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Today i am forwarding experience of Sai sister Shashikala ji.

Shashikala ji says: I want to share some of the experiences of Sai baba. After a gap of 20 years I wish to place before Sai devotees a very unimaginable incident. I wanted to publish this long before but I did not know the ways. I am completely illiterate about this platform. I think this may be Sai prerana to write this. Sitting in Tokyo I am writing this. There are many incidents I want to write.

My family had to see very bad days during last 8 years. Our nature, of helping the needed and innocently believing the people, send us to such place of poverty, loss of everything, our respect. We suffered a lot, our own people were not showing any sympathy, instead keeping a distance. Only our 2 children were the pillars to our life. We thought that what we are doing is correct, because Sai is with us. But Sai did not correct this. His only blessing to us was that our children’s education did not suffer.

The bad days came to an end after some time. My husband took VRS and opted to take some rest. By that time our daughter completed her engineering and joined Infosys. After sometime, my son also completed his studies and joined TCS. We thought after the cyclone, we got good and peaceful days. I also decided to leave job and to enjoy a peaceful life. It is my family’s belief that Sai is with us to take care of us. But destiny not allowed this. And contrary to my belief, on 16th June 2007, early in the morning, my husband expired by cardiac arrest, within 15 minutes without giving some time for us to reach doctor. I begged with Sai, to save my husband. But he did not listen. He gave him very peaceful painless Moksha and pushed me into dark, to cry. I don’t know why Sai could not give me happiness for a few years.

Now the responsibility of our daughter’s marriage was on me, and I had to finish it as early as possible. Otherwise I had to wait for another 3 years. We had finalized the marriage with the boy of my daughter’s choice, of very nice family. The marriage was fixed to be held on 10th Feb. 2008 Sunday at Vaishnavi Sabha Bhavan Manipal (Udupi). Because all our relatives reside in this area and they took the responsibility of all work. Tears were rolling from my eyes constantly, without my beloved husband by my side, still everything was going smoothly as if somebody has already done it for us. My 2 children were the courage for me.

I, with children, was to leave Mumbai for Udupi on Monday, 6 days before the function. On Sunday night we finished our luggage packing and about to go to sleep. By then we got a phone call from my co sister from my native place, telling that our mother-in-law who is 80 years old, jumped into the well, consequent upon a quarrel with her younger son and daughter –in-law with whom she was staying in family house. She also told to postpone the marriage and to stop all proceedings of ceremony. In our native place, every house has a deep well about 60 meters deep. Our well is also very deep and in winter, it contains nearly 20-23 feet water, that is too very cold. It is a common belief and fact that if somebody falls or jumps in well will not survive. Here, the lady is over 80 years old and nothing like chance of survival. It was 10.30 pm and very dark everywhere and impossible to take the dead body out till next morning. One can imagine my position very well. My entire relatives, well wishers, shell shocked and started the further proceeding of postponement of marriage. Message reached my would be son in law who was then in USA and about to start next day. My children were crying constantly. But this time, unlike during the time of my husband’s death, I kept quiet, simply looking at the photo of Sai, telling him that you are playing very rudely with my life. Now I won’t plead before you, you do whatever you want to do. If you want to punish me, you punish but why you are punishing my daughter? I told my children to stop crying and to utter sai naam because there was nothing in our hands.

One hour passed, then we received a phone call again from my brother, very unimaginable and, surprisingly, he told that somebody with the help of torch, saw that the old lady is alive into that deep water and in standing position, just like somebody is supporting her from drowning. They had already called Fire brigade and it was to reach after some time. He also told still we cannot think positively, though this is a miracle.

By then a fellow who could get down into the well, (available in villages) arrived at the scene very unexpectedly. He got down into the well and before fire brigade arrived, with the help of ropes and other people he brought her up from well. There was no single scratch, no pain, no fear she was very calm just like nothing happened. With the fear of suspected internal injuries she was immediately admitted in ICU at KMC Manipal. Her death was postponed by Sai.

