Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba In Shruti’s Life – Sai Devotee Sairoopa

Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba In Shruti's Life - Sai Devotee Sairoopa
Sai sister Sairoopa ji has shared few experiences of her friend with Shirdi Sai Baba and they are in turn shared with you all in this post.

Dear Hetalji, I am a regular reader of your blog and it really draw more close to Saibaba and boost up my energy to face hurdle of life.

There are couple of experiences which make me feel Saibaba presence in my life out of which I would like to share Saibaba’s miracle which happened to my friend.

My friend Shruti & me are best friends since 25 years now. She got married at the age of 20 and gone through many problems. Her marriage has gone through a rough path and when her son was 5 years old she walked out of her husband’s place along with her son. Life never seems to be easy for her as she didn’t have job some how she completed a beautician course with the help of her parents & started working in a parlour but income was too less to serve her needs.

She was totally into depression and lot of things happened that she couldn’t recover herself. She started facing lot of health problems. Out of which one problem was her right side hand was started shivering because of this she has to stop her beautician job. She tried lot of medicines changed doctors but no use. Later her whole right side body was not in control. She cant stand, sit and cant go alone anywhere. I was in middle east when her health problems increased to this level.

My last vacation I rushed to her house. Oh God what a painful sight it was! I couldn’t recognize my friend though I controlled tears started rolling down my cheeks. She was so beautiful and now she drastically lost weight and her beautiful long hair was cut short till shoulders as she cant comb her hair and she can not walk! She is just 30 years old and i felt its too early to get such sickness! Her mom told me with tears in her eyes that they tried all sorts of medicine from last 3 years but no use may be because her husband’s family did some black magic on her hence medicines not working on her body. Now even doctors have left hope. I was left unspoken.. looking at her 8 years old son and I wish I could do something for her.

Whole night I couldn’t sleep thinking about her. Morning I got up and prayed Saibaba to help Shruti and make her normal as before. In the evening I went to her I took “Saicharita” along with me. I spent some time with her and when I was departing I hugged her and gave Saicharita saying that “Keep firm faith in Saibaba and read this book”. Before leaving to middle east I couldn’t meet her but I spoke to her over the phone and she said she started reading “Saicharita”.

I came back from vacation joined my work and whenever I speak to my mom I used to ask about Shruti. After a month or so one day my mom saw Shruti in the bus and she was so surprised to see her healthy. Shruti told my mom that she is fine and she can go out alone now. When my mom told me this I was so very happy immediately I called shruti and “there she is” speaking clearly and she was sounding so happy. I was so eager to know how this miracle happened. Her mom explained as Shruti started reading Saicharita some one suggested a Neurosurgeon’s name though they didn’t have a hope her parents decided to go to him. After the check up he said this is side effect of some medicine which making her nerves weak as a result she is not able to walk and sit (when she was 12 she took medicine for elephant leg disease).

On other end of phone her mom and she couldn’t stop praising Saibaba and this side i had a pleased smile on my face. I thanked Shree Sai and I too truly believe that merciful Saibaba helped my best friend. He saved her life. Now she reading Saicharita everyday.

Sairam ! Please be with us, Please be kind to us & lead us in right path always.

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  1. That's really amazing story. I never used to read the whole story but today I don't know why I really felt to read it in the whole without skiping even a word. I must say Saibaba did a true miracle and I loved it because my eyes are also poured with tears when I was reading about the pain Shruti had experienced in her life. Thank u sai baba to help Shruti and keep helping other needed persons as well. 🙂

    • Very true!!….Baba Sai Humare…humsub pe reham najar karna..hume sab vastu me aap dikhen….aur karuna se dil bhar dena….Baba reham najar karna….bachho ka palan karna!!!

      Love you loads Baba.

  2. I am also surprised to hear the story. In fact, I am also suffering from bad pain in my right leg for the past 2 months. I got myself tested with 2/3 surgeons but they have not been able to trouble shoot the problem. I am also praying for and awaiting Baba's grace to overcome the problem.
    Baba! kindly help me and show me the right Doctor who will correctly diagnose the problem and cure it.
    Lovingly yours,

  3. This is the most wonderful miracle I have ever read. May Sai bless Shruthi and her family with lots of love, health, wealth and happiness.

