Sai Baba As Guardian – Sai Devotee Ramya

Sai Baba As Guardian - Sai Devotee Ramya
Happy Gurupoornima Dear Sai Readers. Sharing with you all experience of Sai sister Ramya ji.

Ramya says: I am Ramya. As all daughters have a dream to live happily after marriage, I too had so. But my marriage was on the verge of collapse in the court. My guardian, my father, mother the master Baba protected me…. Now I am in USA living very happily with my beloved husband… I bow to Baba as “Runi”. Sai Ram

Hi all,

This is when I saw real bad time in my life. I am married to a software engineering working for a top companies of the world, the only son to his parents. I agreed to this proposal through Bharat Matrimony. The guy was in US before engagement. He liked me so much in the photo & asked his parents to see me. Every one were very happy I got engaged after he came back. I got married too. The trouble soon started. My husband was supposed to be well behaved educated guy, very soft charactered guy but he was just the opposite of these.

He had no interest in me, he used to shout on me, he used to drink badly, he used find great pleasure with relatives & friends. He used to scold me, find wrong in everything I did, he used to beat me very badly. I am also a software engineer. I used to work late only to escape from his torture. This was my experience in the new house as a newly wedded bride. I didnt have the happiness what a newly married person has. I could only say my sorrows to my parents & weep. Even my parents were helpless. I could say my sorrows to my parent in laws but the day I did there was big kurukshetra & he used to lie upon me made me big villain in front of them. They used to treat me ill. This continued till a month and half. There was a good news awaiting that he flew to America & after 2 months I had to join him there. Our life was very happy for just a month. The situation was even more worse. Now he starting drinking heavily daily. He use to beat me brutally, my hands my legs used to get swollen & bruised. Oh I didnt know who Sai was but I used to tell each & everything to my parents. My parents came to know about Sai Baba. They asked me to worship him. I started doing so. The ill treatment was going on there used to be fights at least 20 times a day. Fights were till late nights. Thought of committing suicide & sometimes thought of calling 911 ( police due to the harassment and abusiveness). Thank god we had to go back to India as his project assignment got over. I came back to India hoping atleast now on wards I will have good time.

Fate ill fate of mine. The same old pranks began. Now what ever mistakes he used to do I used to complaint it to my mother in law. But he reversed that as if I have done the same mistake. My mother in law began to call her relatives get some black magic stuff. She used to put it into my food. By Baba’s grace I woke up in the morning I felt as Baba was warning me to drink the milk my mother in law gave. No body would in this awkward situation believe that a mother in law would give the milk to her daughter in law with so much love. I just smelled the milk I could easily trace a pungent smell. I threw the milk this happened a week. I really wanted to test, so I gave the same milk to my husband who used to leave for the work early in front of mother in law. I just exchanged the milk in front of the both saying i wanted less quantity of milk which was my husband’s glass & the one in my hand (i.e. given by my Mother in law). My husband who was just to pick up his glass to drink milk, when I did this he left the glass saying he doesnt want to drink milk today & my mother in law came running to avoid her son from drinking it, took the glass from me saying he should not drink the milk as his breakfast was heavy. 🙂 So My parents knew everything. They could not see me in this condition took me with them for 15 days. My husband didnt like this. After my coming back again same disaster started. My mother gave me an Idol baba to worship & do sai vrath. When I kept the Idol in the pooja room my mother in law wanted me to take the Baba’s idol from pooja room. I was not allowed to vrath. I went to my parents house to do wrath. One Saturday the torture was so sever that my husband started saying I have a soul or a spirit on me & I wanted to kill him. It was 12 am he woke up. His mother father began telling stories. His mother called up relatives I could not protect my self. My parents were far away. My mother in law manhandled me. I dont know how I spent that night. My parents were called, they were listening to the beatings over phone. And the next day morning I escaped from that house.

I came to my parents house. I spent there six months. There were not in touch with them. After six months a lawyer notice had come to my house saying I should join him. But I refused to go, my parents had decided me to get a divorce. Accordingly We sent a notice for a last compromise notice. If he agrees to that he will well behave & take care of me happily with out physical abuse I would join him that too under court’s vision on us.

Mean while a week earlier I had got a job very near to parents house as a HR executive & also I was doing my Thursday Vrath thinking this is the last vrath I am going to do. I am from a very prestigious family though middle class, had sister yet to be married off & a mother who was almost half buried with my worries. Keeping all these in mind I either thought of committing suicide taking tablets. Believe me I had got all ready with the tablets bowing to Sai Baba that I would end my life my marriage would be broken. The very next day morning (BABA came to our house in saffron clothes) as sadhu. He blessed me saying “dheerga auyshman bhava (long life to you)” inspite of my mother asking him to bless me for a happy married life. The next to next week my mother had been to Shirdi. She arrived there on Thursday. Mean while I & my sister got same dream as Baba blessing me to go & live my life happily with my husband in a separate house from mother & father in law. I had a strong feeling that after getting Shirdi prasad I would smear on my head the holy Udi all my sufferings will come to end. My mother came back from shirdi and gave me prasad. There was a call from the court, So we lost hopes again. We went to court with hearts broken. It was on Wednesday the 9th week of my Thursday vrath. I bowed to Sai that this would be my last day of pooja. If suppose in this one day you will reunion us happily I would distribute the Vrath book With great joy & the vrath will be completed with great celebrations. I went to the court the judge simply made us sit together i.e. only me & my husband & told us under Sai Maharaj’s blessing you should live life happily here after in his house for about 1 month under court’s observation. I was astonished the judge taking up the name of Sai Baba & reuniting us with giving us any chance of opinions to exchange. I didnt know what to do and was fearing whether the same would repeat. I agreed to that with fully doubtful thoughts. My parents & his parents saw us coming happily from the judge’s room. It was very shocking to them because the marriage was almost a collapse with in 10 mins was the otherway round.

