Miraculous Things In My Life By Shirdi Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Avinash

Miraculous Things In My Life By Shirdi Sai Baba - Sai Devotee Avinash
Sharing in this post experience of Sai brother Avinash ji.

Hi, First of all, thanks to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba for being with me and blessing me. I am Avinash. I am very excited with this forum and feel that its my basic responsibility to share my experiences with my Sai Matha. Sorry if my post is long, but I hope that it will be of help to some people who are in troubles.

I am working on a work permit in USA.

My life has been so cool till the end of 2008. I have loved Sai till this point just like any other Saint/God. I sometimes used to meditate chanting his name. But as far as I remember, I never had a strong encounter with him untill the end of 2008. Also, my job was very stable untill this point.

At the end of 2008, I lost my job. I didn’t take much tension at that time, because I thought I will get a new job soon. Days went till April 2009, and then troubles started coming to my life. My employer told me that he was canceling my work permit because he is having some issues running the company. So I was thrown into a desperate situation for finding a new job and new work permit.

During that period, economy was so bad and it was almost impossible to get a new job. Also things are very tough to get a new work permit. And my financial situation is very weak. I have lot of debts in credit cards and I am not in a situation to leave everything behind and go back to India.

  • My first strong encounter with Baba:

    In May 2009, one of my friends called me and said he wanted to visit me. Actually he was on his way to his destination but he took a halt at my place because of some work. It was the period where I was constantly worrying about my work permit and job. My friend visited me at night. On the same day, few hours before in the evening, I cried infront of Baba’s picture in the computer and desperately wanted to find an answer for my problems. I guessed that my past bad karmas had dragged me into that situation. And immediately, I wanted to find a solution to get rid of those bad karmas. I was searching on the internet, and found that chanting Baba’s name, meditating on Him and reading His scriptures will help in draining down the bad karma. Then I thought in myself that I can chant His name and meditate on Him. But what about reading the scriptures? I had no answer for that at that moment because I don’t know about any scriptures on Baba at that time.

    My friend stayed with me for that night in my place. He understood that I am in very depressed mood. He left the other day (May 30th), but before he left, he told me that there is a book on some of Sai Baba’s teachings and real life experiences called “Sai Satcharitra“. He advised that it will have a very positive effect on my situation. He also said that it is good, if I can start reading this book on Thursday and finish in 7 days. He told me that it helped him a lot in his personal life. And finally, he said that I don’t have to follow any rules and regulations while reading this book. The only thing that I need to do is to read it whole heartedly. He left that place after that.

    Then my eyes filled with joy, because I found the answer for the question I had the day before. Then I recalled one of the famous Baba’s saying “If anybody reaches Baba with devotion and seek His help, Baba will give the answer immediately”. I experienced this one in my life.

    After that, my friend sent me the links of Sai Satcharitra (PDF version) (June 2nd). I started reading the book on Thursday (June 4th).

  • First Miracle of Baba:

    A new employer applied for my work permit ( 27th of May ) just before the above incident happened (as I told above, my old employer terminated me). But I am very doubtful about the new approval, because I didn’t meet the basic criteria for the approval process.

    After I started reading Satcharitra (June 4th), my work permit got approved. I got the approval notice on June 10th. I opened it and found that my application in fact got approved on June 3rd (one day even before I started reading Satcharitra). This is a double wonder for me because, it was impossible to have the work permit approved without meeting this basic criteria. Also it is very difficult to get approval so soon. I immediately called my friend and told him about my work permit approval. He was very happy and asked me if I was reading the Satcharitra properly as per the schedule.

    Actually, I was NOT strictly following the schedule ( Start reading the book on Thursday and finish it in 7 days) at that time. Then he told me to start reading it again and finish it properly this time. I did the same.

  • Second Miracle of Baba:

    With the first miracle and grace of Baba, one of my major problems (work permit) has been resolved. But I had a second problem (project). This time, like my friend said, I finished reading the Sai Satcharitra on time (started on June 11th and finished on June 17th).

    Then on June 22nd, I got an e-mail from a vendor company with subject ” I WILL PLACE YOU IN A CONTRACT POSITION (PROJECT) ON JUNE 29th”.

    This again is a big surprise for me, because I applied for that position in the past and also gave the interview (during the time when I was reading Sai Satcharitra). But the interview didn’t go that well. So they selected another person for that. And I was never expecting such an e-mail from him.

