Amazing Darshan Of Baba – Sai Devotee Dinesh

Amazing Darshan Of Baba - Sai Devotee Dinesh
Sharing in this post experience of Sai devotee Dinesh ji.

I am 60 years old living in UK. I have been Sai bhakth since 1995.

DEAR SAI FRIENDS, I always like reading experiences of other Sai bhakth. There are so many saints about and many people experience their presence when their hearts are open but very few have experiences that we have of Sai’s presence.

I live in UK but my mother lives in Gujarat and I go and visit her as often as I can. In 1995 I was staying with my mother in her village. I decided to visit some of my friends and we went to Madhavpur to a retreat farm for meditation and relaxation. On my way back we were traveling by train to Nayad. I was sitting opposite to a friend I met at the retreat and were happily talking about spiritual experiences. Then all of a sudden towards the end he asked me to see a Swamije in Petlad who was a Sai follower before I go back to UK.

When I reached home I told my mother about this and if I should go or not to see this Swami. My mother encouraged me to go and see him. When I met this Swami I had a spiritual experience there and then and I knew this man was not an ordinary person. In a very simple old house he had photos of Sai.

He welcomed me and asked a little about me and also asked me when was I going back to UK. I said in 3 days time and I have confirmed my return booking to UK. He asked me to cancel my booking and go to Shirdi. I said why go to Shirdi and I do not even believe in Sai. He said I cannot force you but you will miss a spiritual connection with a great saint. Something about the Swami radiated Truth and peace about him. I said ok if I can cancel my booking and rebook I will go to Shirdi. I also said that I had come from UK and was not sure how to go to Shirdi on my own. He said do not worry about that go and cancel your booking. I called my friend in Mumbai to go to Air India office and personally cancel and rebook 2 hours later. My friend informed me that my rebooking was done and there was no charge. I knew this was a good sign.

I was quite surprised what was happening and told the Swami I feel comfortable to go to Shirdi. He gave me address of a young man who lived in Khambat-Cambay who would come with me. I thanked Swami and went to see the young man on my way home. I think that day was Thursday and I was supposed to go to Shirdi on Saturday. When I met the young man he said he knows the Swami and would love to come with me but his boss had gone for a business meeting and will not be back until Monday. I felt disappointed but said fine I will go on my own.

On Saturday I decided to go by Train on my own. Just before I was about to go the young man turned up and said his boss came back on Friday night as the meeting was canceled. I suppose Baba was testing me. We went to Shirdi and on the first day I was asked to sit in Dwarkami for 12 hours reading Saicharitra. It was not easy for a NRI like me to sit for 12 hours but with Baba’s grace it Happened. I had a conversation with Baba and fell into deep meditation and got up in the morning with the sound of the bell ringing. I did have a wonderful spiritual experience and Baba has been guiding me ever since.

Another wonderful spiritual experience worth mentioning happened in UK. There was Baba’s movie a story about Shardi Sai Baba in Leicester in 2001. We live about an hour drive from Leicester. When we reached the cinema we were told it was not at that cinema but another one with same name in the main town of Leicester. I and my wife went to the other cinema but were already half hour late. We could not find parking. At one time we thought of going back as we will have missed the beginning of the film. Then I thought while we are here we might as well have Darsan of Baba. I asked Baba to find me a parking and within minutes we found it. We bought our tickets and sat in the cinema. We were surprised the film had not started and even more surprised that there was nobody else in the cinema besides us. We did not know what was happening. Just then the manager came in and said have to come to see Baba’s movie. We said said yes. He said fine I will start the film just for you. Baba gave us a personal viewing for just 2 of us.

What a Darsan gift from Baba.

Sai Ram
Dinesh Patel

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  1. Jai Sai Ram,
    I was very pleased to read ur experience sir. Sai Baba has showed u the way to him and is behind u all the time. While sitting in India i cannot imagine the treatment which u got in London cinema house. All are loving Baba's plays and sports.

  2. om sai ram main ik chote parivar se hu mumbai k thane dist k badlapur me raheta hu sab kuch tha mere pass ik din sab kuck chala gaya meri ladki bot bemar the main shirdhi aaya tha aise hi us din baba se kaha tha baba mera ye kiya hall bana diya ab jab tak sab sahi nahi karoge tab tak amin aap k darshan k liye nahi aauga 4saal me sab pahle jaise hua mera ghar muje nil gaya kaam chal pada om sai ram story bot badi 5saal ki he but sache dil se sai ko pukaro yaad karo vo aap k pass aap k madad k liye aayega ye mera wishvas he OM SAI RAM HAR ROZ BOLO SUBAHA KO I AM SUNIL KATARIA CHETANDAS 8983283319

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