  4. Thank you all for reading this..now she is as healthy as before and started searching for a job & try to be independant ..I am sure baba will help her in this too..

    Shrudda & Saburi..if we belive in this 2 simple yet strong words..will keep us tension free always ..

    May Shree Sai bless u All

    Om Sairam…Sairoopa

  5. Amazing miracle by Sai Baba. As Baba said, i will bring devotee like a string attached to the pigeon. Just we need to have this two piece "Shradha and Saburi"
    Jai Sai Ram.

  6. Astonishing, May Baba bless and cure all the sick and depressed who are in no position to even pray or seek help.Keep my family members in good health too and Baba please give me an opportunity to visit your Shrine. I am tring since last 7/8 years to come but nothing happening. please help us all.

  7. please shirdi sai baba i want to come to shirdi to seek ur blessings with my husband and my son…plz make it possible my april 2011.

  8. Hey, I am very happy to read this miracle. Really, lord sai makes impossible as possible… MAY LORD SAI BLESS ALL ON THIS EARTH.


  9. Hi

    This miracle happened to my wife when she was to deliver my son. She is a strong devotee of Sri sai. a day before her delivery, baba appeared in her dream and he took out the baby and gave it to the doctor in the labor ward.. and went away.. the next day she delivered to a baby boy… Sai is still make people to feel his presence.. as people here said… we need faith,and shraddha..


  10. Sai baba you are doing amazing miracle in my life. I want to reach siradi as earliest as possible and i am counting my days to reach siradi.i need your blessings. i need your blessings forever and i always think about you.

    Sai Ramanan MBA PHD
    Sri Siradi Sai BaBa Karunai

  11. I just want to share my experiance and thoughts which will be helpful for those who are need like me before. I was in deep trouble and i thought I will lost in that battle and I dont have any other hopes other than just trusting Saibaba blindly. I did Sai parayanam for a week and also used to read one chapter of sacharithra daily. One day I felt like reading VishnuSahasranamam and started reading it daily. I know Saobaba only initiated me to read it. By surprise all my problems solved in just 2 months and I completely came out from all strings. I cant even believe that even today. Its all Saibaba miracle and Vishnusahasranamam greatness. So please dont loose faith when you are in deep trouble, trust the GOD and do your best and never repeat the mistakes again. Chanting VIshnusahasranamam and saicharithra daily will keep U away from bad times and gives you peace.

    Ohm Sairam.

  12. This is really amazing one.. feeling so good.. i myself has seen sai helping me a lots in many ways.. i do trust him… he actually told me a umber of times dont do certain things.. but i dint listen to him, n i suffered the consequences.. Now i try not doing things which he tells me not to do.. Thanks Sai.. Trust u completely.. My mom n dad always tell me to read Vishnusaharanamam.. But i rarely do it.. i guess i shud start doing it..

    Om Sai Ram..

  13. It's really amazing to read the experiences here……but with heavy heart I request all Sai devotees to help me by praying for me as I know only divine belssing can help me out with my current problem. I beg you all to pray to Sai Baba and ask him to help me……I have never been a lucky person so may be someone's prayers will come to my rescue. I have been reading Satcharita for 4 weeks now, am doing Sai baba's fast for 9 thursdays and yet as I type this I am wiping my tears filled with tremendous pain….I need help, please help Sai baba……please…..I beg of you Baba……….please……

  14. Its truly amazing…a miracle by sri sai baba.i am also a true devottee of sri sai baba.Baba's blessings will help a lot of people. so have faith in Baba….

  15. I'm Feeling too great reading these Miracles now i have nothing to say here.. and yes u put ur knees down and place all ur problems at his feet u will find amazing miracles all over.. i have an example of my own life… lots and lots of ups and downs in my life i have never slept peacefully any night.. one day it happened that i visited the sai temple filled water with tears and that was the day that i ended up my tears and till today he's with me guiding me wat to do always coming in my dreams and i'm doing really well….. and not only me any person i come across i have always been hearing great about him..

  16. Note my experience with Baba's miracle. My brain's surgery was done and now I'm passing on my life .I have faith in Him that He'll see to my life further with this fractional organ. Jai Sai Ram….

