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Lady's Cancer Cured By Divine Grace Of Sai Baba At Shibpur

Lady's Cancer Cured By Divine Grace Of Sai Baba At Shibpur
Last week there was a post regarding appearance Of Udi In Every House Miraculously at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir. Sai brother Debranjan ji has shared one more experience with reference to the same temple.
Cancer patient gets cured up by the Divine Grace of Shri Sainath at Shibpur
The fact that, "The point, where the Material Science ends turns out to be the starting point of the Spiritual science" has been proved once again by an outstanding Miracle of Lord Shri Sainath at the Shibpur Sai Temple.

Smt Latika Ghosh of Nadia had developed an infection near her breast which was unfortunately not diagnosed properly by the local doctors & was mistreated. Days passed, bringing no improvement to her health, rather her condition became worse. She was then suffering from various other critical complications. Finally when it was detected to be a cancer, she was admitted to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College Hospital. As she had developed severe anaemia by that time, the doctors decided to start Blood Transfusion immediately, as they were suspecting that she was suffering from leukaemia. But with no hope of life, eventually she was released from the hospital, after some days, as they were not financially strong enough to afford the daily hospital charges.

Latika’s sister in law got married at Shibpur village. She came to the temple for Baba’s darshan on the day of Ram Navami (24th March2010), while the ceremony of Baba’s Pransthapana was carried on. Suddenly she got a call in her mobile from the home asking her to reach home as early as possible as Latika was going to breath her last shortly. She was shocked to hear this & cried fervently in front of Baba & requested the members of the temple committee for some Prasad & Udi for Latika, so that she could leave her mortal body peacefully by Baba’s Grace. Taking the Prasad & Udi, she rushed to her house & found Latika fully unconscious, slowly arriving to the final moment of her life. She put some Prasad in her mouth & Udi on her forehead in no time.

The Miracle which happened next, really made all the people present there completely Spellbound!! Latika got up suddenly & sat on the bed regaining her full consciousness & clearly asked in a steady manner, "Why don’t you have brought this Prasad & Udi for me before?" Her relatives could not believe their eyes for what they have seen just now!! Latika’s sister in law rushed to the Temple in no time & wept before Baba. But this time Her tears were scented with Baba’s Bliss & were manifestation of her Love & Devotion for Baba…THE SUPREME DOER…!!!

Now Latika is completely cured up & has joined to her normal life as before….Om Sai Shri Sai Jay Jay Sai…..
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  1. It is rally amazing experiance. Sai is our megician he can do anything .. I bow to his feet..Sai bless us

  2. What do I say... no words.. totally speechless after reading this..

  3. This again proves Baba's presence amongst us.OM SAI RAM

  4. this article has done it, i am a life long devotee of sai baba.

  5. tears filled my eyes,,even i got my fistulla cured using udhi,,all we need is faith,,no medicines or doctors!!!!!!!SAI RAM

  6. I pray to Lord Sai Baba to cure my friends cancer as well. For me you all please pray to Sai Baba.

  7. ohhh my god!!!!!! what can i just crying and crying and crying

    LUV YOU SO MUCH BABA....please help all of us



  9. Baba i too need ur blessings..everyone there please pray ffor me..................

  10. wonderful post hetalji..really our saima is very merciful to his you saima..always bless everyone with good health and peace..

  11. nothing is impossible for our sweet sairam..

  12. Baba ,please forgive me and stay with me always, i can't survive without you and please increase my faith and devotion on you and give me a strength to face obstacles

  13. Baba, please put an end of my physical sufferings as soon as possible and give me good health at least for more 20 years.Grant My wishes Baba.
    Om Sai Ram

  14. Hetalji, no words to comment. Thank you for posting this and thank you for this platform. If all Sai devotees can read this their illness will be gone. Oh Lord Sai! please bless us with physical, mental and spiritual health.

  15. Sai ram to everyone.babas miracles in my life is uncountable.he is watching and taking care of me from my childhood whenever whaterver wish i make he makes it happen and he assures me that he is there with me always.i have lot of experiences but recently i had a wish to perform sai satya vrat katha at my home.but when i went to panditji and asked about vrat he said he will do satya naarayan vrat.they both are same.i agreed for that and i planned to do on last Good Friday.but for some reason it got postponed and it fell on Sunday.which is Easter day.panditji came did pooja i placed my babas statue and photo and satyanaarayan swamis photo.pooja went so well and for me it just looked like sai vrat.i wanted to share this experience with everyone of you that if we have faith and believe on him he never leave every situation he will be there with us.
    Thank you babaji you are everything to me.what i breath should be you what i see should be you what i listen should be you this whole universe is you


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