This was above all surprise and miracle to hundreds of people assembled there waiting to take out her dead body saw her alive who remained in deep cold water for 2-3 hours. In the history of our native place, nobody in such condition survived. Merely peeping into the well or by the thought of jumping only one can die with the fear.

This looks like an unbelievable miracle for everybody. I need not write here that, just like nothing has happened, further programs continued.

Still I don’t know, whether I am blaming Sai to separate me from my husband, left me to live a sorrowful life, snatching the opportunity of Kanyadhan of my daughter or thankful to him for rushing to show his concern towards my family. Whether Sai will answer this?

One more incident of same occasion, during the function, me and my son, were sitting alone. It was my son’s belief that Sai will definitely come to the function and bless the couple. But I did not answer, because, if he comes also how we can recognize him. Then we left that topic and became busy somewhere. After some time at about 1.00 PM, my brother who was attending the guests, called me and told, “See, somebody has come to meet you”, they told that they are Poojaries from Mhalsa and they want to bless the couple. He also told me to take them to stage and to give some fruits and Dakshina as they will not wait for Bhojan. I did accordingly. I took one of them to couple and made to give offerings from their hand and to take ashirvad. Then I again brought the offerings for another and called him, to stage. But the first fellow, immediately came and replied that my friend’s clothes are dirty, and face is un-shaved, so will never come to stage or stand for photograph, whatever you want to give, you give from your hand instead of couple, and take blessings. The gentleman’s eyes were on the couple and he was looking at them smilingly for a long time, standing on one leg, just like Sai sitting keeping his one leg on the floor. I followed the instructions. During this entire episode, I was just like in a semi conscious human being. After 5 minutes I came to full conscious and remembered the things happened, searched for those two Brahmins around to show them to my son so that he also could meet them. But they were not seen anywhere. I and my son were so happy that our wish of “Sai attended our function” came true.

I have a lot of things to write in this book. I want some answers for some of my doubts from Sai also.

Shashikala Madhukar Nayak

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  1. I have literally experienced Baba's blessings throughout my life. I have so many miracles to share.. I saw a movie about sai baba in 1990,and rom then onwards I started praying to him.
    First Experience
    A group of Railway staff along with my sister and my brother in law,went on all India tour. Even Ijoined them. when we wer about to reach Bombay, (the next morning) I thought I might not join them for sight seeing,instead I would go and visit Shirdi, but I didn't have any clue about where Shirdi is…. That night in my dream I heard a voice telling me that "subha..don't come now you need to travel six hours from here… you can come some othertime.. Ishall call you",Iwoke up suddenly and looked around.Everyody was in deep sleep..I was confused. Next day morning when we came out of the station Iasked a taxi driver about going to shirdi,and he said the very same my surprise Isaw a big photo of Sri sai smiling at me……
    what else to say, I got prasad from shirdi on my wedding day…you know what, in my law's house nobody ever prayed or believed in Baba. but I got prasad to thier address on the same day when Ientered there…in the name"sai shalini" .. My married life is not a success, a lot of trouble..but sai was with me… to the extent that I got a daughter though I had to undergo the removal of my vital child bearing organ. sai…. I am ever indebted to you…
    But still I ,my family is in trouble seeking his miraculous divine intervention.. I am sure I will have so much to share with you all,again.. his blessings.. his such. He would not want to keep me crying He would surely help me. Iam sure…

  2. @subha

    Hang on to your faith, Baba will solve all your problems. From what you say looks like you are already blessed with baba's grace.
    Testing times won't last forever.

  3. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

    Dear Sister Subha,
    i`ve have been suffering for about 7 years time and slowly the bad times turned out to be good one by one by gods grace and many many miracles of shirdi sai Ram happened in my life.

    Sister Subha do not fear when baba is here,soon you will start to expereince good things in your life with baba`s blessings.

    Om Sai Ram

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