  17. Sai Baba,M mother is suffering from severe knee pains for the past 4 months.I suggested her to start reading paarayanam book and I am going to do the same from today.
    Baba, please cure her knee pains and make her healthy.
    We love our mom and she has dedicated her whole life for us since my father passed away.

    Please help us baba.We love you and believe you.

    Om sainaathaya namaha

  18. Sai I trust you the most… Please save our family and give peace and happiness. After the recovery from hospital , definitely will pay a visit to Shirdi.

    Jai Sai Baba.

  19. Sai ma pls forgive me for suspecting your pls forgive my ignorance and cure me saves me from this negative thoughts and help me to b bold and positive all days
    Dear sai bro and sos I have between suffering from depression and fear pls pray for me I should get back my lost happiness and I should over come this negative thoughts pls pay for me

  20. Bcoz of Sai Baba's miracle i got job,but after 7days i left that job.I faced lots of pressure and inability which bound me to leave the job and after that i am suffering from depression and fear.I am feeling like i am good for nothing.Now i have migrated to another kind of job bcoz i came to know my drawbacks when i was in my last company.I don't know how much i am right.Now a days,my state of mind is not good,always negative thoughts are coming and disturbing me.I am being unable to sleep properly and feeling like lost all my happiness.Plz Baba help me from this painful situation,I have faith on you.You did so many miracles in my life,Please help me Baba…
    Omm Sai Ram…

  21. Each blog of yours makes me feel so happy and makes me feel close to Sai ram, I am going through a miserable pain in my life and praying to Sai baba constantly I am sure Sai baba will surely answer my prayers very soon.

    Om Sai Ram!!

  22. Oh my God,I got no words to say abt ur miracles Sai, I can feel ur presence around me during all the hard times in my life,who else can be my best ever fren other than you. one of the miracles Baba did recently is He actually marked my paper and make me pass my exam which is the most hardest exam in my country. Actually wht happened was i resitted for this exam and i was aware tht i did some major mistake wic can cause me to fail all the papers,i totaly lost my hope again on tht exam but once i come back home my mum said have faith in Baba and He will go n mark your paper n dftly u will go tru ths time, and the miracle is i actually passed with a very good results. It is total amazing. Sai Ram. I love you alot.

  23. Hi this is hari. My wife sana got a job with miracle of Sai Baba. We believe baba will give whatever we want in our life. She selected in an interview but after that they waited Waited and asking all documents which supporting her education and prev experience and all it taken 40 days to clear the backgroud verification. finally on Dasara(baba's Punyathidi) she heared the finall selection good news. All these Saibaba blessings…we never forget this incidents in our life.

    OM Sai Shri Sai Ja Ja Sai

  24. hi sairama!!please save me, save my job. i was so much depressed for past 9 months, in past 2 months i cant sleep well,eat well i am afraid of my future,i want to move some other better project in my same company, i dont like this present project, i was so much depressed sairama! you are my only hope!! without lost my job,please change my team.please change my team, change me to good team sairama!i always chanting your sacred 'nama' please save me.you are my dad,mom,friend etc.please save me sairama. dear brothers and sisters who are all reading my comment please pray for me.

  25. JAI SAI RAM…..Jai sai ram………….jai sai ram….

    This can be done by no one but Baba……!!!!!!!

    He's the lord incarnate……!

    OM sai RAM…..!!!!!!!!

  26. Hello readers, am Veena and happy to read this miracle. I would like to see a miracle in my life too. Yes, i would like to live with my husband. I believe Sai will help us.

  27. Dearest Bhagawan Sai,
    I am into depression on and off. Please help me Baba to come out of this low self-esteem. It's very hard to live like this. Please have mercy please! I've no job for so many months, now out of school as well. I don't know what to do Bhagawan. Please be with me. I want to be normal.
    Bhakta S.

