Nine Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat Miracle – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Nine Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat Miracle - Anonymous Sai Devotee
Sharing again experience by anonymous Sai sister who wants to narrate miracle of Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat.

Anonymous Sai sister says: Dear Hetal ji, this is in continuation of my first post narrating my experience of Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat pooja. Thanks for your wonderful service to SAI. Bless you with health and happiness.

Dear Hetal ji, i am again sharing one more miracle which i experienced when i started performing the Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat. In my previous post i had shared one experience wherein i had promised that if my wish gets fulfilled i will perform the Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat. So during vacations when i visted my parents place in India i started performing the vrat. Back in india my husband and me wanted to invest in real estate and i was given the sole responsibility of searching & investing in a good property. But something or other went wrong when i was trying to close the deal on a positive note. I was feeling terrible about the whole issue of investing – even time was running away but inspite of all this i was at peace because at the same time i was doing the Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat. Atlast after a long search i settled for a property. My father was very susceptible whether our choice was right. Even i was not sure as it was a huge investment and i was solely taking the decision but i thought in my mind that if i have complete faith in BABA why should i fear and i left the entire burden at BABA’s holy feet. The day of signing the agreement came and me and my dad went to the real estate office. We were asked to wait in the reception as the concerned person had not come. Me and my father were again discussing about the investment and i was feeling jittery about the whole thing. I took my dairy and started writing SAI’s name and in between when i was looking around what do i see — behind the receptionist desk was a beautiful picture of our Lord SAI. Now i was fully assured of Baba’s presence and became calm instantly forgetting my tension whether my decision to buy this property was correct or not. I showed this to my father who was also pleased. I must tell you i have been to this office previously but i had not see any picture of our SAI, i had seen other God’s photo (actually it is my habit to search for Sai’s photo whenever i have some important work to be done) but today i saw our SAI. Then after waiting for 10 minutes we went in and signed the agreement without any worry. As we were heading home i was fully relaxed but my father had whole lot of questions and apprehensions about the property we were buying. And i kept assuring my dad all through that since we saw SAI’s photo at the office we need not worry. Now the next miracle was waiting to be unfolded when i reached home. As soon as i reached home i washed my feet and straight away went to the pooja altar where i was doing the Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat of SAIBABA to pray for his blessings and i was about to place the agreement letter at SAI’S feet and what do i see – an envelope from Shirdi. I was shocked!! as i opened it – there was Udi and prasad sent from Shirdi. I jumped in joy, i was so so happy to see my SAI sending his blessings all the way from Shirdi. Tears rolled down my eyes. I kissed SAI’S photo. Even today if i remember the moment i feel so happy. My mom said that the post man delivered the post exactly around the same time when i was signing the agreement. I had done this annadana (offering to SAI temple, Shirdi) online long back and i completely forgot about this and also i was not aware that they send UDI & prasad along with the receipt. Baba send them to me exactly on the day i was signing the agreement when i needed him the most to relieve me of my tensions. Still the process of registration is not completed but i am least bothered yes i have stopped worrying about it because i know SAI is looking after all the affairs and all the work will be done under his guidance and blessings at the right time. So friends if you believe in BABA please do the NAV GURUWAR VRAT(Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat).It is really fruitful and above all you will feel BABA’s presence every where around you. Surely our BABA speaks from his tomb. He is there helping his devotees whenever and wherever the devotees call HIM. I also want to say i was not able to distribute the book to 5 people i only went to BABA’s temple and distributed prasad on the last concluding 9th week and he accepted my pooja. So it is not distributing book or doing the ritual that is important but the Shraddha(Faith) with which we do the pooja is important. So whatever your difficulties are keep faith in Our Lord SAI – He will solve all of them. I pray to SAI to always bless all those who believe in him.


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  1. Really Baba has blessed you.Om Sri Sachithananda Sai Nathaya Namah!!!
    Ananda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja Parahbramah Sri Sachithananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!

  2. one and half year back before i told yes to his proposal i asked sri sai baba in the form of a coin toss (heads-marriage, tails break up)if he will be married to me or not at last. the ans was he will be my husband, i did it several times and the ans was same..then i told yes to him. bt we have to break up as his parents did not accept for our marriage due to caste feelings..i was sffering a lot, i have been praying every day since 7 months. but sainath is not accepting my prayers i am doing nav guruwar vrat and i completed 4 weeks, i dont know what to do..i cant marry some one else because i loved him a lot…please anyone give me a solution to make sai accept my prayers and bless me and him by getting married by our parents willingness.

  3. Please read Guru Charitra to see what Faith means. Very fact that you tossed the coin several times shows you were not having enough faith.

    I will toss the coin in front of Baba's photo only when I am willing to accept either of the decisions without fail. Once the toss is done, Baba has given his decision. At that point I would not like to back out on it, even if the whole world stands against me, because baba is on my side. If I am not willing to stand by his decision, I will not toss the coin in the first place. Respect Baba's word.

    You said 'I have been praying every day for 7 months and sainath is not accepting my prayers'? You pray sincerely once, after that you wait with saburi for things to happen. You should have been preparing for the marriage all these days. You should have been dreaming how your married life going to be.

    Ask yourself, have been praying all these 7 months or have you been doubting all these 7 months. Sorry for being harsh. I am only driving the point home – what is faith.

    Baba's grace showers on everyone equally. You receive it with faith and love. You reject it with doubt.

    Read the blog area of this website for some discussion on faith and other related topics.

    I pray that your love works out.

    • Hey I love what u have written its really an eye opening comment thanks we all should have faith in baba, I feel like baba him self has shown me this comment because I sometimes lose hope

  4. i really need a help …. i love one boy , he also love me . we want to do marrige..but boys family not accepting me because of some caste problem. but boys engagement done some other place , marrige date in december. but i have hope in sai ram , tahe he will accept my prayer very soon, some time i loose my patients, really i dont want to this, but some time , i fell very lonely in my life . and im also keeping fasting of 9 thursday of baba. waiting for his truly blessing for my marrige…. om sai ram

  5. Really I am very stressed with my love problem but I realy find some peace when I read all this I feel happy for all of us sai is there…. But even then I feel I need to trust in sai and leave the result to him and worship him faithfully and he will give u d fruit… Hez our loving father…. Om sairam

  6. Really I am very stressed with my love problem but I realy find some peace when I read all this I feel happy for all of us sai is there…. But even then I feel I need to trust in sai and leave the result to him and worship him faithfully and he will give u d fruit… Hez our loving father…. Om sairam

  7. Om Sri Sai Ram
    Dear Sai Devotees,
    I recently completed my 9 week sai vrat pooja. It is mentioned that at end of 9 weeks to distribute sai vrat book to 5 or 9 people. However, I don't know anyone where I live. So I thought of sharing it with all you people.
    Sai vrat is a miraculous vrat done for 9 weeks which when done with complete faith and patience, Baba will surely fulfill all your wishes. It is said that we have to fast for 9 thursdays and do the sai vrat pooja. However, I never fasted for the 9 thursdays. I always take Baba's name and start my day.
    Sai vrat pooja can be started on any Thursday and continued for the next 8 Thursdays.
    The sai vrat story is here:
    Om Sri sai ram.

  8. Kavita Gautam,

    Sai is always the answer to my questions, questions which is always confusing and misleading. My lords blessing has always been my strength. I know my baba is with one who help oneself. Love u Sai.. U are an inseparable part of my life.

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