Next day I celebrated Vrath very grandly distributing sweets & books. Oh god People please listen to this… what happened here after… 🙂

As I was working in the new company which I joined a week earlier I was not given leave nor I was supposed to quit. The company was near to my parents house I was supposed to stay at my place until we had decided the date to go back to my husband’s house. The next day My husband called me saying he is traveling back to America. Oh was this situation a bad or a good. After a great separation I wanted to join he says he wants to leave to America urgently. He met the previous day in a hotel. What a REMARKABLE CHANGE IN HIM. The person made me cry for the whole life wept saying sorry… YOU KNOW WHAT HIS MOTHER WHO NEVER WANTED BABA’S IDOL TO BE KEPT IN THE POOJA ROOM NOW WANTED TO GO TO SHIRDI IF her son’s life would be happy :)….

Now I stayed in my parents house for 2 months until my visa was done. I was never forced to go to his house & stay as I had a reason to say that the company was (6 kms only) near to my house. Of course it was true. Otherwise the distance from my mother in laws house was 36 km one way to my company. I had been to Shirdi. My Visa was done. Now I am in America with my husband living very happily without any fights. No fights at all cant believe. I bow with great reverence to my Baba. I thank him for the new life he has given me.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Ramya,

    I wish you a very happy married life and under Baba's watch it will be sweeter than sugar. Wonderful is Deva's grace and pray to him with all your faith

  2. Ramya
    I am crying with happiness after reading this miracle in your life.Baba will always fill you with happiness in every manner.You have undergone enough.Baba is there with you.

  3. Dear Ramya,
    I read & re-read your post, I'm so happy for you. May baba's blessings be always on you and your life get happier by the day.
    Baba is great & your experience reiterates that again. But at the same time I can't overlook your patience & your dedication to save your marriage. We have a saying in telugu one's Sahanam (patience) is one's SriRama raksha. Your story proves that, even baba is probably moved by your great qualities.
    Good luck!

  4. Ramya,
    After hearing your miracle i just can say only one thing that Happy Married life to you. May that Shirdi Sainath show his miracles ever and ever on all who trusts him lot.

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    !Om Sai Ram!

  5. Ramya,

    You have inspired fellow Sai devotees like me to have faith and patience in Baba. What a wonderful miracle you have seen and experienced. My heart went out to you when I was reading about the physical abuse you underwent. I really hope and pray you have a wonderful life with your husband and Sai Ram is always with you through your whole life. God bless. Sai Ram.

  6. sai ram ramya…..

    i have read your post,,,its quitely abit same of mine….i am also facing lot of troubles with my beloved one….

    can you please tell me about 9 guruvaar vrath..where can i get that book….because,,,i have seen many books,,,with different authors,,and different stories…as,i belong to andhra….i need 9 guruvaar vrath book in telugu….

  7. sai ram ramya…

    i am facing problem,,abit similar to you…i want to end my life…i am scared to cut my wrist…i donno,,wat shud i do..?
    its been more than year,,i am crying..but,,baba is not listening to my prayers…what should i do?….please help me….

  8. sairam ramya….

    your story is inspiring me against devotion of baba….but,,already 1 year passed,,still mine is same worst condition…..i have lost hopes on baba…

    my beloved one is cheating me,,and now,he dont want to marry me.i am waiting for babas miracle in my life…

    ramya,,i want to cut my wrist,,atleast,,my beloved one may change…i donno….whether baba will help me or not?

  9. hello ramya

    happy married life………….. Baba will definitely show and help us in every aspect. As much as we believe in him, he ll show the that much proofs.
    We are blessed to be believe in baba………….
    love you baba.

  10. Ramya,

    Your story is so similar to mine, when i was reading it i had a feeling that baba is trying to convey to me that everything is going to be fine 🙂
    baba is truely amazing 🙂
    om sai raam
    i am very happy for you 🙂

  11. Iam meenakshi one of the devotee of SAI BABA .i have a full faith on baba always he helps i want baba please help in my marriage with ashok,my family are oppose of love marriage,please baba please sort out this already know baba i love ashok very much.and also help my parents and family in therir matters.and please baba please give me a permanent place in your feet.
    love u sai ram ji.i want to something for my papa.

    Always be with me sai ram ji

  12. Dear Ramya,

    Your story is similar to mine except for the physical abuse. When i went through your experience, i started having a strong belief that BABA would help me and take me out of all the problems and reunite with my husband very soon. Its 17 months of separation already and Divorce case is in the court.

    I have faith in BABA and waiting for good things to happen.

  13. Ramya..May Baba always shower love on you and be with you…Bcoz already you have experienced more than enough…Everyone prays baba for their own wishes thinking that they are in big troubles…i accept that ones problems seems big to them…But my personal opinion is that when we read experiences like yours,i feel ours is small…I admire ur patience..
    May Baba bless all of us…

    Jai Sai Baba..

  14. I am in similar situation my marriage life is not going fine. Things became worse after birth of my son.he is 8 months old now. I cannot commit suicide as my son needs me.I am going through this pain with heavy heart. Waiting for baba to help me.Baba had given me everything I wanted.

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