  28. Hi sai baba,
    iam facing a lot of problems since 15years i have failed a lot of times in edcucation Also i got major accident that took my 3 years bed rest iam feeling depression pls baba help me and provide me a good job soon i have too tired Baba pls help me baba i have a big goal baba pls help me to reach that goal

  29. Baba m suffering from major depression . Took medicine but did not work. My mind is always running. Help me Sai. Cant live jus like this. m suffering a lot. I jus want to get normal. I always cry a lot. Hear my words cure me.$ all the sufferers

  30. As you $ Jesus promised me that both of u will come in my life. Please keep those words before my life comes to end. M eager baba

  31. It is so difficult when one starts feeling depressed ….. things can spiral out of control … one does not one to talk to anyone and suffers silently .One must talk to someone close friend perhaps , speak to baba all the time . Keep yourself busy . I MYSELF have had turbulent life ….but there has been good times as well …please look at the positives …spend some time everyday at sai baba temple .MAY BABA BLESS ALL HIS DEVOTEES

  32. Sai please help. My sister is having a very severe headache past 2-3 weeks. please help her to be fit n fine . Please remove all the illness. please saibaba help to remove the pain. she should not suffer from any diease. I trust you and beleive in you. please help to get rid of her headache.Jai Shri Ram.

  33. Om Sai Ram

    I am yet to publish the miracle Baba had done for me,,,,,,all that i can say is Baba you are great!!!!!!!!Pls guide us always, pls allow me to publish the miracle


  34. I am very Happy to read the wonderful miracle of Saibaba. Saibaba, please get me out of all sort of problems in life that I am facing everyday.

    Please save all your children from all sort of problems.

    JAI SAI RAM !!!

  35. Sai baba is mystical and eternal! May he bring happiness in all of our lives and make this world a better place to live! even I have problems in my house so please pray for me and the whole world! Jai Sairam!

  36. Jai sai ram! My family is also facing some problems but as baba said keep shraddha and saburi..we followed it..pls pray for me and my family and I will pray for all of yours! Sai baba is magical! Jai sairam..bolo sai nath Bhagwan ki jay'!


  38. Hello Hetalji,

    I was trying to find the saileela magazine books from the year 1923.I am very much interested in reading these books.I have been searching for those books online but could not.I thought i will ask you may be you might have some information about this. I found a site , but when i click on the link it says page cannot be dislayed.Please let me know if you have any information about.I am eagerly waiting to read those books.

    Thanks a Lot

  39. The experience was really body shivering.While reading the graceful blessings of baba tears just flows out of eyes…..
    hey sai hey dena dukha hari always bestow your blessings to your children and enlighten their knowlege, they are still wondering in dark and going through lot of sufferings, bring them out it….Jai Sai Ram….

  40. @zakir
    jai sairam !!!
    even im suffering from malor depression for the past three months. My marriage is in two months. Whenever my depression strikes i feel like i have lost everything in life. Im blindly trusting in my appa " Sai Baba " to take me thru these tough times. I do not want anything in life. just peace of mind. provide me that appa.

    Bow to SaiRam !!

  41. Even im suffering from depression for the past three months. When it hits me, I feel like every happiness is sucked out from me and always feel anxious. My marriage is in two months and im blindly trusting in my appa baba ji to take me thru it and make my life happy. I do not want any material comforts. Im not asking for a life without hurdles. I just want the inner strength to face it without depression. Im hoping my appa "baba" ji will be inside me and provide me with courage.

    Bow to Sai Ram !!!
    Peace to all my Sai brothers and sisters here !!

  42. Whenever one suffers from depression it is very hard , one wants to be alone and feels anxious ….try and make your self busy do some short course in whatever ur interest may be and in extreme circumstances it helps to see a doctor …anti depressant tablets do help ….only u alone can help yourself

  43. Please cure my mom headache sai ram..om sai namo namaha…shree sai namo namaha…jai jai sai namo namaha…sathguru sai namo namaha..

  44. Wonderful experience! Baba was the one who really cured your friend and it was so nice of you to do so much for your friend, and it must have all been part of Baba's plan. Baba not only plans for good things to happen to us, but also makes plans for us to help others who are in need, just as you helped your friend by giving Sai Baba's book to her. Om Sai Ram!

  45. my mother is suffering from cancer. please sai baba save my mother's life. we have only one hope and that is only you. please baba i beg you save my mother's life. OM SAI RAM.

  46. i love sai baba . sai is my father and he is my mother, baba i m not clear about choosing my life partner but i want to marry within april 2013 please sai i kept this in your holy feet. i always depends on you sai baba and i have firm faith about your blessing .

