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In today’s post i am sharing experience of Sai sister Neeraja ji.

Neeraja ji says: Hi Hetalji, This is Neeraja, I strongly believe in Sai Baba. After reading the experiences posted by other devotees, even I felt like sharing my experiences with Sadguru Baba mentioned here below.

I started believing in Baba since I was in my 8th std (1993). I used to visit his temple every Thursday along with my cousins. Ever since I started believing him I found improvement in my studies. Every thursday we (myself and my cousins) used to visit the temple casually. I visited Shirdi twice in 1995. After that I couldn’t visit Shirdi till 2006 (the year I got married). I got married to a guy working in Mumbai, as Mumbai is near to Shirdi I had chance to visit a bit often.

Aarti experience in 2007

Once we (me and my husband) went to Shirdi before my husband was to leave for onsite, Denmark. We reached Shirdi on Saturday morning. We thought of returning Mumbai that day afternoon once the darshan was over. We had good darshan of Baba and after coming out, my husband bought the tickets for Sai Vrat. Then we attend the Sai Vrat in big hall conducted by the temple authority, a middle aged person was sitting next to us, he helped us in performing the Sai Vrat as we were new to it. After finishing the vrat, that same person asked us if we would like to accompany him to the madhyan aarti as he was having a VIP pass. Generally they would allow 3-4 people on one VIP pass it seems. As he was going alone, he made us this offer. I was very excited, we immediately accepted his offer. We attended the Madhyan aarti, standing inside the mandir and singing the aarti, a very pleasant experience I could never forget. I was very satisfied with the aarti. I felt very happy because I wanted to attend the aarti, by Baba’s grace we had attended finally.

Denmark Visa 2007

After my husband left to Denmark, I was in Mumbai for 6 months. I couldn’t accompany him immediately as I was working. There were some constraints (have to get release from project, apply for visa) etc. Also just before my husband left to Denmark I had a miscarriage. Because of which I went into some sort of depression. During this duration my in-laws were behind asking me to join my husband as were staying apart and that people will think differently if both husband and wife are not together. Finally I got release from the project. But now I had to apply for visa, long leave etc. Actually Denmark Visa processing takes a long time, we thought of applying for my dependent visa through my husband company. They said processing might take 2 months or so. But now the problem is that my leave was about to start from nov 2007. I got released from the project in Oct 2007. We decided to apply for visa through Thomas Cook. I approached the Thomas Cook guy, he said Denmark Visa processing might take longer time and they cant assure how long it might take.

Somehow I submitted all the documents to Thomas Cook. They submitted the documents to the Danish Embassy on my behalf on Oct 4th (Thursday) 2007 in Delhi. I visited Shirdi with my friends on Oct 5th. Monday Oct 8th I called the Danish Embassy to find out if my documents were submitted by the Thomas cook guy or not. They said they haven’t received them. I was puzzled and I called the Thomas Cook guy in Mumbai to find out the status. To my surprise he told me that I got the visa and my documents were sent back to Mumbai. Even the Thomas Cook people were surprised as my visa came just in 2 days (documents being sent back to Mumbai) time. I consider this completely as Baba’s miracle. Just after returning from Shirdi I got the visa. Thank you Baba.

Onsite opportunity in 2008

I went to Denmark on leave without pay (LWP). I didn’t even try for a project there as we thought of planning for children. I was there on LWP for 8 months but couldn’t become pregnant. I was a bit upset that all my leaves got wasted, I didn’t become pregnant too, career wise also it is a bad remark to take too much leave. My leaves were about to finish in June 2008. During this duration I used to read Sai Sacharithra daily (frankly speaking sometimes I used to read it for the sake of reading because of the repeated stories. I knew the book which I read almost like by-heart). Meanwhile we came to know in May that my husband project will move from Denmark to London, I thought of trying for a project in London through my company. But I was not sure of getting any onsite opportunity as I was on LWP. I used to follow-up with the resource management person in London. I had sent my CV to them, but they couldn’t find a suitable role for me. But I was continuously following up with them. Then I had spoken to a lady from the resource management team, said she couldn’t find any role that suits my profile. I felt very unhappy, then she said ‘I shall forward you the list of openings. Let me know the roles that suits you and I shall forward your CV to them’. I prayed to Baba and begged him to show me one opportunity at least for short duration. I found testing role, that lady forwarded my CV, I got the interview call but haven’t done properly at all. But I got selected as there was lot of requirement in that project. I worked in London for almost 6 months. Thanks a lot Baba for giving me this opportunity which I do not deserve. I used to ask Baba saying that he helped a devotee called Shaavde in his medical examinations though he is not that good in his studies (I read this in Sai Satcharitra). Baba helped me also the same way though I didn’t perform the interview well.

Shirdi Darshan in 2008

After getting selected for the onsite position, I went back to India in June 2008 to start my WP and Visa processing to UK. I was staying with some of my office colleagues there. I wanted to visit Shirdi, my room-mates were new to me. I thought of asking them to accompany me to Shirdi but I didn’t want them to say no. Once in a conversation I mentioned my interest but no one responded, so I didn’t want to ask them. The month of August arrived and my travel date was given as August 27th. Then finally on Aug 24th my mom, sister and uncle thought of visiting Shirdi. As I was in Mumbai even I went to Shirdi from Mumbai alone and joined them. Baba listened to my prayers and made me visit him just 3 days before travel, the day I visited was also auspicious day, it was Krishnashtami. Thank you Baba for fulfilling my desire to visit Shirdi before traveling to UK.

Baby born in 2009

My husband moved to London from Denmark on Aug 10th 2008, I reached on Aug 27th 2008. Finally I was pregnant in Oct 2008, Baba had blessed us with a cute little girl (Hari Priya) on July 22 2009.

Thanks a lot Baba, I could finally post my experiences with your grace. Please be with us all the time and forgive me if I had written anything wrong here. Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

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  1. Hi Neeraja,

    you are very fortunate one because baba is with you. have been asking baba to bless me with kid. but may be have done any sin in past or in this present life baba is not hearing my prayer.

  2. Baba has blessed you in his own way.Hope he blesses all his children in the same way and we all surrender to his lotus feet.Om shri sai nathaya namah!

  3. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
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    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

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