Sai Baba Gave Darshan As Lord Ganesha – Sai Devotee Swetha

In today’s post i am sharing experience as forwarded by Sai sister Swetha ji.

Swetha ji says: Hello Hetalji, Thank you for your service and for providing opportunity for us to share our experiences with all the other Sai Baba Devotees out there. Greatly appreciate if you could post one of my experience given below.

I was a devotee of Lord Ganesha for a long long time. I used to talk to him mentally and used to do shankashti without taking a single drop of water for the whole day. My marriage got fixed and had a very happy married life. Like, they say marriage is not bed of roses, both of us were going through rough time. This may be because, we understood each other well but, sometimes egoism came in between and made us fight on and off. Days were quite difficult after I delivered baby. During this stage I slowly started losing faith on Lord Ganesha. I had just one question to him… Why me? Anyways, things started moving with lots of ups and downs.

At one point of time during 2008 end ‘Maan mei hai vishwas’ serial based on real life incidents related to god, faith, and miracles, was been telecasted almost every day on sony TV. I started watching it now and then. Not sure why I had a kind of vibrations on watching specifically Sai Baba devotees experience. Sai Baba fulfilled one of my wishes by coming in my dream on Thursday morning. Since then I started knowing Sai Baba and became his follower. In fact, it’s then when Sai Baba accepted me as his devotee. It was absolutely then I came to know that all the difficulties I faced were due to my past Karma’s. From then on, I am completely a different person. I don’t know myself how but attitude, way of thinking, facial expressions everything in me changed. I now realize that I wouldn’t have been such a person if Baba didn’t had accepted me. He taught me to lead a life peacefully through his teachings in Sai Satcharita. I feel blessed to be accepted by him as his daughter.

Six months back on Wednesday night I was cleaning all pooja items to perform Sai Baba pooja next day morning i.e. Thursday. While I was washing these pooja items, I was watching ‘Pavitra Risha’ serial on Zee TV as well. I saw both Sai Baba and Lord Ganesha photos hanged on the wall. I don’t know why something crossed my mind just in a fraction of second. I thought, I don’t need Lord Ganesha now since, Sai Baba is everything to me. I know it wasn’t good way of thinking but, after few minutes I turned around at Sai Baba’s small idol placed and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had goose bumps and was speech less for a while. A small worm green in color which was bit less than a inch long was hanging on to Baba’s nose with other end freely moving. I saw Baba’s face as Lord Ganesha’s face with trunk. Baba made me realize that both Lord Ganesha and himself are ONE. Sai Baba always encourage positive thoughts.

May Baba bless every one with peace of mind.

Om Sai Nathaya Namaha!

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  1. Wonderful.. Indeed both are one and the same.

    I shall narrate my expeirence to add to this point.

    One of my dad's friend insisted that I on a particular day, garland Lord Ganesha with turnmeric. Since, he told so, he was a sort of our family priest types.. like, both my mom and dad were insisting and keen on getting that done.

    When they told me this, i was wodnering, why do i need to do all that now.. and wont Baba my Lord ever take care?? types.. (I visit Baba at HIS temple everyday) And i always think of Baba.. so, I thought such formalities were not needed for me.
    But on the day he mentioned, my mom got the turmeric garland ready.. etc etc.. and made all preparations for us to leave.. I had to meekly go.. my only job now was, on entering the shrine, i had to garland Lord Ganesha with this grland. But that day, early morning, beforei woke up, i got a dream..

    It went like this —

    i stand in a big hall.. many many devotees are there and there seems to be endless queue.. And in the main part of the hall, is seated our beloved Baba.. busy, greeting devotees. I really could see this scene, some devotees give HIM some paper sort (as if like a petition), Baba looks at that and nods HIS head.. and some other devotee asks HIM something and Baba nods HIS head again.. (it was all soo real.. as if HE is just seated there and accepting all devotee's requests/prayers/etc..).. and then i don know if it is my turn or what.. suddenly, Baba looks at a picture on the wall and prays (i wodner, Baba Himself is praying?? To whom?? types.. i turn ot see.. and i am not sure, whose picture i saw, it felt like Baba's own picture to me.. ) HE is praying to Himself, i think again..