  47. sai baba, i beg and pray to you. Please solve my wife and my leg pain and be normal as early as she was. Please give me career progress to me. please end me all the obstacles due to my karma in all the field. Please give my son good education and career. Harmony among relatives. once again I humbly pray and put my requirements before to you. Always guide me in my life.

  48. hey sai ram… please remove all my worries and tension regarding my parents.
    please bless my parents with long healthy life. pls sai ram. i love my parents a lot. and sai baba please mer mther ki health jaldi sey jaldi achi ho jaye. sai kripa ho mere parivar par. om sai ram…

  49. Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I am suffering from a severe vaginal fissure from the past 3 years. From the past 1 and a half years, i am not even able to sit or walk. Whenever we try to contact any doctor, either they refuse to do checkups at home or they ask me to get admitted in the hospital. Which is nearly impossible as i can hardly move out of my bed. It hurts a lot.

    I'm only 26 years old and am facing such a severe problem, i feel like giving up and quitting life. I have suicidal thoughts all the time. I am a Sai devotee and have been praying to Him to cure my disease, but He doesnt reply to me. Please help me Sai. Please cure my disease.

    I beg of all the Sai Bhakts to please pray for me. Is there anything i can do to please Baba. All your advices would be greatly appreciated. Please remember me in your prayers, i would be forever grateful to all of you.

    Om Sai Ram

    • please do not think of suicide at all please you pray..with your full devotion and help others please do not harm any body…baba will definitely show you path this is 100 % sure trust baba…

  50. Hey sai nath, baba main bht trust karti hu aap pe.lekin baba ab or intzar nai hota..plz baba meri behan ko thik kar dijiye…puri family disturb hai..plz help us..
    Om sai ram.

  51. Am blessed to read this wonderful experience….
    Tears just rolled out, when i read this….
    It truly gives you the strength to move oon….
    Cos you know someone's standing at your back…
    Who will catch you if …if you fall.

    Achutam Keshwam Sai Damodaram
    Bhakthjana Vatsalam Sai Narayanam

  52. Sai ram pleas help me to join hands with my loved one am missing her so badly….. Want to hear her voice….. I wholeheartedly pray for your blessings to overcome struggle and be happy with her….. Jai sai ram…..

  53. Sai pls help me get a job as soon as possible…Please sai baba help me …I am looking out for a job from past 8 months please bless me sai baba as i completely broke down and its becoming difficult to even breath ..each passing day i am losing my precious time and i dont feel like living…i read sai satcharitra and i also read vishnu sahasranamam and i tried all possible ways and now i am losing all my hope the opportunities i am getting also are going off its like as if some negative force as been applied on me……Sai pls help me …Om Sri Sai Ram!

  54. He is always with Us.What we need to do is just have a strong Faith,and leave everything to Baba.Jai Sai Ram.
    Baba I know you are here, and always be with Us

  55. jai sai ram..this is really amazing story ..that why god is every where please help people which are in trouble..jai sai ram…trust baba …problems will be definitely solved

  56. O sai Baba always bless my sister family life and good relation with us..i always pray for that..

  57. Sairam
    plz change my character. I am always jealous on my friends ,well wishers and relatives who are leading a luxurious life. Plz sai help me to overcome my worldly interests. I want u always.if i can feel u i wil easily overcme my bad thoughts. Plz baba help me to reach ur lotus feet.

  58. Sairam
    plz change my character. I am always jealous on my friends ,well wishers and relatives who are leading a luxurious life. Plz sai help me to overcome my worldly interests. I want u always.if i can feel u i wil easily overcme my bad thoughts. Plz baba help me to reach ur lotus feet.

  59. Sai Ram
    After doing sai baba's vrat my wish to secure distinction came true 2 years back.Thankyou sai ram.
    But im into depression right now…im trying for job from past 2 years after my BE degree but nothing is working out.I feel very uncomfortable to meet any of my relatives because they ask me about my job..,i have left keepin in touch with my friends and have lost all faith and confidence.Ive gone through a lot of difficulties and suffering right from my school days, having bad luck in my studies and almost everything..left behind with lot of sad memories.
    feeling so lost and miserable….fed up of crying everyday..day to day im loosing faith in god..
    Ive not done anything bad to anyone but still if i have done mistakes
    Sai ram please forgive..And THANKYOU for all the blessings till now..

