Sai Baba Gave Me What I Want – Sai Devotee Shalni

Sai Baba Gave Me What I Want - Sai Devotee Shalni
Sharing in this post experience sent by Sai sister Shalni ji.

Shalni ji says: Hi Hetal…i want to narrate my next wonderful experience with SAI BABA JI…Baba ji, always help me to come out of each and every problem from the last 3 months, i and my family was in trouble but Deva ji is with me always and stand by my side to always support me. I WANT TO THANK DEVA JI, BY SHARING THIS EXPERIENCE…i know, he loved this…SAI BABA JI, THIS IS FOR YOU…

Well, my journey started from last month…as i have regularly a habit of talking to SAI BABA JI, for getting solutions to my problems…as he is only friend of mine with whom i share each and every thing…i believe that he listen me always…Baba ji, told me “Success is very close” but at that particular moment, i couldn’t understand its meaning…i thought, i would get success in my recent job. Within 10 days, i got a call from a reputed company…its a miracle because, i had posted resume 2 or 3 months back and i couldn’t expect this…with this, MY TESTING TIME STARTED…i had only 3 days left for the interview, for this company, i had to form one document which seemed to be impossible in 2 days as on the 3rd day, i had to travel…then, i had taken Baba ji’s advise, he gave me positive response…afterwards, i decided to do anything for this interview. With the help of SAI MAA, within 2 days, finally i got this document on THURSDAY(most luckiest day)…on the previous day, i met with an accident but By Baba ji’s grace, i was saved and my vehicle got conked off very badly…after facing this, when i reached my present office, they had planned an important meeting for me…i was totally confused about how to say no to my boss…as My Deva ji, Wanted me to go there so i decided to talk to my sir, you know, here also a miracle was waiting for me. My boss gave me his consent without creating any problem…this confirmed me that my SAI MAA is removing these obstacles and testing me :)…finally, i reached that place, there, first a written test and then 4 interviews. By the grace of SAI MAA, by taking his name, i completed my written test on time…and finally, i passed in it and then the interview rounds came…i was little nervous but i knew that DEVA JI, wanted me to do this…then my first technical interview started, he started putting questions…i was giving answer by taking Baba’s name…A BIG MIRACLE WAS WAITING FOR ME, at that last moment, he gave me question and said, this could make you to pass or fail…i was in trouble, when i was solving this question, he gave me 2 minutes and then he started doing his work…he just whispering SAI MAA’s Bhajan…on hearing this, i started feeling more confident that SAI MAA is with me so why should i feel nervous…i confidently solved his query…he passed me, and this only because of my SAI MAA…after that, i was promoted to my next technical round, but with each miracle, my faith started growing and this really encouraged me a lot…you cant imagine, the place where i sat after my first interview, i got the darshan of SAI MAA as i saw an idol of BABA JI…SAI MAA, was confirming and encouraging me at each and every step…i prayed to SAI MAA that please MAA, make my second interview wonderful…same thing happened, i was over glad…finally i got selected with the blessings of my SAI MAA…one thing, which i forgot that, before my written test, i got a dream that SAI MAA was giving me his darshan and placed UDI on my hand…THANK YOU SAI MAA, ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU, I GOT WHAT I WANT…AS I DIDN’T CONSIDER MYSELF SO WORTHY FOR THIS COMPANY…HE GAVE ME BEYOND EXPECTATION…PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR MY SINS BUT PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME…I OWE MY LIFE TO SUCH A KIND, MERCIFUL AND WONDERFUL SAI MAA…


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  1. Thanks Sai Maa..mere bhai ki shaadi karwane ke liye when we almost loose all hopes. Thank you!! now I know, why do you delay it. You are the supreme leader and know the best. JAi Sai Maa!!

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