Sai Baba’s Kripa Of All Types – Sai Devotee Rakhi

Sai Baba's Kripa Of All Types - Sai Devotee Rakhi
With today’s post i am sharing experience of Sai sister Rakhi ji.

Thank you Hetal Ji for helping us, the devotees of baba to hear the stories of baba and also get things which are far fetched for us.

Baba came in my life long ago but i was so ignorant that I never realised that he has been with me all the time. After i moved to the USA i realised that baba is there with me all the time and he has been protecting me and my family all the time.

I have a part time job where i work few days a week and i get lot of free time there so i always have the Satcharitra with me so i can read it all the time. I have a small picture of him in my book which i use as a book mark. One day after reading i saw his picture and started thinking that what clothes i will take for Baba when i will go to Shirdi. My imagination was that baba wears an orange scarf on his head and the saint wear those clothes. So baba will look very pretty in a yellow shawl and an orange scarf on his head and the same on his neck. Thinking mentally like this i finished reading the chapter and i came home. Now feel the magic – I turned on The live Shirdi darshan mostly every day and when i turned it that day i felt something different that day but i didn’t know what?

A few moments later i realised that Baba is dressed up the way i imagined him in the morning and while doing darshan tears are rolling down my eyes as baba is telling me that see you thought casually about me and here i am…i cannot express the joy and love that baba showed me. I love you baba so much. You are everything to me..This is just one of the small leelas, he is always there with us.

Another leela, Last time i visited India I lived in my In Laws House and i was leaving to come Back to USA. It is My habit that when i leave out of the house i put Bhabhuti to my kids and myself. I had packed up all the stuff and the udi also went inside my bag, I panicked as i felt very uncomfortable that how will i travel all across the world without vibhooti. I started praying baba please take care of us and give me some bhabhooti so i can travel.

I casually went in the kitchen and we have like a shelf where we keep a small picture of ganpati (This is like a mini pooja room we have in the house other than the main pooja place) i could not go to the main one as i was getting late and LOL..there in the tiny shelf behind the picture i see i small plastic bottle of bhabhuti. It had baba’s two hands printed on it. I felt like a chill in my spines i saw and felt the miracle. I lived in that house for almost 5 years and i never saw that and now when no one is living there how this bottle appeared at the nick of time. It is baba’s leela and i leave it on him. What i have is unwavering faith in him and i love my baba…so much
Anant koti bramanda nayak raja dhi raj yogi raj parbrabhma shri sacchidanda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai..Small or big things baba is there..always…If there has been any mistake in the script i apolozise for it.

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  1. There can never be mistakes in a sai leela written by his children with love. Because it is he himself who writes his leela. We are merely his instruments he uses to spread his love throughout the world.

    Om sai ram

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