Sai Baba Cured My Son – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Sai Baba Cured My Son - Anonymous Sai Devotee
The following is a beautiful experience of a mother whose son was fully taken care by Sai Baba. The devotee wishes to be anonymous and i respect her feeling by not disclosing her name or mail id.

Devotee says: Hi, I was not a big devotee of Saibaba though I used to go to Sai mandir and pray just like i pray other god.

My 4 year old son had a black spot in his eye since he was one and a half years old. It suddenly appeared from nowhere. I took him to pediatric ophthalmologist and he said it’s just a mole and nothing to worry about it. I double checked with another doctor who said the same. To me, it looked like growing in size. I followed up with the same doctor and he said the mole doesn’t seem to grow but it might look more prominent as the child grows. I was not satisfied and we took him to another ophthalmologist and he took a picture and confirmed that it is a mole. After 6 months my husband noticed a change in the black spot and he wanted to get him checked again by the doctor. This time the doctor compared the black spot with the pictures and found well documented growth. He recommended surgery as he wanted to make sure that the black spot is not cancerous.

We were so worried and at this point of time we went to Sai mandir in our place. I casually took a book and read a experience of a devotee after doing SatCharitra parayan. I was tempted to read SatCharitra and completed the parayan in seven days (I read online version). As I started reading the sat Charitra, I started to develop devotion towards Sai Baba. I prayed Baba for my son and wished that Baba should don a saffron colored cloth when i visit the temple as a token of acceptance of my parayan. To my surprise Baba donned a saffron cloth. I was overwhelmed and prayed for my son. I ordered a Satcharitra book and wished it should reach me on a Thursday. Baba fulfilled my wish. Then we went to Sai Mandir in New Jersey and New york during new year eve. We sincerely prayed for our son. When we reached home, I casually checked the mail and found Sai Baba had sent us Udi from Shirdi (which i requested online). We felt blessings of Baba in the new year.

We sincerely wished that Baba would do some magic and make the black spot disappear. We did not want our four year old to undergo surgery. I started doing Sat Charitra parayan again and my husband too finished the parayan. Baba gave me mental strength and made me attend an interview in the meantime. I was not hopeful of getting a job and i was also going through the mental trauma. Inspite of all this, Sai baba made me to do the interview well. When i finished my second parayan I was told that the company was moving forward with an offer. I was astonished but i couldn’t enjoy the moment and prayed Baba for my son. When i was casually browsing i came across Baba’s question and answers book. I prayed for my son and clicked the submit button. “Offer water to me on Maharashankranthi day” was the answer i got from Baba. I wasn’t sure about this and opened the Sat Charitra book. On that particular page, I found the description about Megha doing abhishek to Saibaba on maharashankranthi day. Since my son was also born on maharashankranthi day, we decided to do abhishek to Sai Baba. I prayed if the surgery has to be done, it should be done on a Thursday and Baba should take care of my son. As soon as we did abhishek to Baba’s idol on maharashankranthi day, we got a call from doctor’s office suggesting two dates for the surgery. Both dates happened to be on Thursday. We picked a Thursday and we continued to pray baba.

Two days before surgery, meteorologists predicted snow storm on the surgery day. To our surprise, there was very little snow against all forecasts. Surgery went very well and my son recovered. Meanwhile we were so worried about the biopsy. Doctor called us and said that was just a mole and that too is removed now. I became a devotee of Sai baba after these wonderful experiences.

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