Sai Baba Took Care Of My Appraisal – Sai Devotee Seema

Sai Baba Took Care Of My Appraisal - Sai Devotee Seema
Dear Sai Readers, today i am sharing experience of Sai sister Seema ji.

Seema ji says: JAI SAI RAM Hetal Ji,

First of all, I want to apologize to my SAI JI for this delay. I should write this experience earlier rather then writing it today.

This experience is regarding my appraisal. I am working in IT industry. I joined my current company with SAI JI’s grace last year in March. In the recession time period, I got this job only because of his blessings. This year in February my manager told me that he will not be giving a major part of my salary from current year onwards. I was not getting good salary hike also. My expectations were quite high. By this way, my salary will get reduced as comparative to my last year salary. I was upset after having conversation with him. Even though, I am a very good performer in my company. I discussed about appraisal with my manager again but there was no use of it. I prayed to our SAI MAA to help me so that I can come out from this situation. I couldn’t understand what to do in that situation but still I had my faith in SAI JI. I was sure that whatever was happening with me was due to my bad karmas only. I was sure that SAI JI will surely help me. But i was not getting any clue from SAI JI. So, I decided to leave everything on SAI JI.

On 31st March, 2010 I saw a dream in the night. In my dream, I saw that a thief came to our place and he was trying to snatch my laptop from me. My company has given that laptop to me for official purpose. Me and my family members were trying to stop him. But we couldn’t. Suddenly, I prayed to SAI JI to help me. I saw that there is one SAI JI’s photo in very good frame on wall. In my dream, I asked BABA that he has to come today to help me. I was crying in dream to get his help. Suddenly I saw that SAI JI has come outside from that picture and stood in front of me. But he didn’t say anything. Then I saw that we were beating that thief who was trying to run away with my laptop from our balcony. He fell down on the floor. Then I awoke up from my dream.

The next day was 1st April, 2010 (Thursday). I came to the office and started my work. My manager is in UK and he gave his instructions through chat to me. My manager came to the messenger and had a chat with me. He told me that now onwards I will be getting my major part of my salary from current year onwards. After reading this, tears came into my eyes. I know that it was not possible without SAI BABA JI’s grace. I gave my thanks to SAI JI.

I know it’s only SAI JI who is driving our life. I have surrendered myself in SAI JI’s lotus feet completely and I can feel his presence every time in my life. For me this world is nothing without him. I hope to share another experience with all of you very soon.



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