    I immediately called the vendor company, and joined that project (with no further interview). Here another miracle happened and I was ended up with getting more money in that project than I was initially expecting.

    After I went to the project location, I found out that, I was taken as a replacement to the other person who was actually selected initially. I don’t know why, but that person left the project because of some personal problems.

  • Third Miracle of Baba:

    My next problem is serving in that job. I am completely new to the technology that I have to work on that project. There was no help in the internet also for that technology (its a new computer technology at that time). With Baba’s grace, I was able to get that project miraculously. But how can I survive in the job?

    I again put my burden on Baba. After I went to the project location, I started reading Sai Satcharitra again. Then suddenly one day, I found on the internet that there was a technology blog in the internet opened by somebody especially for the technology that I am working on. That blog has everything that I need in order to survive in that project. I looked at the date, the blog was started. You know what, it was just started on June 22nd (the same day that I got the e-mail from the vendor company regarding this project).

Yes..you are right. Our Baba plans everything upfront for his devotees (Just like mother plans everything upfront for her children).

I have no words to describe His mercy.
He is spoon feeding me in every aspect of my life.

I am still working on the same project and I whole heartedly give the complete credit to Baba for bringing me out of all my sorrows.

And if you observe here, all the above incidents happened around a span of just 30 days (May 30- 2009 to June 29- 2009).

And Baba has blessed me with so much knowledge on this new computer technology (in just 1 year), that I actually started training some people on this new technology now.

Baba–Please forgive me if/when I feel proud of the achievements in my life as my own deeds. Nothing can happen in my life without Your grace and unconditional love.

After this, there are numerous incidents where I felt the presence of Baba with me.

Now, if I look into my past, there are many incidents where I had a feeling that Baba was continuously watching me and taking care of me in everything I do.

PS: Sai Satcharitra is a holy scripture. If your read this book with devotion, it will solve all your earthly problems. More importantly if you can follow atleast few of the teachings mentioned by Baba in this book, it will create a spiritual connection between you and Baba. And finally, it is more important to have devotion towards Baba while reading this book rather than simply reading the book for the sake of reading.

I am trying to follow some of the sayings of Baba in this book and I pray to Baba to help me in following His teachings with pure thoughts.

Thanks to Baba for everything……
I cannot imagine my life without Your presence.
And Baba– please forgive me for the delay in posting my experience here.
And finally, my sincere thanks to Baba for giving me this opportunity in sharing with everybody my joyful experiences with Him.


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  1. Thanks Hetal for this great job.
    Thanks Avinash for sharing this. Yes Baba always said "i will take care of my devotees up infront. just they need to have Shradha and Saburi"

    We need to develop Shradha and Saburi on meditating the Baba's name.
    Everything else was taken care by BABA.

    Jai Sairam

  2. This is beautiful example of Babas Miracle. Even a small or big baba only doing. We are tool for baba . He is sathchat brama sourubaya . All things doing by him. I and u are nothing.

    O god this is kali yuga . We are living in terrible life. Every where every corner UN justice. SO This Yuga we can only believe you. You only can able to help us. We cont believe our relation or our friends or our job or our own talent or our own child or any body in this world for help. You and you are only should help us. Their is no way others are already become helpless
    O God Pl help to ur devotees.

  3. Yes.This is very true.Sai baba is with us….As he always says…U look at me.I will definately look at you…Baba..Very soon I will also post my experience.Do bless me baba.I really want your blessings and all of us also.Do bless us.Have faith on him.he will bring out of the sorrow.you will forget sorrow once u will start believing him.jai sree sai ram ji ki jaye ho,jai sree sai ram ji ki jaye ho,jai sree sai ram ji ki jaya ho….

    Baba rakhsha karna…hum sab ki


  4. Baba is so kind to his children . He is adorable, for the way he keeps children on track, makes them work hard and also shows them path to success.

    Jai Sai Nath !!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us. I am happy to hear that you got a job by baba's grace. keep reading the book it will help you in many ways and erase your bad karma. May sai baba bless all of us.

  6. Thanks for posting your experiences and I'm glad that things are looking brighter for you. Baba gave me his blessings many years ago and ever since I've been looking to Baba for guidance. I'm currently going through a 'bad' time in my life, and for a while I have felt a disconnect from Baba occupied in my own life and troubles that I forgot Baba is always with me.

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