A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 9

Sai Japo Sai Japo - Sai Dhuni
Below are few brief experiences as shared by our Sai brothers and sisters.

Book Containg Biography of Shirdi Sai Baba

Rajender says: On one thursday, I was going for some work. As told by my wife I regularly visited nearby Mandir normally on Tuesdays. On that day, on my way to Mandir I was just thinking, “It will be very good if I get a copy of any Book which contain Biography of Shirdi Sai Baba”. I know that the Book is called Sai Sachitra and Sai Leela are one which contains Biography of Baba. I have just read half of Book Sai Leela on Internet. While going to Mandir I was thinking it will be better if I get a copy of any of them. I went to the Mandir and offered my praying to Lord Shiva by offering water and when i completed all this and I am back worshiping Lord Shiva I just noticed that Sai Satchitra was lying near Panditji. I was very upset as when I came there no such book was lying there. I asked Panditji who put it down there. He told me that some bhagat might kept it there but he do not recall when and who put the Book there. Now I could not say anything in that situation and my eyes were just watering, as my wish had came true. This is one of the Baba”s Chamatkar which I want to tell you and I have experienced further many more which I will write you sometimes later. You will appreciate that I do not know ABC of internet site and I have made my own site by the grace of my BABA and my site is www.saisaibol.com.

Thanks to all the devotees and your viewers for their whole hearted support and may Baba bless all of them.

Rajender Gupta

My Experience

Thanuja ji says: I am Thanuja. I started praying Baba when i was in my Btech 1st year. I was very week in my education till that point of time. But when he pulled me into his darbar my life is changed. I can see so many changes in my life at once. I started reading well and i become the topper in my class. Which i cant believe myself even till now. When i was in second year and third year i always ask him i want to visit Baba temple and visiting temple should be a part of my life because in our village we don’t have any Baba temple near by. So Bba fulfilled my wish in my 4th year. Because of my project i took a room in town and my room is very near to Baba temple. Daily i started going to evening arathi and staying there for sometime become my daily schedule. My friends every once made fun of me. But i didn’t care. I have been kept asking him for on campus job. He dint gave me on campus job and i was bit angry on him for not giving me job at that time but i didn’t realize Baba had some good plan for me.

After my completion of my B.Tech through my relatives i got job in small company at Chennai. My pay was very small but i joined for experience. At that time also i always asked Baba for good salary because that salary was not enough for basic needs also. But he dint not listen to my prayers. At that time Baba introduced one guy into my life and we both are in love with each other after that with Baba’s grace both families accepted and Baba gave another big gift i got my H1 visa approved. Immediately they asked to join the company. We were very happy after seeing Baba’s love and affection towards us. Now i am earning good salary more that what i earned in my old job. He made me to suffer for some time because of my bad karma after that he gave everything what i want. Now i got married and living happily. What i understood from my experience is no matter what we ask he will think, is that good for us if he thinks that is good he will give us if not he will not give that. So if Baba didn’t give you what you asked just be calm definitely Baba is having some good plan for you. Today i am in very bad mood and i am asking one thing and i realize my past experience and i became calm. And as soon as i open my mail box i saw mail from this blog and some things is pulling me to post here so i wrote here.

Trip from Shirdi

Anand ji says: I am Anand and when me & my wife went to Shirdi in Nov 2009 we had an amazing experience.

We had gone to Shirdi by bus from Mumbai and while coming back from Shirdi it was raining heavily in Mumbai (very unusual to rain in Mumbai during November). We did not have any umbrella or anything else to protect us from the rain, so obviously we were getting wet. No autos or taxis were ready to come from the bus stop to our home. We both tried frantically to get one but even after 15-20 minutes of requesting many autos/taxis, no luck. We both just ‘thought’ of why this is happening especially after getting a great darshan in Shirdi. At that same moment a brand new Honda City car stopped in front of us. The gentleman in the car asked ‘Where do you want to go’? We specified the destination. And there you go. In seconds we were sitting in his car, and he dropped us to our house.

Amazing because we never asked for lift, he just stopped and asked. I am confident the driver was HIM or a messenger sent by HIM.


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  1. My daughter is three and half years old… I never worshiped Baba.. But few months ago suddenly I went to Baba's mandir.. I wanted to read his katha's book.. N immediately I got that because someone was distributing the books in front of mandir i read that after reaching home n decided to keep baba's nine fasts coz my daughter is not well for last three years. I m very upset… I have taken her to so many doctors but she is still the same.. I have kept fasts of baba.. N i was very annoyed with him coz he is not listening to my prayer.. I don't want any thing in life except my daughter's health wealth long happy life.. After reading baba's chamatkars on this site again i have full faith in baba.. I hope he will listen to my prayer soon n my daughter will get well soon… I request all Sai bhakats to pray for my angel, my daughter… Jai sai ram…

  2. i owe my life, my existence to baba. it all started when i was in college and my first trip to shirdi…..since then there have been many ups and downs..but whenever ive remembered babe he has never disappointed me…with an impossible love in mind i was dejected and travelling through north america for some work, there a friends friend came to drop us for a 4 hrs drive and i saw sai baba pic in his car and he was sharing his experiences, i realised what baba had to say….

    jus keep on doing good, spread love and share what baba has given you with everyone,

    jai sai ram

  3. Daily I go SAI mandir, sabke kaste haro baba…. sabko sacasth sampurn jivan do… om sai namoh namah shri sai namoh namah jai jai sai namoh namah sadguru sai namoh namah….. om sai ram

  4. Was just going thru the experiences shared above.. felt like sharing mine as well.
    Jai sai ram
    After i completed my bachelors i was not v clear what i wanted to do further. Thru some comman friends i got to know about this really good masters course. While i was checking the colleges offering the course. Came across the best one in india. Just had a thought i want to get admission in this college baba. And today also when i look back i cannot understand the magic that happened when i smoothly cleared all the written exams and interviews that followed. It wud not have been possible without ur blessings Baba. Apna aashirwaad hum par banae rakhiye..

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