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In today’s post i am sharing experience of Sai brother

Dear all Sai devotees, My name is Kiran Reddy. I am Sai devotee and member of His family since 2004 March 22nd. Earlier i felt myself as hopeless, jobless, no goal and a man without ethics. From the day i joined my guru’s(sainath) family, started thinking about my family, my future and dharma. With my guru’s(sainath) permission i want to share two of my exciting experiences with him from which i can say that Saibaba will be their with His devotees who pray him honestly and chant his name continuously.

  • Experience 1:

    After a long time being a devotee of Saibaba, one day i got a thought in mind that “Let us dedicate one full day in a month and spend whole day with Baba by serving Him”. Then i decided to visit Saibaba’s temple (located at BTM Layout, Bangalore) on Sunday (11.04.2010) and i wanted to serve my guru (Sainath) by cleaning His premises, distributing prasada and theerth to devotees who visited him on that day. I reached Saibaba temple sharp 12 noon when Madhyayan Aarti was about to start. I participated in aarti and distributed theerth to all devotees who attended aarti. Once i completed distributing theerth, along with other devotees i had cleaned temple premises (floor inside the temple) with wet cloth. By 1 pm temple staff had closed the temple. I asked one of the staff member when temple will be reopened in the evening. He answered temple will be reopened by 5pm. Then i thought of going out having lunch and spend some time outside till evening 5pm. But, unfortunately i was not able to go out because of ill health and giddiness.

    Then i sat on the temple steps for a while and wondering how to plan for lunch. When i was sitting on the temple steps suddenly i felt that Baba was sitting next to me and listening my prayers and chantings of his name. As i was not able to go out for lunch, i prayed my guru (Sainath) in my mind that, ”OH BABA PLEASE ARRANGE LUNCH FOR ME IN YOUR PRIMISES ONLY”. After 2 minutes, one of the staff member reached me and invited for lunch. Please believe me, with this my heart had been filled with utmost respect and heights of devotion towards my guru(sainath). With this incident, the doubt i was having on Saibaba (i.e, whether he is there with me or not) had been clarified. Before 3 days, for one of my question my guru(sainath) answered me that, ”ON THE COMING SUNDAY YOU WILL RECEIVE WEALTH WHICH YOU ARE NOT HAVING TILL NOW”. So, i honestly felt that wealth means confidence and feeling of my guru’s(sainath) presence with me which i have never felt before.

    After having lunch along with temple staff and other sai devotees i took rest sitting on the temple steps till 5pm. Again after opening the temple i attended Sayankala (evening) aarti and Shejaarthi. Before closing the temple for the day i cleaned the temple along with staff members and left for home at 10pm.

    I want to share a small miracle which happened while drafting this letter, when i was drafting this letter i wanted to stop for a while to have my lunch. Then i gave the save command, the file name (save as) has mentioned as OM SAINATH(i chant Baba with this name) came on its own. With the same name i saved it.

    ||OM SAINATH||

  • ||OM SAINATH||

    Experience 2:

    Yesterday (14.04.2010) evening around 6pm when I was heading back towards my home from work, i heard a small dog barking inside the bushes(in a open place) next to my apartment. As it was raining heavily, i couldn’t go and search for that. Even at night 10pm when i reached my home after meeting my friend outside it was there and barking as if it is not able to find it’s mother and struggling for food. Then with the help of mobile light i went into the open place and somehow managed to take out the small dog from the bushes. I brought that puppy with me to my apartment ground floor and i offered few biscuits and milk. While he was having milk, i went into my flat and came back in 5 minutes. When i look at puppy, he was not there and a black cat sitting and having left over milk.

    Yesterday morning i got an answer from my guru (sainath) for one of my question that, ”FEED DOGS AND CATS YOU WILL GET FAME AND HAPPINESS, IT WILL HAPPEN SHORTLY”. When i remembered this, i felt happy. With this i am confident that my guru (sainath) will be there with me through out my life.

    ||OM SAINTH||

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