When Sai Maa Came To My Life – Sai Devotee Deepa

In this post, i am sharing experience shared by Sai sister Deepa ji.

Deepa ji says: Hetal ji please publish my experience in this website.

  • Experience 1: How Baba entered our life.

    I am Deepa and married since 2006. I live in Chennai, I am very lucky to be close with Baba in these many years. I stay very close to Mylapore Shirdi Baba temple. I will narrate you how baba came to our life. I did not know baba till 2005, at that time i was staying in Bangalore and had visited Ulsoor baba temple with my relatives. I was staying in my cousin’s house and my relative from mumbai bought a book on Shirdi Baba which inspired me to buy the book and start reading. Once I started reading the book, baba’s blessing also came to me in abundance. I got married in 2006 in Chennai which was the grace of Shirdi Baba. We met each other after seeing Shirdi Baba so i consider my husband as my gift from my Sai nath. Since marriage, I changed my house 2 times. I used to tell baba that please help me find a good house near your temple in mylapore and finally after Shradha and Saburi he gave me house just 10 min walk from Shirdi Baba temple mylapore. I visit Baba temple on all Thursdays.

  • Experience 2: How Baba helped me in getting Job.

    Dur to recession I lost my job in 2009 February. Since then till 2010 April I was at home. But I consider that phase very lucky as I could get more and more close with my Sai nath. He was the one who stayed with me for 14 long months. Like lord Rama spend 14 years in forest, Baba too gave me 14 months to kill the ravan inside me and move to the path of shradha and saburi. On April 16th I got a call from a consultant stating an offer with Wipro. I was initially bit reluctant to accept as it was a 1 year contract job and on payroll of the consultant. But somehow Baba gave me strength to go ahead with the offer and on April 21st I joined the company. It was because of Baba only i could take a positive decision and accept the offer. Once I accepted the offer Baba showered his choicest blessings on me and everything, including salary which I never expected came to me. I got more than what i quoted and I am happily living.

Let me say once you have surrendered in his feet, he will be with us day and night. Sai nath Please bless everyone who believes in you and has shradhha and saburi in you.

I thank hetal ji for providing such a wonderful website. Its because of your website, the experiences each day people write made me stand still in tough times with shradha and saburi.

May Baba shower his blessing on everyone.

Jai Sai nathaya namah.

Sai ki beti

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