    After this dream, i somehow felt, i should obey and garland Lord Ganapathi as said. and i did that too. this happened on a sunday.
    The folling Thursday.. again i got this wonderful dream, early thursday morning.. I am at my home.. and I hold a plate of eatables.. and i see a big statue of Lord Ganesha. my dad, cousins and some r standing along with me, they ask me to offer what is in my plate to Lord Ganesha.. i say, "this is for Baba" then, a tall person like a priest, clad in white walks from the gate's side.. ( i flet it was Baba).. who stares at me, at my remark.

    immediately, Lord Ganesha picks one Ladu (that ladu ball seems to be made of Til, peanut, cashewnut).. I could clearly see this. Lord Ganesha puts in His trunk and He eats it.. and then takes out remaning ball to be thrown out. One minute, i think, that is God's Prasada (as it is uchishta) why should it be thrown out.. i wish i could get it.. then immediately, Lord Ganapathy throws it to me. this was a wonderful dream.

    All i could think was this — Baba and Lord Ganesha are ONE in spirit but different in forms. the worship i did to Lord Ganesha was accepted by HIM and HE kindly acknowledged the same to me on Thursday morning, (Guruvar sacred to Baba).

    — the day i was worshipping Ganesha, Baba appeared in my dreams as if to inspire the worship. On Thursday, after the pujas, Lord Ganesha blesses in dream.. as if to say, HE has accepted the worship.

    from then on.. i see Lord Baba and Lord Ganapathy as ONE!!!!


    • Hi i use to pray baba probably since 2009.i trust him.while reading through such experiences by his devotees i feel so sad that why can't i get some experiences or dreams like this..i too wanna feel those dreams and i suffer a lot in my life and i hope baba knows that very well.But sometimes i have a question to myself that does he watch me or left me careless?

    • Hi..i use to pray baba probably since 2009.i trust him.while reading such experiences and dreams of his devotees i feel so sad that why can't i get those things.i too wanna experience those dreams and suprises.i suffer a lot in my life now and i hope baba knows that very well.abaut i have a question to muself that does he watch me or left me careless?

  2. Hello Hetal ji and all sai devotees,
    I am Sai Devotee turing more and more ardent devotee as I get so many experiences everyday.
    I would like to share one amazing experience. My cousin in London sends me forwards of various informative and educative e-mails. The one that she sent me was about seeing the world's different countries clicking on the icons of the countries shown up on the screen. Somehow I wanted to click on India so that I can have familiar photos and information which I might already knew. Side by side I saw BOMBAY too…that was unusual…so my choice shifted from INDIA to BOMBAY!
    Now clicking on that icon, there were the photos of TAJ hotel, OLD and NEW, The gateway of India, with photos of various angles I am scrolling down to see more photos and than there were photos of roads of busy transportations, people and lastly the photo of a sweet muslim girl holding her brother on her waist. My eyesight was caught on the innocent smile of that girl and the way the child was looking at his sister…well, I scrolled little further and there were 2 photos of Mumbai Taxi, front and back side in each photo…and the miraculous moment sprung up!!!!!! The taxi with the back side had a SAIBABA's photo with a right hand blessing HIS devotees pose!
    I could not believe my eyes. How come on a web page in French language showing up all the countries of the world had Bombay included and the LAST photo with SAIBABA blessing pose!
    Here is that link:

  3. Hi Everyone,

    This is a wonderful miracle. I got goose bumps when I read all the above experiences (including comments). Our Baba is so sweet, he blesses us with beautiful and memorable experiences and dreams. I want to share one of my dream which I had long time back which tells that he is a form of every god. Though I had it in my childhood, I can still clearly remember this. I became a devotee of baba at the age of 12, since then I have been worshipping him. In our family everybody prays to Lord Venkateshwara (Tirupathi Balaji). In my childhood, I was thinking that Baba and other gods are different. Then one day I got a dream like this, I went to Tirupathi, I was waiting in the long queue, after passing lot of doors, finally I entered the door of the main temple. There I saw all the walls were black, and suddenly I saw Baba's beautiful white statue in the place of the famous Lord Venkateshwara's statue.(I could clearly see this). I got baffled and thought where did I come? Is this Tirupathi? When I looked around everything seemed as tirupathi, but the statue is different…in a confused state I woke up. After I had that amazing dream, I realized our sweet Baba is the form of every god. So Dear Sai Sisters and Brothers…Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Maruthi, Ganeshaa, Allah, Jesus etc…all are our Sai, our beloved Sadguru baba. Om Sai, Hari Om!!!

  4. Wonderful Experiences….Really
    Our SAI MAA is truely our…:)caring,kind,merciful,forgiving……..:)
    I adore you SAI MAA….

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