

  7. It is said God does not give pain more than we can handle and in that Baba is like mother who cannot see the child go through pain. But then why is Baba not even responding to my calls? I have been suffering for the last 15 years and I thought finally Baba has given me the joy but it was so short lived, just in a week everything collapsed and shattered. Today there is nothing remaining. I am totally finished. Why can Baba atleast not give me death? That would be a boon for me now. Enough of this life and this living. Please Baba, if you cannot give me life at least give me death.

  8. Om Sai Ram
    I was mentally disturbed and was unable to think and not knowing what to do in the period when one of the Builder in Navi Mumbai was not returning the amount in few lakhs to my elder Brother. My Brother booked a 2BHK flat in Navi Mumbai & he paid the 1st installment. 3 years passed, but there was no sign of construction. This made tensed to every one. My Brother stays abroad for work. My sister in Law used to go to the builders office as and when the builder promised to return the amount. But all in vain… every time she used to return empty handed. I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I stay at Pune.. & I can only help from here by praying to God. I started Reading Parayan..Sai Satcharitra. I completed in One week. I asked god to help my Brother & Sister in Law. After one and half week of completing parayan… I got a call from my brother that.. the Builder had mailed to my brother and asked him to collect the cheque amount from his office. In this way Baba helped me to help my Elder Brother.
    Jai Sai Ram

  9. Hi, please could someone tell me if I can start reading sai satcharitra any day of the week?. Or does it need to be started on thursday only? jaisairam.

    • Faith and patience are the two things Sai Baba expects from us. You can definitely start on any day of the week if you are not able to start on a Thursday

  10. Babaji…plz forgive me whatever i have done in the past…i cannot forget lakpada….l love him a lot..plz do miracle in my can he forget me..ek bar wo muje phone kare…

  11. Sai Ram,

    Reading all the blogs and feeling happy with Sai's Divine Grace. My wife got pregnant in 2015 but the baby did not survive after 7 months because of Odema problem. But with Sai's grace, it got expelled without any procedure or any kind of treatment. After 2 years, my wife is again pregnant and it is 80 days now. Praying Sai that the previous problem should not repeat for the child and we want the baby to be healthy, safe and normal. Will start reading Sri Sai Satcharitam from tomorrow and will do a Saptah. Kindly pray for the mother and baby to be safe, healthy, normal and to have a smooth delivery. -A.Balaji, India

  12. Om Sai Ram
    Dear Devotees, I am here to tell u my story today, the blessings I got from baba after reading and completing Sai Charitra in 7 days.
    I was jobless for 4 months together and staying jobless in today's world is extremely difficult. My struggle started from November 17, I was searching for a job everyday and night. I used to sit on my laptop for hours together applying for a job but all in vain. Either I would get rejected after the interview or I won't get a call. I tried for months together and I was so fed up and frustrated. I started to think my days are coming to an end. Although I was not a string devotee of baba but I used to light Diya everyday and visit temple whenever I could. One-day when I was browsing through net, I came across an article where devotees had shared their experiences about Sai charitra.I then decided I would also try this. It was on 15th Feb when I started reading this book. I read book with completed faith and devotion. Before I started, I told baba about my problem and asked his Blessings so I could complete the book in 7 days. Everyday I would read 8 to 10 chapters but on the 4th day, after completing the reading,I got girls problem so I couldn't continue. I felt extremely bad and was cursing my fate but again after the cycle gotnover, I continued reading. I used to read in the morning and sometimes in the evening and around afternoon I used to sit on my laptop searching jobs. To my surprise, immediately after my 7 days reading was over, I got a call for the job interview. I told baba, it's because of your blessings, I have got a call, now please bless me so I could pass the interview and He did listen to my prayer. I passed the interview and got the job offer. I was suppose to join after a month. Since I had a month in hand I kept looking for a better opportunity, I got another job offer where I was offered more pay. I was confused on what to do coz somewhere I went greedy. I again took Baba's help. I wrote a chit….I prepared 2 chits , in one I had written " accept the first offer" in the 2nd I wrote " accept the 2nd offer". I kept those chits next to baba idol. The next day I took both the chits and shuffled. I picked one and opened, I got the one which stated " accept the first offer". Somewhere in my head I was praying I should get the one which states accept the first offer coz may be then I realised I was being greedy. I was happy baba resolved this confusion. This job that I got was outside of country. I was happy I got a job but at the same time I was sad I was leaving my family and friends and going to be alone. Few days after I got another interview call. I thought I would attend this interview also coz if I get this job I don't have to leave my family and go away from tbem. This interview location was like 25 kms away from where I stay. I booked a cab and prayed to baba, I told him if I get to see atleast 3 pictures of him anywhere while traveling, I will surely get this job but to my dismay, not a single pic or poster I saw (normally when I travel I would surely see his pic somewhere, may be on a car or shops) I knew I won't pass this interview and it so happened that after the interview was done, I was called and told that I don't qualify. I came home sad. Sat in front of Baba's Pic and started praying and I got answer to my prayer. Baba wanted me to take this jib offer, I also felt like somewhere he assured me that I won't be going alone coz he will always be with me :-)I am all set to fly off now.
    My message to all our Sai Devotees would be have faith in baba and he will do wonders in your Life.

    Baba, bless me, bless my family and bless all. Always be with us and show us the right path.

    Love you Baba!!!

  13. Hi

    I wish to write about sai’s blessings. I had gone to India for a trip. Luckily Sai protected me in front of my in laws in every way and the whole occasion was smooth. He is always there for us no matter in every situation.

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