Sai Baba Always Moving Ahead Of Me – Sai Devotee Saumitra

Sai Baba Always Moving Ahead Of Me - Sai Devotee Saumitra
With this post, let’s see what Sai brother Saumitra ji has experienced on the path of devotion to Sai Baba.


Dear Hetal ji, You are doing a great service for SAI devotees and all others through your web site. Right fully one can call you HEMADPANT of present day. I am sure BABA must be showering his blessings continuously on you. I pray to BABA to make your web site a holy site for all SAI devotees.

Now let me share my recent experiences of BABA’s kindness and grace with fellow SAI Devotees.

I came to know about Baba around 6 to 7 years back and once went to Shirdi for Babas darshan around 6 years back, but that was before I fully knew about BABA and his leelas. Then I had faced some tough situations and my wife (herself a SAI devotee) told me to seek BABAs help, at the same time quite miraculously we got a copy of SAI Satcharita (I shall narrate this experience some other time) and both me and my wife started reading the SATCHARITA daily morning and evening. We also started reading SAI 108 names daily. We also visited Shirdi once more in 2009. After this we could feel Baba very close to us and always with us we had many many experiences. By BABA’s grace I would like to share all these with my fellow SAI devotees at appropriate time (when Baba permits me). However, at this moment I am just describing two most recent experiences of mine.

  • During 1st week of April 2010, I went to a friend’s apartment with my wife. Just one floor below I also have a small flat, which I had rented out through agents since last 1 year. I had never seen the tenant (a young man and his wife) but he seems to be a nice person. On that day my wife told me to have a visit to our flat (this was her first visit to the flat) and also to meet the tenant. Both of us came down do the 1st floor from second and knocked at the door, the tenant invited us in and let us seat in his living room. Just at that moment I could see a huge photograph of BABA in a calender hanging in the wall facing us. The calender was unusually large and BABA’s photo was also very large. It immediately came to my mind, about the story of Shama going to Gaya and finding Baba already present there (source Satcharita). I asked the young tenant of mine, about his SAI Bhakti, he answered, just like any other God, not much special. At that moment I was overwhelmed, I realised that BABA knowing my decision to visit my own flat had already reached there to receive me.
  • My second experience is even more recent, in the second week of April 2010, me and my family moved out to a new place, before finding a house there we stayed in a guest house. When we reported at the guest house the caretaker allotted one room to us. We kept our luggage there and looked around the room. On one side of the room two doors were visible, I thought these must the door to the attached washroom, and then after having a cup of tea went to the market with my wife, leaving my sons in the Guest House room. After a while I got a phone call my younger son, “Papa where are you, are you coming back quickly, I want to show you something you will love to see.” After a around half an hour I returned to the guest house and asked my son what is the interesting thing. He just opened one of the two doors and pushed me in. I was wonder struck to see a nice puja room attached to the room and in the pooja room a big picture of Baba sitting in the center and on either side of BABAs photo, two large photos of Ganasha and Shiv Parvati. Now have you ever heard of a Guest house room with attached puja room!! There were 6 to 7 rooms in that guest house and why that particular room should be allotted to us which has the Puja room attached and why at all in that Puja room BABA’s large (and beautifully framed) photograph should be present and seated at the center. The Puja room was ready with lamp, match boxes, joy-stick, wicks, oil for that lamp and all such things which were necessary to perform puja. I was overjoyed and speechless to experience BABA’s grace. In the said Puja room, I performed Puja for the days we stayed in the guest house and read SATCHARITA daily. Baba thus ensured that even in the unsettled condition (due to house shifting my Puja material were all packed) I could perform BABA’s Puja nicely with least of the problem.


Dear SAI Devotees, BABA is always with us and taking care of us every moment.

With Namaskar and Prayer to BABA for well being all

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Thanks Saumitra for sharing this.
    Yes I do agree that BABA always love his devotees and complete their needs before asking only… just we need to have two piece what Baba said….Shradda and Saburi

    Jai Sai Ram

  2. thanks for sharing your experiences
    i just statrd believing in baba…may he bless all u people.

    om sai ram

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