Everything Is Possible With Grace Of Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Jayasriamesh

Everything Is Possible With Grace Of Sai Baba - Sai Devotee Jayasriamesh
Presenting before you all experience of Sai sister Jayasriamesh ji.

My words fall short of in describing the miracles of baba towards me and my family. I feel to be blessed to have baba’s grace showered on us. I would like to narrate you one such Shirdi Baba’s biggest miracle to our family.

Me, my husband and my son (now 7yrsold) came to USA in the year 2007, when I was seven month pregnant with my daughter. I felt it was sheer baba miracle. After that my daughter was born and we got so much used to the place as if we were living there for generations as if our souls originate there.

Since my husband’s deputation was going to end by May 2009. We all felt disheartened. My son’s education was at toss. Because he was so much used that school and kind of education. We tried everywhere but could not get any positive reply. I approached all my friends and relatives but in vain. However we used to have staunch belief in baba. I prayed baba to please make us stay in USA baba I will leave coffee (my favourite drink). Then one morning (just 4 days before we went to india), Baba in guise of one of our friends came to our rescue. My husband’s H1 petition had filed. (Before filing we took Baba’s permission to our surprise it came positive). With the grace of Baba our petition was filed and went India with a hope to come back to USA.

Our life was very miserable in INDIA Because our son’s education was at toss. I tried his admission in all schools but in vain. My son used to ask me when will we go back USA. I used to tell him to pray every day whole heartedly. Baba will definitely listen our prayers. Finally we got our petition approved with his grace. Meanwhile my husband got job elsewhere in INDIA. We were in a dilemma whether to go USA or to take up the job. But then we thought since we prayed wholeheartedly to go back to USA we should first attend visa interview. We went for the Visa interview but our visa was put on hold for about a month. Meanwhile my husband joined the job leaving us at our parent’s place.

We got Visa after a month, then again me and my husband felt visa is like Baba’s blessing. My husband resigned job in india and booked tickets to USA and take up the jpb given by Baba with a belief that Baba’s given things are permanent and like a boon. Now after six months(i.e june 2009 till jan 2010) me, my son and daughter also joined my husband in the same city where we lived earlier. Further more the same apartment. After six months my son started going to the same school with all his grace. Above all we landed USA on my son’s birthday coincidentally. Because last year we celebrated his birthday is USA that time I prayed him that we would like to celebrate our children’s birthday in USA every year. I drank coffee after going to Baba’s temple in USA after nearly six months. I just can say one thing EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE GRACE OF BABA. SURRENDER TO HIM HE WILL TAKE US TO OUR DESTINATION.

Baba please shower your grace on us always. Thank you so much baba for giving me opportunity to write an article about your miracles.


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Hetal Patil
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  1. Baba,

    I trusted in you so much. I' havenot settled in a job yet. With your grace i got married to a nice guy and we dont have kids till now. With you grace i underwent surgery and everything went fine. its because of you i overcae all my problems. I dont know why you are not fulfilling my desire to have kids. I dont what went rong, please forgive me if i everdid anything wrong. Me and my husband are vry depressed that i'm not able to have kids and my doctor told me about a polyp growing in my uterus. Please help me overcome infertility and have kids. I will always remember ou for my entire life. I feel like commiting suicide but i'm just waiting that you will show your mracle to me soon. please help me have a kid baba. Om Sai Ram

    • SAIRAM Sister,

      With his unending GRACE, U will be blessed by Kids and have a wonderful life ahead…

      Om Sairam..

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