    Who ever is reading this please pray for me that i get a suitable job as soon as possible and i get all the happiness which ive not got till now..
    I just want to get a job.., do well and make my parents proud and happy..

  60. Please read Saicharita and complete within 7 days with complete faith in Baba..your worries will vanish ….May Baba bless you …Om Sai Ram

  61. Sai baba plz help us ,cure my fathers all disease.s. help us sai baba plz.i hv faith in you and will help me i know ..om sai baba

  62. dearest SAI BABA,

    I have n will alwys have faith in my sai baba, he is so kind, his stories in sai sacharitra,will make me feel my self watching that time… baba, u know how difficult my life has become after marriage,i need ur help badly baba,pls help me and my husband. Pls bless us sai baba… i dont have any other way to go.. my head is burdened.. m always laughing fake in front of others… if feel like my situation is tooo worst to be explained and handled… Pls help baba… main kuch nai kar pa rahi…

    Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pl pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pl spls pls p

    sai baba sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sia sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai……………………..

  63. Om Sri Sai ram, Sai ram please help my mother to recover from breast cancer.She is having severe pains every day. Cannot a miracle happen in this century? we are guilty that we did not give proper treatment for her by choosing homeopathy treatment.This is will kill us in our life. Please make her recover and live for few more years without pain and with happiness seeing her children and grandchildren.

  64. OM SAIRAM! Please help my brother to feel better. Let all the results comes out clear. He believes in you. Please take care of his health. OM Sai koti koti pranam!

  65. Om sainathaya namaha

    Please baba help me to keep my mind constant. Please forgive all my past deeds and give me patience to tolerate all problems in life. I need ur blessings.

  66. My Sai Baba is not doing good with me. from past two years i have only seen pain & pain. I Loved A girl, and till today i didn't her, but only pain and pain. i went to shridi and i prayed sai baba to take care of her and today i hear that she already had a ex bf… what is this sai baba, u really hurted me. Why Baba why did u do this to me? why?…why are u making me cry? you don't have any mercy for me…….

    • Maybe she is not worthy …that's why baba is not helping here…you might get a better wife who is more caring and understanding ..:)

    • May be this girl is not worthy for your wait…that's why baba did not help you…!!! You might get a caring and understanding wife by baba's grace :):)

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  68. Sai baba u have given me everything i needed baba. . Please be with me baba help me . . I m sorry really very sorry baba. . I have complete faith in you and i surrender my self under your feet baba. . . Please help me

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    I had a divine message from Sri Sai Baba to propagate His teachings all over the world, last month [September, 2013]; hence these video series.

    I humbly request all Sai Bandhus to kindly SHARE this link among all.

  70. Sai baba, pls provide your blessing to my father. Doctors have said there is no medicine. Please provide your blessings to him so that he does all his work by own. Pls provide sense to him. Please provide your blessings to mother. Jai sai ram.

  71. Akilanda koti Rajadi Raja Yogi Raja Para Bhrama Sai Ram Maharaj Ki Jai

    Please forgive all my mistakes done knowingly and unknowingly.Please help all my near and dear ones and all the others ,please bless me to lead a good life,bless me with children,bless my brother with a good job.bless my parents with good health and eleminate all their tensions at this age.Please please bless.I am nothing and can only sincerely offer my love.

  72. Sainath Maharaj ki Jai , Sai Baba bless you all . I am a small follower of Shirdi Sai Baba , I don't know from where to start , In my school and college days I was big follower of Sai Baba , then I met some people and from there influence I started doubting on his powers and slowly became non believer of God . From past few years I am facing huge financial problems , everytime I come out of the problem immeditely I get into another financial problem . My younger brother is strong follower of Sai Baba , he asked to fall in lotus feets of Sai Baba and he will help me out . I had once againg started doing pooja of Sai Baba , right now my financial condition is not so good but have little mental peace and I believe sooner or later I will come out of this situation with his blessing . I promise I will never ever disbelife Sai Baba and his tremendeous love for his followers .

  73. Baba! You and Gods are with me, I know that because You are listening my prayers and I am able to recognize it

    Please Baba! Please save me and Please help me and remove my bad karma and give the Good job

    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

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