Sai Baba Saved Us One More Time – Sai Devotee Gayatri

Sai Baba Saved Us One More Time - Sai Devotee Gayatri
Incidents and accidents are parts of our lives but when Shirdi Sai Baba’s support is behind us, there are open ways in front of us when were stuck. Here is one such experience of Sai sister Gayathri ji.

Gayathri ji says: Dear Hetal ji

I am regular reader of your blog. Thanks much for providing us such a divine work. May Baba bless you with all good things.

I would like to share a recent miracle with you.

Thank you Baba for saving us one more time and please forgive me for writing this very late.

Jai Sai Ram

I would like to share a most recent miracle in my life in which Baba saved us once again. We live in Minnesota and last month on Feb 13th night, we went to a birthday party and was driving back home, it was snowing, not too heavy though, but the roads were full of ice. We have to drive for 20 to 30 minutes to reach our home, and it was like 9.30 p.m., we were driving slowly in the main roads and we were almost near our home and there was an intersection near our home and we have to take a left turn, so we just stopped and gave way to one car, and then we took a turn, all of a sudden our car started skidding and took an almost “U” turn and was going so fast and even the brakes were not working, I couldn’t realize what was happening, first I was asking my husband to put the brake and then I realized something was out of control and started shouting “Baba Baba Baba”, the car went very fast and was about to hit a tree, but luckily we saw so much snow (like a small mountain) and our car hit that snow and got struck there. We couldn’t move the car and we were blocking the road near the intersection, and the worst part is my husband didn’t have a license that time, he had only the learner’s permit. So I was even more worried about the cops and ticket stuff. I thought of calling my friends, but it started to snow heavily, my husband tried shoveling but of no use, I couldn’t help him as I was wearing a sari and it was too cold outside, -30. So I was just praying to Baba, within a minute a big van came and two young guys, both AmericaSn, came out and asked us if we need any help. I was so relieved and we said yes, then one African-American sat in our car and was trying to take reverse and my husband and the other American guy got up on the snow and were trying to push the car out of the snow, but we couldn’t and finally they got a rope from their vehicle and they tied it and pulled our car. One more Baba’s help is that the place where we got struck is exactly opposite to a big parking lot and its entrance, so they drove their van into that and pulled our car, which made the things even easy, otherwise it would be really difficult to pull the car in such a small road. Finally everything went on well and we thanked them a lot. It was too cold and heavily snowing, those guys didn’t mind that and they really helped us, may Baba bless them. One thing we realized is, during this accident or incident, each and everything was in our favour, the skidding happened in a matter of second, anything worse could have happened because there was another car standing there for which we gave the way first, otherwise we would have hit that car, Baba saved us from that. The next thing was we were in an apt position so that it was easy to pull the car with the rope, and it happened just near our house and not on the main roads where there would be much traffic and it would have cause a real trouble, and if we couldn’t take our car as a worst case we could have called the emergency and still could have walked to our home as we were very near to our home and finally Baba made sure there were no cops near by. Baba was there and is always with us and He sent those guys at that tough time, it was Him who came and helped us, we felt so safe and not even a single scratch on our car. It was a miracle. Thanks Baba, thank you so much, please be with us always and keep us at your feet.

Love you Baba

Sai devotee

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