My Desire To Go To Shirdi Got Fulfilled – Sai Devotee Priyanka

Ramnavami Celebrations at Shirdi 2010 - Photo Gallery and Video Clips
Sharing an experience of first trip to Shirdi of Sai sister Priyanka ji in today’s post.

Dear Hetal,

Om Sai Ram

Thank you so much for your blog on Sai Baba since it helped me a lot while making my first trip to Shirdi with Baba’ Grace.

I am so happy and delighted to share with the world that finally Baba Called me to Shirdi with my family.

It was my first beautiful trip to Shirdi. It is so memorable that I would remember and cherish it my entire life. Thank You Baba so much. I simply Love You.

Hetal ji, your blog helped me a lot since I got so much valuable information about Shirdi from here. The article on your Blog “Going Shirdi for the first time….Here’s the Guide” helped me a lot. Thank you so much. I express my gratitude to you sincerely from the core of my heart. Also some information I gathered from I am so glad and thankful to all the people who are doing such a great service of spreading the fame and glory of Baba throughout the world.

I had a very nice and fulfilling experience of Baba’s Dham. As soon as we reached Kopergaon in evening, we left for Shirdi in an auto and then we got the Hotel and after freshening up, we went straight to Samadhi Mandir. It was the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND BLISSFUL SIGHT OF MY LIFE WHEN I SAW MY BABA ON THE THRONE SITTING AND SMILING. I was so happy and delighted that I can’t express it in words how I felt. I just wanted to capture the whole sight with my eyes. My tears rolled down as I saw Baba.

Till that day I had only seen Baba on Live Darshan on the Internet. But That Day I saw Baba in front of me. At that time I felt that I was the luckiest girl in the whole world to have seen Baba LIVE in front of me. I felt He is actually there in person in front of me smiling at me. I was so happy. Baba is really cute. Infact He looks really cute. I love Him. I genuinely felt like hugging Him and kissing him on His Cheeks.

We also had Blessed and Divine Darshan of Gurusthan, Chavadi, Dwarkamai, Lendi Baug and all other places in the temple premises. I was so ecstatic because all these places I had seen in pictures on Internet and that day I was actually having Darshan in person. My eyes felt like absorbing all the places and things I saw. It was so delightful. We attended Baba’s Shej Aaarti as well.

The feeling of really being there was so amazing. I actually paused at times while I was in Shirdi just to feel that I was actually in Shirdi and breathing in the auspicious air of Shirdi where I had been longing to come from such a long time. Thank You Baba. I can’t thank You enough. Seriously I feel I am genuinely very fortunate that I could come to Shirdi and walked on the same soil where Baba used to walk at some time. Thank You Baba. Thank You Baba for gracing me and my parents and my sister with such a golden opportunity in our lives.

Then 2nd day, we visited Lord Shani Shingnapur. We had good darshan there also and after coming back we again went for Baba’s Darshan in Samadhi Mandir. This time I had the most beautiful Darshan of Baba. I was in-the between row and had full Darshan of Baba for a very long time. I was so happy.

I have always felt very close to Dwarkamai and when I entered there, I was speechless. I saw Baba’s Dhuni, place where Baba used to sit and stand, where Baba used to cook. I touched Baba’s stone and I was so happy. I was reminded of the stories of Baba of those times when Baba used to sit in Dwarkamai. It was something I can never forget in my whole life. I felt Baba’s presence there and I could feel I was living in those times. We visited all the other places also like Khandoba Temple, Sai Prasadalaya etc. I was very happy to eat in Baba’s Dham – Baba’ Prashad.

Then the next day, we attended Baba’s Kakad Aarti. Waiting for Baba’s Darshan in queue in the early morning hours made me very excited. Recitation of 2 of my favourite Bhajans in Mandir – “Sai Reham Nazar Karna”. It was so beautiful. The whole ambiance was so divine that it can’t be expressed in words.

I just did not feel like coming back from Shirdi. I felt like staying there for more time. After attending Kakad Aarti, we came back to hotel and had to proceed to the Kopergaon railway station after visiting temples on the way.

I had actually prepared a list of what all to do there and buy from Shirdi and By Baba’s Grace, my each desire from smallest to biggest got fulfilled there. I got Sri Sai Satcharitra and everything on my list was fulfilled there. Thank You Baba.

Thank You Baba for Your Beautiful and Divine, Blissful Darshan. Thank You Baba for calling me to Shirdi. I will be forever indebted and thankful to You. Please Keep Calling Me Again and Again to Your Dham.

Main Toh Saimay Ho Gayi. Main Aap Ki Ho Gayi Baba. Main Aapki Hi Ho Gayi.

Sai Ki Munni

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Om Sai Ram,

    Oh i really felt like i am along with you while reading your experience of visiting this miracle place. Now i am felling same like you.

    thank you for such a great explanation.

    Om Sai Ram…

    i become baba's follower in 2008 n i left my life in baba's hands .i don't know where to start n what to say,Right now i just can say that Baba has shown me a dream n made me fall in love with a person,when i didn't wanted to.But always it was like smthing is forcing me ,i rebeled,i resisted but finally fall .I asked baba just to make me that lucky that i can cum to shirdi n have his devine "darshan" so that baba can show me the right path.i never wanted to move away from my goal of life to just fullfill my responsibilty for my always tried to ran away from that person. HE was not follower of baba but now he do everything as baba directs him…………….Baba created a vry gud job for me in middle east when i was trying hard to hold my feelings for him.I thought baba also want this.This job solved many of my problems n i could fullfill certain responsiblities .But finally certain things happened n i was hoping to with him as his life partner n wanted to go to shirdi together.but now things chanhed drastically .i m shattered like anything.I screwed up emotionally n physically not well also.Baba is there with me ,i know.But i m not his gud child anymore coz i don't pray like i was doing .In my life's problems i remembered him always but didn't done anything properly.I fell myself so away from baba that may be even my voice won't reach to him.I m scared of telling him to help me out.Coz i have made a mistake of loving smone, to whom i always believed sent by baba.To whom i have never seen or met .but just believed.Now no one is with me .I m alone.Not able to breath smtimes,Not able to walk walk or stand or work but can't tell anyone besieds baba.Today after so many months i got courage to confese my mistake to baba that i m not a gud child of yours baba……………but plzzzz help me .i didn't prayed u.i didn't control my emotions ,i have done wrong by trusting my desicion .i thought he is the one for me sent by u.he is not bad atall but he can't support me due to his gruges with him,its my destiny to bear this pain.i can't see anything right now.don't know who is wrong or right but if i would remain in this condition then i would die.and i can't afford to die.i have to fullfill my responsibilties ………………plz plz help me.plz give me chance to visit u in this summar me the right path n to others also………………….help me baba.forgive me,forgive me,forgive me,forgive me…………….show me the right path plzzzzzzzzz.plz help me.give me courage,make me me right path……………..

  3. om sai ram
    even i want to go to shirdi n aplning in this summar.hope baba calls me with my parents .
    Baba aapke darshan hi sab mushkile htayenge or sahi rasta dikhayengi.plz plz show me right path n make me able to follow that.
    om sai ram

  4. Om Sai Ram ….
    After reading your post..It seems that someone is writing my experience
    Our Experience and feelings were alot similar….
    Soon I will post my experience too
    It gave me motivation…
    Jai Sai Ram

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